On Point With: Magenta


A Brooklyn Nightlife Award nominee as Best Scene Kid for the second year running, this queen actually began her NYC drag career in the Manhattan weekly competitions. Now she’s turning it in BK with stunning “high fashion hoe” looks and fierce, energetic performances. Thotyssey paints your life with a shade of Magenta!

Thotyssey: Magenta, hello! Thanks for chatting today! How was the Janelle Monae party / show at the Rosemont which you performed in last night?

Magenta: It was fucking cute, gorl! But honestly, Rosebud is always a good-ass time every time I do it, so I can never complain.

How are you liking Janelle’s new music?

I’m kinda like super into it; there’s so many good songs on Dirty Computer.

It’s definitely an important work with some bops! I think the Rosemont drag shows (and maybe most of the newer BK shows in general) are interesting, because instead of one queen performing for an hour and a half with a guest or two, it’s now a whole bunch of queens coming up and turning it for a number or two each. Do you think that makes a better show, or just a different experience?

I think it’s a different yet fun experience, cuz when you get a couple girls, you really have a show. Not everyone could be feeling the same way, and not everyone is the same performer, so shows throughout the night are so different with each performer.

You’ve already had an interesting career, as you kinda started out as a Manhattan girl, doing those weekly competition shows like Star Search and Drag Wars. Are you now a Brooklyn Gurl all the way?

I did start in the comps. But after a while you start to look for your group of people, and Brooklyn is just where I believe I fit in. And yeah, if anyone asks me I say Ima BK Gorl.

Where are you actually from?

Okay, so I’m a very proud Bronx bitch. But like, race-wise, I’m Puerto Rican.

Before drag, what were you into?

My creative interest have been art, fashion and performance since I was a kid… which probably isn’t hard to believe, lol.

Definitely not! Was RuPaul’s Drag Race you’re first exposure to drag?

It was! Season 4, and it was before I had came out and my Mom was like, “lol, look at this show,” and I was like omg yasssss.

What was your first in-drag experience like, out on the town?

I was 15 back in high school on Halloween, with a Party City wig on that one of my friends managed to pull into a high pony. And I woke up at, like, 6 for my mom to paint me for the day ..BUT I WAS FISH.

It’s amazing that your mom was so supportive of you at that young age! 

Yeah, she’s super supportive. She was even in my Mr(s) BK finale performance.

It must make you happy to see all these pre-teen queens with their own supportive parents that are in the mix these days.

Yeah, the younger girls doing drag and being supported makes me happy because it just shows that throughout all the shit we go through as a world, we still are growing as people and becoming more accepting to all things… and not just what we think is “normal.”

Amen! By the way, is magenta your favorite color, or was it just a cool sounding name to you?

Well, originally magenta was an ugly color to me. But like, having it as a name really kinda changes your opinion. Also, it’s an important ass-color when it comes to computers and shit. So I guess now it’s my fave.

How would you describe yourself as a queen to the initiated, as far as how you perform and your aesthetic?

I think look-wise, I’m very on-trend: fashion forward, but make it “hoe.” And performance, I’d say “high-energy dance moments.”

And berets are your Thing?

Berets are, like, my fave accessory.

Is it fair to say that your drag comes from the same universe as The Haus of Aja?

What they do is similar to what I do. But I’m the best drag ever, so no one’s like me, lol!

You and Dove had a show at the Gateway for a bit, “Game Ovahh.” What was that experience like, and what are your thoughts on the venue’s recent closing?

Well, Dove is probably my closest friend in the world, so being able to do that with her was honestly so great. We always had a great time, plus we were and remain sickening AF, so it was altogether a fun time. And towards the end of “Game Ovahh,” me and the Gateway’s relationship got a little shaky. But it is still very unfortunate, and I hope they get on their feet again soon.

[Ed. note: it seems that the Gateway management has recently and quickly settled its eviction issues, and the venue has reopened.]

You mentioned Mr(s) BK earlier; how did you enjoy that pageant experience?

It was magical, honestly. It was hands down the best show I’ve ever been a part of, and Brooklyn has so much fucking fierce-ass talent.

And you’ll be back in a Brooklyn pageant soon enough! Round 1 of the very first ever Mx. Mont Rose comedy drag pageant is this Thursday at the Rosemont! 

I think it’s gonna be a really fun time. [Host] Crystal Mesh put it together, and shes got some funny-ass people. It’s gonna be a shit show, but a good shit show.

Congrats on your Brooklyn Nightlife Award nomination for Best Scene Kid! That is quite an honor!

Thank you! I’m very happy with it! But this is also the second year in a row I’m nominated, so I want that shit, lmao!

Get it gurl! Okay, so last question: What is the Song of the Moment for Magenta?

I’m fucking living for “I Like That” and “Screwed” by Janelle; those are my bops!

Thanks, Magenta!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Magenta’s scheduled appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Vote Magenta for Best Scene Kid in the BNAs (and vote for Thotyssey & Jim Silvestri!) here.

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