The tHOTlist 2020 #200-151

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200. Aria Derci

Astoria’s lady of smart surrealism and goofy glam, Aria’s shows at Icon and Rockbar were paused during quarantine; she’s made a few live and pre-recorded digital appearances since. Aria’s been a largely off-screen presence during partner Pussy Willow’s digital shows as well.

199. DD Fuego

The Mexican-born beauty who makes up a third of Hardware’s “Woman Crush Wednesday” hosts is increasingly known for her nutty / funny drag mixes and intricate looks. Digitally, she’s enriched her IG gallery with dazzling new beats and has put out some fun videos, including a stellar five minute ode to Carly Rae Jepsen’s entire Emotion album.

198. Nicole Onoscopi

[Photo: Jax]

NYC’s dazzling young pageant and comedy queen was performing frequently in NYC in spots like Rockbar before Covid hit. Since then, she’s returned to her native Oregon, but has performed digitally several times and will hopefully return to us when we’re past the pandemic.

197. Shiny Penny

Who would’ve thought it would be so fascinating to watch this Lips and Macri Park pixie cook and eat late nights on Facebook? Well it was–for the weeks she was doing it–thanks in part to Shiny’s quirky charisma and fab fashions.

196. Beaujangless

Brooklyn’s sexy twirking sensation was a favorite performer and host for Frankie Sharp’s “Dream Hotel” party, among other kikis. She made a few digital appearances, but it was a pleasure to see Beaujangless live again later in the year at spots like 3 Dollar Bill and The Ritz.

195. Ellipsis Queen

A human collage of asymmetrical shapes and vivid colors, oddball Ellipsis makes for an ideal digital performer. With a large, recurring cast of edgy maverick sisters, she headlined several themed “Children of the Spring” revues on Twitch that made for entertaining, out-of-the-box viewing. (Sidebar: he’s bae.)

194. Macy Rodman

The high priestess of 21st century trans queer punk has arguably transcended New York nightlife with her discography of scorching sonic dirges, frequent write-ups as a trendsetter and living instillation, sexy podcast and all around cool chick energy… but Brooklyners will always remember the over-the-edge soirees she created like Bathsalts. Our Quarantine Year has been a great opportunity to revisit her ferocious 2019 LP Endless Kindness, while enjoying her crazy September 2020 spoken word single “Berlin” set to a spicy beat and accompanied by an optical orgasm of a video directed by Sweaty Eddie.

193. Patsy InDecline & Ducky Sheaboi

These comedic queens of Queens–a pair on stage and in life–worked hard to flip bars and restaurants across the borough into drag venues since their arrival. Nowadays they are a delightful digital drag duo, with monthly shows on Instagram and a documentary in the works.

192. Chola Spears

Icon and Rockbar’s unfiltered comedy queen used lockdown to keep us all updated with moment-by-moment Britney conservatorship news and perform in several digital revues.

191. Prada G. Major 

Stonewall’s dance sensation took to the livestreams for several shows this year, including a digital and stripped down edition of her annual benefit show for multiple sclerosis relief “Don’t M.S. with Major” this November.

190. Oliver Herface

Whether they are kinging, quinging or burlesquing, this punk-flavored performer tore up our livestreams throughout 2020 as a guest performer and headliner several times over… especially around Halloween time. Oliver was also able to squeeze in some outdoor live performances as well, in venues like 3 Dollar Bill.

189. Barbra Herr

A legend of New York drag and pageantry, trans advocate Barbra has largely abandoned drag in recent years for mostly cabaret showcases and theatrical productions. For several months during the worst of Covid dread and Trump fatigue, Ms. Herr kindly provided us with “Stress Relief,” a song and chat show on Facebook. She’s also been a Biden ride-or-die from the beginning, and kept us all politically aware across her social media.

188. Jette Grey

The uber-sexy Brooklyn showgirl and OnlyFans megastar was the Rosemont’s weekly karaoke hostess and a popular performer throughout the borough. In addition to the high quality adult content of her site, Jette appeared in a whole bunch of digital shows during quarantine.

187. Xavier Mazara

Hell’s Kitchen’s DJ darling spun KageKid’s “Virtual Pride Project” in May before returning to one of his homebases, The Ritz, in October.

186. Chiquitita

[Photo: @halaldisco]

The drag artist Chiquitita née Juku née Harajuku is a whole new queen in 2020… but just as high concept gorge and talented. While the digital version her popular Rosemont show “OOPS” wasn’t long lasting, it was quite a memorable few eps thanks to how Chiqui and her co-stars utilized the space of the IG Live frame.

185. Boy Radio

Brooklyn’s sexy all-star musician, fetish model and budding photographer released a characteristically chill and catchy single this year, “Electric Pussy.”

