On Point With: Athena

Starting drag with a competition win just a year ago, Athena is now ringing out the end of September with two fierce shows this weekend. [Cover photo: Clock & Key Photography]

Thotyssey: Hello Athena We’re nearly into the Spooky Season… are you ready with monstrous looks?

Athena: Yup! It’s about that time of year… I’m so excited for this one, especially ’cause it’s my first Halloween with drag.

How long have you been doing drag now?

I just recently hit one year!


[Photo: MTHR TRSA]

Where are you from originally, and what sort of things interested you that may have led you down the Drag Path?

I am a born and raised queen from Queens NYC, and growing up I was always a performer. I did musical theater, choir, and I danced. So in high school when I discovered drag from Drag Race like every other Gen Z kid–and I saw the looks the tricks and the dips and the entire fantasy–I knew this is what I was meant to do with my life.

Athena’s the Greek Goddess of wisdom and battle! Is that where you got your drag name from?

You know, a lot of people think that… but it’s actually just an anagram of my name out of drag, lol!

How did you make your drag debut? And do you have a drag mother?

Audrey Phoenix hosted a competition at Icon in Astoria, and I randomly discovered it on social media and decided to take the risk… and I won.

At the moment, I don’t officially have a drag mother. But I do have someone absolutely very important to me who’s been by my side my entire career, and who has been helping me grow without even knowing it. She’s actually a well-beloved NYC local, but that cat’s not out the bag yet!

Intriguing! How might you describe the “type” of drag you like to serve today, both in looks and on stage?

Honestly, I’ll describe myself as a show-stopping slut. I love being dressed half-naked, entertaining.

Let’s talk about some upcoming shows this weekend, starting with Saturday: you’ll be joining Hibiscus at Stonewall for her monthly show “Smackdown!”

Yes, I’m so excited to be working with such an icon. Oh trust, y’all are in for some stunts and shenanigans, boots!

And Sunday, you’re joining Maddelynn Hatter for a show at Good Judy: “Madd Mass!”

Yup! It’s the start of her new weekly show, and I have the honor of being her first guest!

What else is coming up for you?

Well, right now I have a drag brunch coming up on October 9th at Amor Loco in Times Square with my special guest host Boyish Charm. And whatever else drag life throws my way!

Excellent! So lastly: What’s something you’ve learned about drag this first year that’s surprised you the most?

Honestly, how creative my fellow artist are. As much as I love doing drag, I am a fan of drag. I’ve seen my peers do such creative numbers that are so inspiring, it keeps me going… and we all share the joy of what we do.

Thanks, Athena!

[Photo: Lilith Moon]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Athena’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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