Bar Babe of the Month: San Pedro at Hush

One of New York nightlife’s sexiest gentle giants, San Pedro is currently serving it at Hush! [Cover Photo: Henry Castro]

Bar(s) that I work at: Hush Bar

How long I’ve worked there: 9 months

What are my shifts: Thursday, Friday and Saturday with some other special days depending on the invents

What makes this bar great: The diversity. Management is great and co-workers are fun to work with.

Best drink I make: That]s a hard one. I will say all but my margaritas are top notch

I love it when customers: Are patient

I hate it when customers: Rude and entitled

Craziest thing Ive seen here: Nothing…I been bartending for a long time I think I seen it all.

Other places I’ve worked: G Lounge, Splash, the Eagle

My hometown: NYC

Stuff I do when Im not bartending: Work out and movies

Single or Taken: as of right now, single

Who/what turns me on: maturity and kindness; also somebody who takes care of his body.

Favorite music: Love it all.

Favorite movie or TV show: All the super hero ones. Tv show breaking bad

Favorite drag queen: I don’t watch lots of drag, but have the pleasure to be working with Peachez and she is awesome.

My drag name would be: LMAO, never though about… how about you give it to me!

Favorite gogo boy: Don’t have any

Favorite DJ: Too many to mention specific one.

Other stuff you need to know about me: Don’t be afraid to approach me if you see me; I may be big but I’m a gentle giant.

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