Today’s Podcast: The Q’s ex-Creative Director tells all!

After last week’s exclusive bombshell re: Daniel Nardicio’s purchase of the Ice Palace, you can only imagine the tea that is spilt in this week’s ep!

Things start off with a review of Freddie’s DJ debut at the Monster, and how another local DJ hilariously mistook Jim for a dead celebrity that same night. Plus, some GLAM news… and how funny is it when some folks win GLAM awards and never even know it?

Then we have a great chat with uber-successful DJ Luis Fernando about how DJing a rooftop party led to a New York Times article, a massive fine and the start of a prolific NYC nightlife career. We also discuss Luis’ work as an immigration lawyer and his dramatic prevention of a local broadcaster’s deportation, his responsibilities and experiences as a POC in nightlife, how he deals with bad song requests in the booth, his brief tenure at the notorious Motel 23, IG thot posting, married life… and of course, all the tea that can be spilled re: his times as a resident DJ and eventual creative director of that other gay conversation starter, The Q!

In the news: Life-saving kits are coming to a bar near you, a new Brooklyn queer bar staff plans to unionize after alleged mistreatment, Riis Beach’s glory days may be numbered, a bizarre assault at a popular Connecticut queer venue, nightlife celebrates the ‘Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco” meme, a Queens town that serves as a newer trans / nonbinary hub is now the world’s fourth coolest neighborhood, and RIP Fire Island’s beloved Joyce Rodgers.

Stream here:


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