On Point With: Daddy Ersin

As we approach Black Party Weekend, the leather / fetish / bear gods of NYC nightlife take over… and we submit! One of the newest such gods in the scene happens to be the Turkish-born creator of a major Chelsea monthly gear night– and he’ll be a presence at the actually 2018 Black Party as well. Lock yourself in the dungeon of Daddy Ersin!

Thotyssey: Hello Daddy, thanks for talking to us! This must be a busy week for you!

Daddy Ersin: I am working with three parties this weekend… yes, pretty busy.

Is it weird to be working on this weekend’s edition of the party that you produce and host–RAM–while at the same time promoting other events that are happening right before, after, or even during RAM?

No, it is not. RAM is a brand and people know what they are getting with RAM.

Werk.. we’ll get to that brand and that popular night in a bit, but first let’s get some background on you… where’s your hometown?

I am originally from İstanbul, Turkey.

Oh wow, how long did you live there?

I move to USA (NY) when I was 22, all by myself. I have been living in New York City for 12 years, and have lived in San Francisco for 3 years.

Oh wow! I know it’s a big country, but NYC bear favorite DJ Lorant is from Turkey also… did you two know each other at all?

I don’t think I know him. “Lorant” is not a regular Turkish name. He might change his name, or using a nickname. Usually you know when you see Turkish names, they are Turkish. Don’t know any other Turk in NYC nightlife.

I’m sure you’ll cross paths someday! So how did you break into the nightlife scene here?

I started tgoing to gay bars in Turkey when I was 17. You had to be discreet back then. I always loved nightlife, I was out 4-5 times a week when I was going to college.

Then I dated John Lovett in NYC, who used to do party called “Pork” at Lure–and “Cruising” around town, which was a leather / bear event–and I got to know so many people at an early age in NYC. That helped with my [visibility], and knowing people.

Were you always into fetish / leather / gear?

Yes, since I was 18/19. Leather scene always intrigued me growing up. I also have owned a dungeon since I was 28.

Whoah! Like, a full-service dungeon?

Sling, fuck bench, all kinds of toys and fetish stuff. I guess if you wanna call that a “full-service dungeon,” pretty much.

That does sound pretty serviceable to me! I bet it’s popular. Are you always the Dungeon Master, or are you sometimes the prisoner?

Always Master. I guess that’s where my nightlife name “Daddy Ersin” coming from.

That certainly makes sense! 

So before RAM, what parties or events did you work in NYC?

I worked with events like Bootleg / Cruising, Black Party, Furball, Brüt and Trade before I started RAM myself. Some I still work with.

Do you cruise while you’re working, or do you keep those pursuits separate?

I cruise here and there, when boys wanna come talk. I like talking and entertaining costumers. I don’t like when promoters act like divas and not be bothered by people in the venue.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at an event you have worked at?

Hmm. This is a tough question to answer. Usually nothing surprise me since I saw everything at an early age in life. But I think one crazy thing I could remember is this guy lost his pants. I don’t know how. He had to leave club naked, lol!

That’s, like, my greatest Thot Fear! 

So how many Black Parties have you worked now?

Two, but attended close to 10 of them.

Wow! Since Roseland closed, everyone always complains about the locations of the Black Party (last year at Space Ibiza, people were particularly unhappy), but there are just no huge venues left like Roseland in NYC anymore.

Yes. Roseland was amazing. Roseland was a different experience. We do not have big clubs in NYC, everything getting shut down one by one because of high price real estate in NYC. People gonna complain all the time in NYC. You are never going to please everyone. Some people complain if party is in Brooklyn, some people complain because of line, some for coatcheck, some for price, some complain about DJ / music. But at the end, I know if someone did not meet anyone that night to hang with, you are definitely going to hear complaining from that person. You can’t satisfy everyone.

Black party is still different experience. We do not have parties like that anymore, that starts at 10pm and goes till 3pm next day. We need to learn how to be happy with what we have, without worry about how it was at the past. This is what we have now, and enjoy it.

I see there was even a last minute venue change for this year’s Black Party, to a different Brooklyn warehouse like two blocks away from where they originally said it wold be.

Yes it is very hard to find a right venues for parties like RAM and Black Party, especially In NYC. Not every venue wants events like that.

Tell me about RAM, which I guess has been running at ReBar a few months now.That’s the gear party you host and produce. What makes this night special?

It is almost a year. We started on June 2017. It became a very successful monthly Friday party. Even other parties at Rebar doing better on Friday nights because of RAM. RAM attracts a lot of type usually you will not see out in NYC other than the Eagle. Lots of daddies, leatherman, bears, pups, etc. It is an old school type of event, with a RAM room only for men.

This Friday’s Black Party Weekend edition of RAM should be epic, I’m guessing!

Yes, it looks like even Scruff shows around 150 people RSVP’ed they are going. That never gets to that many responses, usually.

So RAM is Friday and the Black Party is Saturday, but you’re also promoting another Saturday night event for this weekend!

I will be promoting Furball. It is more like pre-party for Black Party. Furball will be at Analog club in Brooklyn, close to where Black Party is.

Sexiest weekend ever! Anything else you wanna plug or mention that’s coming up?

Couple of exciting news. We are taking RAM on the road. I will be doing RAM at P-town Bear Week this year, and hosting four events there. I am also working on creating an affordable rooftop party with another bear promoter this Pride.

Cool for the summer! Okay, last question: whips or paddles?

Paddles and Floggers!

Yaz, Daddy! Thank you!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Daddy Ersin’s scheduled events, and follow him on FacebookInstagram.

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