184. Jeff Eason

It sucks when you’re the most recognizable and respected on-the-scene photographer in New York nightlife, but there’s literally no more nightlife scene to be on. It was by no means all a bust for Jeff in 2020 though–he had great work published in Get Out Magazine including that fierce annual Glam Awards cover, and he won his own Best Photographer Glam for the second consecutive year.

183. Xunami Muse

[Photo: @hippieyo]

Newly signed to the New Icon NY modeling agency, Kandy Muse’s gorgeous and talented drag daughter is a rising superstar in both nightlife and fashion. Recently, Xunami’s joined Kandy and Janelle No. 5 as hosts of a weekly Pieces show.

182. Carlos the Uber Driver

A favorite NYC drag wig stylist (in fact, she’s 2020’s Best Hair Design Glam Award winner), Carlos is also a hilarious comedy queen in her own right; she co-hosted an IG show with sis Vanna Deux during lockdown.

181. Dezi 5 

Bursting with southern charm, vigorous fashions, a soulful voice and ear for what sounds good, Dezi 5 has played an important important part in bringing live music back to our city’s nightlife. Dezi released music throughout the year, including the gorgeous Motown-inspired “Lady” and a collaboration with Cure For Paranoia, “Who Dat?” During lockdown he also made several digital appearances and even hosted his own Instagram chat show before returning to his native Texas. While he certainly seems busy there now, we hope to see him in NYC again when this all comes to pass.

180. Ginger Snap

A legacy Cherry’s queen, Ginger’s return to Fire Island this summer as the weekly “Dining with the Divas” host was much welcomed. After the season ended, she hosted recurring shows at the South Brooklyn Foundry alongside fellow queens of Lips.

179. Billy Hough

Rocker, performance artist and East Village fixture Billy Hough is best known for his wild improv musical show “Scream Along With Billy” that’s been staged at both Joe’s Pub and Club Cumming. During lockdown, its homebound digital revamp “Stream Along With Billy” (also featuring longtime bass-playing collaborator Susan Goldberg) was also quite popular, and eventually became a live show once again in Provincetown. In October, Billy’s rockband GarageDogs (which also includes his two brothers and Susan) released a wry new single,”American Dream.”

178. C’etait BonTemps

Known for inserting vampy, sexy fun into his draglesque performances and for producing some stunning showcases for like-minded performers, C’etait’s artistry translated well to the digital screens. He and co-producer Chevy Lace presented a digital edition of their popular show NICHE, and throughout October C’etait slayed with monstrous Halloween numbers in various virtual revues. In November, several of his friends joined forces in a digital fundraiser showcase for his top surgery.

177. Cicatrix & Godiva Romance

Enchanting swamp witch Cicatrix and her slinky / sexy drag mom Godiva Romance hosted a weekly affair at Vodka Soda Bottoms Up that was part drunk spelling bee, part drag show. When VSBU closed during lockdown, the fun pair took to livecasting their wild and wonderful energy; both queens also individually appeared in various other digital revues as well.

176. Anida Tension

Jersey dance queen Anida Fukk (formerly Serena Blaze) left nightlife for awhile after an injury, but returned to the bar stages as Anida Tension with glitter guns blazing in 2020. Performing throughout Asbury Park and Jersey City before and after the strictest run of quarantine, Anida also engaged in some fun livestreaming shows for a few weeks. Nowadays, she’s headlining shows at the new Heardroom Lounge in Jersey.

175. Glow Job

This athletic, stylish and innovative queen with her trademark four-pronged lip–who also runs the kiki enterprise Retro Factory— broke through in 2020 on several fronts: appearing on Bravo TV’s Camp Getaway, partaking in several digital parties including those produced by Susanne Bartsch, starring in two memorable music videos for friend Bright Light Bright Light’s new singles, and being an advocate for social justice and all around beacon of light on the city streets.

174. Ritzy Bitz

[Photo: Wilson Models]

Austin, TX is very lucky to now have one of New York’s favorite high flipping comedy queens and drag brunch divas in their midst. If you are missing her, some of the best bits of Ms. Bitz can be savored on Spotify: her 2018 banger “Ritzy Boom,” and her featured vocals on sis Misty Mountains’ “I’m That Bitch” from last year.

173. Alexey Kim

[Photo: Sky V]

The photographer and former model created the already-essential Sidewalkkilla blog in 2020, which gives a platform to nightlifers, queer artists and activists across the city in vivid pics and prose.

172. Shirley U. Jest 

If there’s a nightlifer who really didn’t sit 2020 out for a moment, it was Shirley. Between hosting a weekly live sung, largely request-based digital cabaret “Jukebox Night,” recording original music and partaking in digital BDSM demonstrations (a lifestyle she proudly promotes), We have gotten to see many sides of Ms. Jest this year.

