On Point With: Big Dipper

Originally from Evanston, IL, this cub grew into a pioneering bear of queer rap in the New York nightlife scene, putting out several widely-consumed funny / sexy singles and videos over the years. Now on the West Coast, Big Dipper continues to perform and podcast, while embracing the role of Digital Bear-lebrity extraordinaire. [Cover photoContinue reading “On Point With: Big Dipper”

On Point With: DJ Billy Pfeiffer

This veteran DJ has seen it all, and this week he’ll be back for The 10th Annual Urban Bear Weekend. But this time, the party will be on the high seas! Say hi to Billy Pfeiffer! Thotyssey: Hey, Mr. DJ! Thanks for chatting with us! So, what is your Track of the Moment? DJ BillyContinue reading “On Point With: DJ Billy Pfeiffer”

On Point With: Daddy Ersin

As we approach Black Party Weekend, the leather / fetish / bear gods of NYC nightlife take over… and we submit! One of the newest such gods in the scene happens to be the Turkish-born creator of a major Chelsea monthly gear night– and he’ll be a presence at the actually 2018 Black Party as well.Continue reading “On Point With: Daddy Ersin”

On Point With: John-John Punki

The adorable winner of Mr. Rockbear 2015 and Mr. Eagle NYC 2017 is truly a Leather Bear for the People, being the host of a popular weekly happy hour and the participant of several charity events, including an important upcoming one benefiting his close friend. Get on it with John-John Punki! Thotyssey: Hi John-John, thanksContinue reading “On Point With: John-John Punki”