On Point With: Mx. Fink

Brooklyn’s “Hairy Dancing Diva Droid” stars in some big events this month: the fabulous Mx. Fink!

Thotyssey: Hello Mx Fink, thanks for chatting tonight! How’s mid-August treating you?

Mx. Fink: Honestly, August is treating me just right! The first two weeks I was traveling for work, and then I came back to gigs. So a diva can’t complain!

If I may ask, what is the day job?

I work in fashion marketing! I create content, and keep the brand moving and grooving.

I’m guessing the day job inspires and informs the night job, at least somewhat!

Yes yes, Mx Fink is a fashionista! Mx. actually came from “fashion personas” I used to have when I moved to NYC! I love getting dressed; it’s my favorite part of getting ready, and my day in general.

Where are you from originally… and did you come here specifically for fashion?

Rhode Island! And weirdly, I actually moved here for music. I wanted to work in A&R, at a record label. When I graduated school I ended up in events, and then moved into fashion, and now drag! I feel like drag was always in my future because it encompasses everything I love, and I’m a high school theatre kid at heart… so the stage is my fav.

When you said earlier that you had “fashion personas,” did you mean, like, “characters” you were presenting as?

Yes, but also, like… characters that inspired my mood and how I dressed for the day. “Zandra Fink” was one who was my campy nightlife persona, and I mixed her with “Corporate Diva,” which was how I dressed for work, lol!

How did Mx. Fink become a queen in the nightlife scene?

I started by doing some party hosting — and then the pandemic hit, and we all know how that went. My favorite was hosting at “Dreamland,” summer 2019! And I did some open sets, but didn’t really commit to drag ’til this past year.

Tell us about the kind of drag performer you are today, as far as looks and numbers served!

Mx. Fink is the hairy dancing diva droid! Performance-wise: you can always expect a lot of body, a lot of antics, and a lot of diva behavior! Look-wise: I love to channel video game characters, typically a sexy fighter style look.

You’ve done a few shows with Nicky O, DJ Jo Disco and their troupe of recurring co-stars before… how did you meet up with them?

I met Nicky and Jo officially at their first “Discography” show! I kept going to them, and eventually did an open set… and then eventually was on the bill!

This Saturday, you and the Nicky O crew will be serving a very different type of event at 3 Dollar Bill: “Purrr: Miss Kitty!”

Nicky O is getting the girls together for a night of fun and dancing! I’m soooo excited!

And next up, you’re taking on the Disney canon!

Yes! Next Saturday, August 27, I’ll be apart of “FAGTASIA: Shrek” at C’mon Everybody. Shows at 7:30! It’s going to be a show to remember!

Who’s your favorite Shrek character?

Definitely Puss in Boots — I’m a cat person. But I’ll be playing Shrek!

And hot off the presses, you’ll be a guest this Friday for the Secret Celebrity RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing party at Hush, hosted by Stasi!

Have great shows! Okay, in closing… what’s a number or song out there that you have yet to do, but can’t wait to try?

I can’t wait to do a ballad! I really want to lean more into storytelling, and holding power in stillness. I’m low key a Kelly Clarkson girl, lol!

We can’t wait for a Moment Like That! Thanks, Mx. Fink!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Mx. Fink’s upcoming appearances, and follow them on Instagram.

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