ThotLight Podcast Ep. 5 on Spotify & more!

Episode 5 of ThotLight, the Red Eye Radio podcast hosted by Thotyssey’s Jim Silvestri and Redifine Radio’s Freddie Cosmo, is up! On this ep, Jim spills some sweet tea on a game-changing new venue, while Freddie plays with new sound effects and ponders what Rosalía’s appearance means for OTA. We report on the new Miss Gay New America, a legendary queen’s ill-timed Twitter joke, a hilarious Craigslist posting that went viral, the end of  Straight Acting and a Brazilian Gaga clone’s gaggy Miami Moment.  

Plus, in-studio guest MissMa’amShe on conquering the Brooklyn Moment, turning out Bitchfest, Bushwig & Mx. Nobody, the state of drag, her amusing Twitter takes and the unforseen rise of her plastic drag daughter Career Doll!

And this just in: ThotLight can now be streamed on major platforms!


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