On Point With: Stasi

A West Coast Wildchild who’s recently started slaying the game in New York both on stage and from behind the camera, The Haus of Hatter’s youngest daughter Stasi is bring her freaky fashions and sultry moves to a highly anticipated digital New Year soiree.

Thotyssey: Hello, Stasi! How was Christmas?

Stasi: Pretty laid back! Couldn’t go back to the West Coast to see my family because of Covid–and, ya know, I’m poor, lol–but I got to spend it with my drag sister and some furry friends.

Where exactly is the fam, and where are you from originally?

They live in California and Washington. I was born / raised in a small town in Escondido, California but moved out at 16 to be a bad bitch. I was doing some silly things when I was younger, so it was best for me to get out of there and get it together!

Wow! Did you immediately find drag?

Didn’t get into Draggery until about 18. My RA advisor recommended me for the college drag show my freshman year. I than started performing in Moscow, Idaho of all places! I kept performing here and there until I turned 21… that’s when things started taking off!

How did “Stasi” come to you?

Eww.. my original name was “Anastasia Duvall!” It was a joke aimed at snobby “pageant” girls in the scene because they’d get anything but pageant from me. I would say “You can call me Stasi if you’re nasty!” Well, we’re all bunch of dirty freaks!

Ha! What ultimately brought you to New York?

I came to have a good time, and I wanted to be where the best of the best was to see how I’d hold up. NYC’s drag scene has been a wild ride, but ultimately one that I wouldn’t want to get off of. It’s such a fun time, and there’s talent everywhere!

Indeed! I saw you win Look Queen at Playhouse early this year, pre-Covid obviously. Were the weekly competition shows fun, or is it all a carry?

Competitions were a lot of fun–meeting the girls while doing the rounds let me get to know them. And winning Look Queen was definitely a highlight of my year! I use to watch it [digitally] from back home when I was younger. But I’m not really competitive… I just enjoy the stage time!

Tell us what the Stasi experience onstage is like today.

Stasi is fine-tuning what she wants to give out to the world. She’s been behind the camera a lot lately, but recently jumped in front of the camera for Brooklyn’s “In Living Color!” When it comes to looks, I’m always trying to grab inspiration from fashion icons from the 70’s-90’s.

You’re the baby queen of the Haus of Hatter (aka a child of Dragula star Maddelynn Hatter)… although your sis Blue wanted to point out that she is younger?

In drag years, darling… in real life, that bitch is older than me!

Ha! Yes, that’s what it was. How do you get involved with that fierce family?

It all started while I was doing a competition and met Z, who invited me out to go watch the Haus at the Ritz… and so I did! I got to meet the girls and was invited to guest the next week, and the next week, and the next. I kept being invited back until I became a cast member… it was such a Ki! They would call me the booger of the Haus of Hatter because they just couldn’t get rid of me. I was living my full fantasy at the Ritz because I’d get off on Times Square and get to walk through tourists and city lights to get to my weekly gig. It was fabulous!

I loved that creepy clown spread you did in Times Square with the balloons, that was everything!

Thank you! I brought out my camera and shot those photos myself!

So New Years Eve is nearly upon us! As you mentioned earlier, you’ll be part of Junior Mint’sIn Living Color” showcase on that night, serving fierce pre-recorded numbers alongside a still-being-revealed amazing cast!

I’m stoked! I sewed an outfit with the help of my mother, and I’m excited to show it off in the NYE show (and to someday let people see it in person)! I was asked how my 2020 went… and I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve fallen even deeper down the rabbit hole… which I hope I captured in my video! I hope you take a look at it when it comes out; it’ll be tons of fun and tons of talent that I’m excited to work alongside with!


What else do we need to know about the world of Stasi?

My photography and videography! I really have been enjoying my time behind the camera, and I feel I’m only getting better! It’s all a learning process to me–but it’s a passion that has been taking off!

Can’t wait to see more! And finally… what’s your most noteworthy New Year’s resolution for 2021?

To develop my camera skills more, and to be less anxious. But honestly, I don’t know what this new year entails… I just hope to be able to grab it by the balls and ride that motherfucker!

Happy New Year, Stasi!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Stasi’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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