On Point With: CarlosKilledIt

This Queer Arts Fest creator and hot DJ on the rise will be on deck for a Halftime Show tribute this weekend… Carlos Garcia, aka CarlosKilledIt! [Cover photo: Warren Piece]

Thotyssey: Hello Carlos, thanks for chatting with us today! OMG, it’s already February… how was your January?

CarlosKilledIt: Hey hey, thanks for chatting with me! January flew by, right? It was actually really relaxing and restful. I set some great intentions for the year, so… stay tuned!

That’s wonderful! Did you get your Beyoncé tickets yet?

OMG, working on the Beyoncé tickets. But between the bots and the stans, I don’t know if I stand a chance! It almost seems like it would be easier to see them in another country, right?

Hell yes! Maybe Dubai, lol! Have you been all over Renaissance these last few months?

Oh absolutely, the whole album is a staple in the rotation, and probably will be for a while.

Do you have a favorite remix?

I love the Honey Dijon’s [take on] “Break My Soul,” it hits the spot. I also love the DJ Buddy Bravo “ENERGY” remix, and the “Summer Renaissance” Liam PfeiferEndless Summer” remix.

All amazing! So where are you from originally, and was music always a part of your life?

I am a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. Music has always been a big deal for me. From the moment I downloaded Kazaa I’ve been making playlists and mixtapes. Did I just age myself, lol? Initially, I was strictly into hip hop and R&B… and then came house music, and then the pop girlies followed. I always had to be on top of the latest music, whether it was combing the blogs for a new remix or going to Canal Street to buy mixtapes. Discovery has always been my favorite part of it.

When and where did you begin as a DJ?

DJing just felt like a natural progression of my interests. I started DJing because I wanted to play music that wasn’t being played when I went out. Initially, I started with a party called “Lit Rally” with my good friend, which was / is an ode to Future Funk and City Pop. I fell in love with the genre on Soundcloud and no one was playing that music… so we said, “why not?” The genre is a branch of Vaporwave but disco-inspired, lol. Let me know when I get too nerdy about it! But, I love it, and it’s great to dance to. I still sprinkle in Future Funk in my sets, but it’s not the focus anymore.

And did the name “CarlosKilledIt” come from any particular moment?

It’s kind of like an affirmation… like, “duh, Carlos, you killed it.” And it’s funny, because at my day job people who don’t know I DJ will say “Carlos killed it…” and I’m like, “of course I did.”

Is balancing a day job and nightlife a huge challenge?

It can be, but I love them both so I make it work. I’m actually working right now. I also make candles, and I started a non-profit organization Queer Art Fest, Inc. about two years ago (#ShamelessPlug). So, I stay busy.

OMG, I have to stop complaining about how I’m too busy now, lol! Tell us about Queer Art Fest.

Queer Art Fest, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with a central mission to create dynamic and accessible programming for queer artists and creators. Spanning a variety of commercial and artistic formats, we develop opportunities and connections that celebrate the richness of our community.

We have two tentpole events we host every year, the Summerfest and Winterfest at 3 Dollar Bill. Its incredible and so much fun. We have usually between 35 to 40 vendors, free gift bags, raffle prizes, shows, and DJs. It’s really a joy to produce with my partners, and we’re actually planning events for all of 2023 this month… so stay tuned.

These days you frequently spin at Hush, which I think is safe to say is the new hotspot in Hell’s Kitchen.

Yeah, Hush is that girl these days. I’m always grateful to spin there, and the team is great! I’m there about one or two times a month, so totally stop by and say Hi!

This Saturday, you’ll be at Brooklyn’s hotspot 3 Dollar Bill for a special party and show, with fellow DJs Luis Fernando and Chopstixx and performing queens Egypt, Magenta and Victoria Holiday! Tell us more!

So I’m really excited about this–it’s a tribute to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. We’re giving you a full “Half-Time” fantasy. I’ve totally been pulling out my JLo mixes from those mixtape days… so get ready! I’m excited to see the shows and work alongside Chopstixx and Luis (fresh off his Glam win!) It’s happening at 3 Dollar Bill on Saturday, February 4 at 10pm.

You’re also regularly DJing Cholula Lemon’s monthly “Loteria” night at C’mon Everybody!

Loteria with Cholula Lemon is so much fun. She’s an incredible host and her numbers are everything. She loves a reveal! If you’re not familiar, Loteria is essentially a Latinx version of bingo. We spend the night playing games, hitting the Piñata, and gossiping. It’s like hanging out with your favorite Aunts, lol! We host this on the first Tuesday of every month at C’mon. We will be at C’mon Everybody on Tuesday, February 7 at 8 pm!

What else is coming up for you?

As I mentioned earlier, planning 2023 events for Queer Art Fest, Inc. Honestly, stay tuned for those because they will be very special. I’m working on something new with Cholula as well. Booking all the gigs, working on new mixes for my Soundcloud, and sleeping at some point? Lol!

Amazing! Okay, lastly: what’s your best advice for a baby DJ who wants to make it in queer NYC?

OMG, what a loaded question! Sounds cliche, but you’ve got to be yourself. We’re all bringing something different to the table. And if you’re a little shook about even starting, you just have to jump in. There isn’t one way to get started, and you won’t know what you’re made of or even where you want to be if you don’t try.

Thanks, Carlos!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for DJ CarlosKiledIt’s upcoming appearances, and follow him on Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud.

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