On Point With: VinnyGaga

It’s all about dance for this stylish young queen, who’s been serving us fiercely choreographed, socially distanced guest spots across the city throughout our Covid year and is now co-headlining a show at one of NYC’s hottest venues. There could be a hundred people in the room, but all eyes are on VinnyGaga!

Thotyssey: Hello Vinny! Thanks for chatting with us tonight! How was your busy week?

VinnyGaga: Hello hun! My busy week was very up and down. What I mean by that is, I started last Friday with receiving my second dose of the vaccine. I’m so happy to have gotten it; seeing all my friends and family get it makes me feel very excited for the upcoming months! After getting my vaccine I felt fine, and continued my day by ordering sushi when I got home, and watching RuPaul‘s Drag Race. After all of that, I started feeling all the side effects like chills, body aches and just being super tired. So the ends of Friday and Saturday, I was totally out! Then I woke up Sunday morning and *bam* I was right back to normal. I made coffee and headed to my Sunday show at Playhouse!

That’s a journey! Have you also been doing a lot of digital drag this past year?

Yes! I have, especially during the beginning of quarantine. It was definitely different from what we’re all used to, but it was so cool to see us as a drag community come together and entertain people and still be super effective over social media. I thought that was pretty neat!

Yes! And virtual drag is still going strong… who knows, maybe it’s here to stay!

So, where are you from originally, and what sort of things were you into as far as music, performing, art, etc?

I’m was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Staten Island during my teen years–but I do plan to move to the city! Coming from a big family, I definitely was influenced by and loved so many different types of music. But pop music and pop culture really helped me become Me at a young age. I loved seeing strong females showcase the magic they can show us with their music, or even music videos. Music is the reason I came to actually be–a dancer! I loved hearing music that made me feel like I needed a fucking stage! Ms. Gaga’s music really did that for me.

But anyways, I also got into dancing school around age 12, and took it very seriously for nine whole years–and loved every minute–being in dance school and learning what it’s like to train and really become great! Dance will always be my first love, but being a trained dancer really inspired VinnyGaga. Dancing is my foundation in drag *double entendre*!

Speaking of All Things Gaga, has Chromatica still held up after a year of quarantine?

Bitch YES! Chromatica is that girl, bitch! Chromatica definitely is a comfort album for me, because it came out during the time of Covid and feeling scared not knowing what was gonna happen with the world! But yeah, Chromatica is aging beautifully.

Do you have any thoughts on the new campaign from Gaga and classic champagne label Dom Pérignon?

I think that collaboration is super fun; I was craving more Chromatica content, so just seeing it with Dom Pérignon is super dope! Also, her teaming up with her good friend [photographer] Nick Knight is just the cherry on top! But from a fan’s point of view, it’s a pricey… and I won’t be able to contribute in buying from that brand, lol!

Same! By the way, New York drag has a Nick Gaga as well; is that a coincidence, or are you two “related?”

I worked with her once before at Boxers, and it was such a great time getting to know her and see where she came from. We’re definitely not related, but we definitely do carry a special love for Mothaaaa more than others do!

When did you start performing in drag?

Around three years ago, but I didn’t start taking drag seriously as a career until at least a few months before the pandemic started. My first performance was iconic, bitch: on a Gay Pride boat, hosted by Hot Rabbit! I performed with my brother as my backup dancer, and we ate it up, bitch!

You’ve been turning fierce live numbers these past few months where social distance allows, with important gals in the scene like Digna and Janelle No. 5! What have those experiences been like for you?

Nothing but amazing! Those two are beyond talented, and are so sweet to queens by sharing a platform.

And now, we can see you every Sunday (4-7pm) at Playhouse Bar in the West Village, for Drink N’ Drag! That was originally Bootsie LeFaris and Egypt’s show that you guested for a few times… and now you’ve joined them and DJ OhRicky as a headliner!

OMG! I must fucking say that I am so fucking happy to join the show, especially performing with the legendary Bootsie and the iconic Egypt! They had me a few times before at the end of 2020. At the beginning of this year when I did a Sunday with them, Bootsie asked me if I was available every Sunday… and once I heard those words from her, I was so over the fucking moon. I remember that night I texted her a big thank you, because having a weekly gig is such a big deal–well, for me it is, lol! But especially when it’s with queens like Bootsie and Egypt–that’s just so cool. Also, I texted Bootsie saying “I will not let you down.” I said that because I wanted to show her that I’m capable of showing you great drag, and that I take my title here very serious.

But all in all, the show is so fucking good, yo! I must say it’s so full of great numbers and high packed energy. We serve looks every fucking time, and we make it one big great drag show! Also, everyone at Playhouse is so sweet and kind; I truly love coming to work there every Sunday!

And on Friday you’ll be back with Digna–this time for her RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing party at The Ritz, along with fellow guest queens Tina Twirler and Aria Jae!

Yes! I love Digna, she’s the sweetest… and her drag is just always at a thousand!

We’re down to our final four in Drag Race. What are your thoughts on the season, and who’s gonna take home the crown?

Kandy Muse won the season by just having the most screen time, and being that bitch! But out of the top 4, I believe GottMik should take it home. It would really be so dope to see GottMik’s community be represented on Drag Race; also, he fucking slayed this competition… hard!

Looking ahead: on Thursday, April 22, you will be giving shows in a Queens lingerie shop! There’s a secret venue of sorts within Astoria’s Secret, and queen Robyn Edges is debuting a new show there. You’ll be one of her first guest performers, alongside Essence and Roqué!

Yes! She just asked me to do it, and I said of course, duhhhhhh…! I never got to work with Robyn Edges before, but I’ve been such a big fan–she’s that girl! Her drag is very inspiring, and I’m sure this show is gonna be nothing less than cunt, hennyyyyy!

Have great shows all around! Okay, in closing: what’s an important VinnyGaga trivia fact?

That Nicki Minaj gave birth to me. Isn’t that so cool? Lol! A fact about VinnyGaga is that she’s always ready to smoke a blunt!

Lol! Thank you, Vinny!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for VinnyGaga’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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