On Point With: Robyn Edges

Shablam! *Gasp* where did your edges go!? This queen’s got them all: from Boston to Brooklyn with love, Robyn Edges is here to slay… in a plethora of fierce and creative ways. [Cover Photo: Eric Magnussen]

Thotyssey: Hello Robyn! March has come and nearly gone already; how did the month treat you?

Robyn Edges: Seeing as it’s been a year now since the pandemic spread, this month has treated me well. I can only take on one day at a time these days, ya know?

Absolutely! Well, pop culture never rests, and, we now have an exciting new moment to discuss straight away: Lil Nas X’s instantly iconic “Montero” video! It’s being widely praised and enjoyed by queer consumers, but Fox Newers declare that it’s basically the End of Times.

I’ve seen major clips of it, but I hate to admit I haven’t actually watched the video! The song doesn’t really speak to me–love his work and the representation / voice he gives. Anyone who knows me knows I love pressing a good button… so you can’t help but stan!

Indeed! How did the realm of virtual drag treat you this past year?

I love the fact that as a community, performers have been innovative enough to make a whole new lane to perform. I’ve been included in more than a few that have treated me well. On the other hand, there’s so many tedious hours that go into digital drag (filming, editing, etc.), so enjoying it [as a spectator] is much smoother than participating!

Where’s your hometown, and what ultimately put you on the Drag Path?

I’m from Boston, and moved here February of last year (great timing)! Funny enough, I feel like all my interests through my life have sort of groomed me for drag. I was always dancing around listening to music by women, pretending I was performing to it as if I wrote it (before I had any idea about lip syncing and drag, mind you). I had way too much energy as a child… and that shit just rolled down hill!

So you started drag in Boston, with all those great queens there like Neon Calypso (now also a New Yorker!), Violencia Exclamation Point, Majenta With a J, etc!

Yeah, three years ago now. And yeah, they’re family!

[ Photo: Eric Magnussen]

How would you describe your aesthetic and performing style as a queen… and has that all evolved significantly since you started?

I’ve always said my drag is an up-and-coming female rapper who just signed her first deal, got her first big bag and everything is right: hair, production value, business moves, ice–straight shining! I stand by it! I started a name brand drinking water and shit, and I’m in the works to owning the masters to all my music! Character development!

Work! Do you have a favorite performing artist to embody onstage?

When I’m onstage, aside from the music (ha!) that’s all me. Funny enough, Neon was the first performer I saw and was like “wow.” She definitely inspired me to stand out and make my own lane, so now it’s about going out and doing it like no one’s ever done it before.

You’ve been mixing it up with the Brooklyn dolls in some socially distanced shows as of late. How are you liking that whole scene (although technically, there aren’t really any true “scenes” this Covid Year)?

Well you know, every good store keeps all the dolls in the same section! But I love to stay busy, and getting familiar with the scene is a good time. I always say “real recognizes real,” so the scene shows me love.

You’ll be premiering a fab new bi-weekly in the lofty Brooklyn venue Now & Then on Thursday, April 1st (7pm): “Snatched!” Dragula star Saint will be in the house with you, as will Tina Twirler and Psyren!

Oh, yes! Super excited about that! I want to get something going in the scene that there’s not as much of as there could be: me! But seriously, this ain’t my first time at the rodeo. I like to think I have a fresh perspective and can contribute something, as opposed to oversaturating the scene. With another star like Saint (who’s another Judy) as my co-host, it can only go up! Add Tina (who we all know to be a performer) and Psyren (who swallows fire)!? No coincidence this a Black cast of talent that is going to keep you gagging! RSVP with me to save some coins–and show up and show out for this, Brooklyn!

Exciting things can come from this show!

The cast for “Snatched!” only gets more dynamic, and you already know I’m always cooking!

What else is on the agenda for you?

You’re the first to know this: enjoy the scoop! I’m putting together a different show that will premiere April 22nd (as a monthly, for now): “Astoria’s Secret Angels,” a socially distant show at Astoria’s Secret, a lingerie shop with a hidden secret bar and lounge! The cast is going to remain a “secret” for a while longer; I have to give y’all a second to recuperate after getting “Snatched!” That’s all you get for now… but know there’s more. She’s not just a pretty face!

These sound like very cool shows, have fun with them! So let’s close with a quick but obligatory mention of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13. At last, it’s nearly ovuh–who are your predicted Top 4? Or will there just be a Top 3?

Okay, personally I want Symone, Mik, Rosé and Kandy just based off of winnings and aesthetic, etc. But I also want good TV, and it would be a gag if Olivia beat out Kandy for top four… , and then there WASN’T a top four, and then a frontrunner like Symone or Mik were to get the boot over a crazy turn of events… ooh, or a double elimination this late would leave the world gut-wrenched!

Ack, bring on all the drama! Thank you, Robyn!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Robyn Edges’ upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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