Podcast: Halloween with the Concept Queen!

Happy Halloween! Jimmy and Freddie celebrate their landmark TENTH episode, as well as some other important recent milestones for them both.  We review Chola (“Cola?”) SpearsStonewall Invasion, LaLa Wiggy’s “Killer Queen” and Tiresias‘ “Underworld,” and share our spooky plans for the holiday.

Then we have a robust chat with New York’s premiere Concept Queen Kari Kerning  regarding her iconic Miss Barracuda win and accompanying viral trump video from back in the day; her current status as a Part Time Dragoness, Great Auntie of Nightlife and full time graphic designer; coming up as a Columbus, OH queen with mother Nina West; the pros and cons of digital drag; some Svetlana Stoli observations;  a hilariously bizarre and accurate Bob the Drag Queen moment; Our Lady of Saliva; and how she became the producer of Miss Big Adam’s Apple (Nov. 6 at Industry)!

One thing they all forgot to talk about, because they were drunk: Kari is a children’s book author! Fitting In is adorable and charming… check it out!

In the news: Esquire’s (arguably surprising) favorite NYC bars, The Lesbian Bar Project, and what the Idaho anti-drag bill could mean for all queer Americans. Plus, a list of of events for tonight’s Halloween festivities! (see full list at Thotyssey.com)

Now you can email us at thotlight@redeyeny.com!

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