This Week in Thotyssey Events!

Besides listing everyone’s events and interviewing folks in the scene, Thotyssey also produces acclaimed events of her own! It’s Pride Week, and we’re all over the place…

  • Tuesday, 6/21. The Pride Week installment of our game night LEVEL UP at Atlas Social Club, featuring gamesmaster Shane Cherry! It’s a laid back affair featuring board games, card games, strategy games and the very popular Super Smash Bros weekly tournament! The games begin at 8.
  • Thursday, 6/23. Thotyssey joins forces with TH/RST Group for “Pride of Park South!” If you like your Pride events to be fun and social without getting crushed by crowds, while also being outdoors on a beautiful garden rooftop of a posh Midtown East hotel overlooking the skyline, with your own free table to mingle with Judies and a chance to catch one of NYC’s top drag hostesses Bootsie LeFaris and hot newcomers Pink Pancake  and Lanyé Armön up close and personal… well, this is the event for you. What’s more, it’s from 6pm to 10pm, so it’s early enough to go home with good cheer or to pop on to the next kiki. I’m looking at this as a chance to actually catch up and chat with old friends, and so should you. But the individual tables are getting reserved very quickly (they’re free, after all), so RESY yours now!
  • Saturday 6/25 & Sunday 6/26. Not confirmed, but chances are I’ll be wrist-banding the kids at the door at Pieces Bar! It’s obviously gonna be profoundly packed all night, so come early if you can! Expect drag hosts and all sorts of shenanigans!

Check here for tickets to all above-mentioned events (except Pieces).


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