Thursday Night Picks

UPTOWNRight after Haus of Mouth, it’s Decibel’s EP release party at the West End! HELL’S KITCHENJiggly Caliente guest stars with Shequida at Hardware! CHELSEAIt’s another night of Star Search at Barracuda! WEST VILLAGEIt’s an all-star fundraiser for Jax Koyote at Pieces! Meanwhile over at the Boots & Saddle fundraiser, every drink you buy tonight sends aContinue reading “Thursday Night Picks”

On Point With: Sutton Lee Seymour

One of nightlife’s most beloved “gown-clowns,” Sutton Lee Seymour’s meteoric rise to New York fame began with winning the “So You Think You Can Drag” competition back in 2013. She took her self-penned one woman show “The Way Off Broad” to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for several months, but now Sutton’s back in town for gigs old and new.Continue reading “On Point With: Sutton Lee Seymour”

Wednesday Night Picks

UPTOWNKristy Blaze joins the CockBoyz of Castro! HELL’S KITCHENCheck out Sherry Vine at Industry! CHELSEAIt’s Tina Burner & Busted at Barracuda! Also, Flippe Kikee & Zalika Parsons join Marti at G Lounge. WEST VILLAGELady Bunny’s Trans-Jester debuts at Stonewall! EAST VILLAGEUnderwear party at Easternbloc! BROOKLYNElizabeth James, Untitled Queen & Horrorchatta serve Cakes at Metropolitan! QUEENSAlbatrossContinue reading “Wednesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Ian-Michael Bergeron

Iowa-born writer and musician Ian-Michael Bergeron is best known to NYC nightlife for baring it all in his weekly “Stories” column in Get Out Magazine, and as the brunch host at Cafeteria. But on April 14th at the West End, we will see a very different side of him as he fronts his rock band DecibelContinue reading “On Point With: Ian-Michael Bergeron”

Tuesday Night Picks

UPTOWNDelethia hosts guest vocalists at the Townhouse. HELL’S KITCHENPixie & Delighted dish Late Night tea at Hardware. CHELSEAJudy & Cracker duke it out at Barracuda. WEST VILLAGERight before Barracuda, Miz Cracker will guest star at Ari Kiki’s Boots & Saddle show. And later, TT performs at the Jane party! EAST VILLAGEGet some CVNT at theContinue reading “Tuesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Jax Koyote

Whether it’s to snap a great glamour shot for their show poster, or or to zip them up backstage at a high-stakes pageant, or just to catch them when they fall, Jax Koyote has always been there for his drag queen friends. And now that Jax, a trans freelance photographer and recognizable nightlife presence, is theContinue reading “On Point With: Jax Koyote”

Monday Night Picks

Before/During/After Drag Race! UPTOWNBarbra Herr’s new weekly show debuts at Evolve! HELL’S KITCHENStop by the Ritz and congratulate Miss Industry 2016 Tina Burner! CHELSEAThe all-stars of the weekly Lady Liberty contest return for a showdown at the Ace Hotel Tucked Away party, hosted by Terra & Brita. WEST VILLAGERight before Drag Race, Phi Phi O’HaraContinue reading “Monday Night Picks”

Where to Watch RPDR Ep. 6

The following libraries are OPEN tonight: Ace Hotel: Terra Hyman & Brita Filter Albatross: Skyla Versai Bamboo52: Kareem McJagger & Bobby LaSalle Barracuda: Judy Darling Barrage: no host Boots & Saddle: Delilah Brooks BoxersHK: Paige Turner BoxersNYC: Alexis Michelle DBL: no host Don Pedro: Horrorchata & BCalla Duplex: Chandilier Period Easternbloc: Charlene Eastlands: Lady BearicaContinue reading “Where to Watch RPDR Ep. 6”

Sunday Night Picks

UPTOWNMorgan Royel at Lips! HELL’S KITCHENMiss Industry 2016! Also Marti’s got Lance Mullins & Broadway guests at Vodka Soda/Bottoms Up! CHELSEAIt’s a disco party at Gilded Lily… ….followed by a Ladyfag party at Flash Factory! WEST VILLAGE Catrina Lovelace hosts a new “fear of the Walking Dead” viewing party at Rockbar, starting with tonight’s premiere! The CountessContinue reading “Sunday Night Picks”

sodomighty: I have been writing poetry as long as i can remember. Wonderful to have another outlet to share it publicly. Now it’s time to finally get a full collection of my work published! Thank you Nathaniel and @rainbowbookfair! Thanks for the photo @j_roman_torres #somethingtsunami #chaunceythepoet #poetryreading #lgbtq #rainbowbookfair

Friday Night Picks

BRONXA masquerade ball at the Carol Lounge. UPTOWNBad Apple Boylesque returns to The Triad! HELL’S KITCHENHoney Davenport’s now at POSH! It’s the final fundraiser for the Austin International Drag Festival ambassadors at Bamboo52! Tina Burner fills in for Holly at Laurie Beechman’s Distorted Diznee! Habibi’s 14th Anniversary at Hudson Terrace! Happy Birthday Sholaay! At Stage48.Continue reading “Friday Night Picks”

On Point With: Aja

One of New York City drag’s greatest dancers, Aja has been tearing up the bars and clubs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and beyond for years. And she’s only 22! Now with shows in Brooklyn, a fledgling rap career, a growing array of fierce high fashion looks and a shot at the Miss Industry 2016 crown, thisContinue reading “On Point With: Aja”

On Point With: JizzaBella

Rising from the ashes of childhood grief, JizzaBella today is a fiery, visible presence in New York nightlife. With a new weekly drag show and a pivotal role as a New York Ambassador for the Austin International Drag Festival–her final fundraiser for this being April 8th–Jizzy’s been a busy gal these past several months. Oh,Continue reading “On Point With: JizzaBella”

Wednesday Night Picks

UPTOWNHoney Davenport’s at Hamilton Lodge! HELL’S KITCHENPaige Turner with Strawberry Fields at Hardware’s WTF Wednesday. CHELSEAMarti is joined by Ari Kiki & Muffy Meow tonight at G Lounge! WEST VILLAGEHolly’s Beat Your Face monthly drag competition returns to Monster tonight. EAST VILLAGEBingo & karaoke with Tammy Spenks at Phoenix! BROOKLYNVaudeville sex circus Lip Service returnsContinue reading “Wednesday Night Picks”

On Point With: LeNair Xavier

You might recognize LeNair from one of his adult films.  Or from a shadowy corner of the Cock, or one of the other cruising havens he proudly frequents. Or maybe he sold you a plug or a dildo at that popular sex shop you frequent. Or maybe he was your model for the Drink-N-Draws thatContinue reading “On Point With: LeNair Xavier”