On Point With: Jo Disco

Once a fabulous club kid from a defining moment in NYC nightlife, this stunner is now co-producing and DJing a brand of events that might be defining the future of the scene. We need Jo Disco!

Thotyssey: Hello Jo, thanks for chatting today! How is April treating you so far?

Jo Disco: So good to catch up with you! April has been great so far: lots of exciting things coming up, the weather is finally getting cute!

Absolutely–perfect drag weather! By the way, do you design or create your own looks, or are you just a smart shopper?

Definitely lots of thrifting and smart shopping for me! A girl can never have enough slip dresses, in my opinion.

Agreed! And I see you recently did a campaign for Fluide cosmetics. I’m guessing you have a pretty great idea about which products work best for you.

Thank you! I had such a fun time doing that shoot, and everyone at Fluide is so sweet! I’m definitely a makeup hoarder, and I can’t get enough of the Fluide nude lipsticks and glitter shadows! I would say a glitter eye and nude lip is my go-to, for sure!

So you’re a showgirl who does some spot on impersonation drag looks, and you’re a DJ and event producer among other things. You and your events are everywhere now, but you couldn’t have been in the biz that long!

Thank you… that’s very sweet to hear! I’m very fortunate to do it all with my best judy, Nicky O! I’ve actually been in NYC nightlife since 2016, starting out first as a club kid at Webster Hall, but I’ve really focused on drag and producing post-pandemic and feel like I’ve finally found a good space for myself in the scene!

I bet you miss those epic parties at Webster Hall.

Absolutely! I have so many fond memories of that balcony, and the chaos that always ensued! The night of the rocket headpiece fire will forever live on in many of our memories!

So where was your original hometown, what sort of things were you into creatively while growing up, and what actually brought you to the NYC nightlife scene?

I was born in Littleton, CO of all places, but I grew up in Los Angeles! Most people don’t know this, but I was actually a child actor and touring musician before moving to New York City. I’ve always been into entertainment, and drag happened to be the ultimate culmination of all my creative interests in one career! I moved to NYC because I knew it was the place to be to find my tribe, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the relationships I’ve been able to make here.

What inspired you to call yourself Jo Disco? I always think of that Kylie Minogue song “Your Disco Needs You” when I see your name.

You got it! My name is Jo, and I have always heard “Jo Disco Needs You” when listening to that song… so I thought I’d make it my namesake! Besides being a Kylie stan, I’ve always loved disco music and the universal love disco promotes.

Nightlife has changed so much in just the few years since you came to the scene. What are some of the biggest changes, from your perspective?

Personally, I’ve noticed that the days of getting booked to just show up in a look and party have kind of left, and the emphasis is really on performance now–which I love to see! While NYC will always be a competitive space for queens, I also think that it’s become more and more of a true supportive community post-pandemic. We’re all out here hustling, and it’s nice to see more queens supporting each other!

You and Nicky have been doing “Discography” at C’mon Everybody since the reopenings, and it’s been super popular. You two and a cast of guest performers explore the best songs of a specific diva two Tuesdays a month. What have been some of your favorite ladies and themes from that show?

It’s an absolute honor to be able to produce something we’re so passionate about, which is pop diva worship! I’ve loved all of them, but I’d have to say my favorite theme we’ve done was British Invasion! I love when the theme is open for interpretation. And we also have Swedish Invasion on the horizon too, which I’m stoked for!

This Tuesday’s edition will have you bringing us Fergie and Gwen Stefani. What can we expect?

It’s gonna be extra Luxurious and Glamorous! I love our diva duo nights, and I think Fergie and Gwen’s music is super complimentary! Let’s just say there will be tons of mashups from me on the 1s and 2s… and you’ll get to see us perform all the hits (and some of the best B-sides) from each!

3 Dollar Bill is another Brooklyn venue to commonly find your nights with Nicky. You two will be bringing “Night of 1000 Mileys” there on Thursday April 21st, along with a huge cast!

I can’t even begin to say how excited we are for this show! Miley is definitely one of our mutual favorites, and we’re putting in extra work for that reason! It’s our biggest production to date, and I think it will be one of our best! Not only is it a true retrospective of Miley’s career (with every album / project being represented in the show), but Miley herself sent us a blessing… and even some very special surprise gifts for our cast! It feels extra special knowing the queen herself has blessed us, and we just want to make her proud now and give the show of a lifetime.

Have great shows! Okay, lastly… um, we have a Top 5 for the upcoming Drag Race finale! You’ve been watching every week at Nicky’s viewing party at 3DB, so whose team are you on now to win!?

Yes it has been so fun to do our viewing party, but I am happy this season is finally wrapping up! I must say I absolutely stan Angeria and Willow, and would be so happy for either of them. But for me, Miss Lady Camden has really impressed me the final few weeks… and she’s got my vote for the win!

Thanks, Jo!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Jo Disco’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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