171. Gloria Swansong

Our still reigning Miss Hell’s Kitchen utilized her wisdom via presenting an interesting series of digital lectures on historically important queer figures. Meanwhile, she continues to keep the girls of New York in classic silhouettes as an always in-demand designer, and has returned to live performing at Don’t Tell Mama with sister Maxie Factor.

170. Lucia Fuchsia

[Photo: Thomas Evans]

Relatively new to the scene, Lucia began hosting the “Corona Queens” Instagram showcase featuring new performers every week. As soon as limited live drag shows were able to return, Lucia immediately jumped at the chance to both showcase her own talents, and bring some other queens–like her drag family Dolls Jupiter Doll and Charlotte Harlot, plus her drag daughter Jupiter Gallaxxi–along for the ride. Currently, Lucia and friends host shows twice at week at Now and Then.

169. Richard JMV

[Photo: Warren Piece]

2020’s Best Gogo Boy at the Glam Awards and a rising drag-burlesque star, Richard’s face and bod are all over our socials–and we’re not mad! Staying fit for his OnlyFans subscribers and his general role as an HIV awareness advocate, he also co-produced the digital edition of this year’s Cycle for the Cause “Miss Hell’s Kitchen” showcase, and participated in a virtual Broadway Bares event. Then as bars returned to limited capacity, Richard hosted the Election Night viewing party at Club Cumming.

168. Saline Dijon

A longtime frequent guest performer at the Ice Palace, Long Island born Celine-iac Ms. Dijon entertained us with two weekly Facebook Live cabaret shows during quarantine.

167. Viva Vidalia 

Originally known as a dancing queen, Viva has since reinvented herself as a singing hostess (she was in charge of karaoke at Boxers HK) with a country edge. Making just a few digital drag appearances during lockdown, she’s mostly kept herself busy with and increasing demand of commissions for design and sewing looks for queens across the city and beyond.

166. Lady Bearica Andrews 

The Brooklyn trio who call themselves the The Nobodies had carved an interesting niche for themselves in the scene thanks in part to the glorious open-to-all hodgepodge of creativity that is the Mx. Nobody pageant they produced; they were also innovators of multimedia drag thanks to the crossover appeal of their Nobodies Watching Wresting web series and podcast. During lockdown the trio presented a digital showcase of former Mx. Nobody contestants, but for the most part Ariel Italic has retired from drag while DJ Accident Report has focused on journalism and music production. That leaves the wonderfully silly Bearica holding down the wig fort… she’s hosted a YouTube series reading children’s books, and co-hosted with Emi Grate a digital version of their drag brunch, among other virtual appearances.

165. Megami

[Photo: @bendeet]

Without a doubt, a plus side of being stuck at home thumbing through your phone is getting to behold the evolution of Megami. Perhaps our city’s most geek-inspired cosplay queen, everything she presents is either loaded with references or wholly original down to the tiniest detail. Basically a living video game, Megami was an ideal for digital showgirl; she’s appeared in virtual tributes to Pokemon, Super Mario and Steven Universe.

164. Coco Taylor

Rockbar’s “kindly and campy” house queen took to the digital stage a few times during quarantine, most frequently as the monthly hostess of Members Only Boylesque. She did one other particularly interesting show during the August month of lockdown: streaming live and socially distanced from Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

163. T-Boy

The longtime New York nightlifer remains the embodiment of CrazySexyCool, and used quarantine to try out some new androgynous and gender neutral looks while serving weekly digital DJ dance parties and gothy throwback performances in revues with the Haus of Kiki crew.

162. Heidi Haux

[Photo: Steven Love]

The Lips queen who also hosted Manhattan’s longest happy hour show (four hours every Saturday at Pieces) was known for utilizing her quirky wit and flare for theatrics in creating massive stage projects where large casts of queens lip synched all the dialogue. The digital stage largely didn’t inspire Heidi aside from a few appearances, but we were happy to see her return to the Pieces stage to host weekly (albeit shorter) shows again. A Glam nominee herself for Best Host, it was also fun to see her partner Scott Feigr Curley get his first Best Hair Design nomination this year as well.

161. Lavinia Draper

The campy-yet-dynamic singer has been known over the years as a Therapy, Stonewall and Ice Palace entertainer, as well as for her own stage shows. This Covid year she was all over social media with weekly livestreams, both singing and cooking with her sis Chocolatina.

160. Madame Vivien V

Brooklyn’s House of Yes is one of the nightlife-iest nightlife destinations in NYC, and Viv has enjoyed being the house queen there for some time. Then Covid happened, and now Yes’ fate is very much up in the air. But Vivien is not one to just sit around and wait. Besides being one of NYC drag’s busiest look designers and performing in several live and virtual gigs herself, Viv also created a Dial a Drag Party service for anyone who wants the full queen experience in a socially distanced setting.

159. Angela Mansberry

Sutton Lee Seymour’s campy drag daughter had a fun monthly Murder, She Wrote viewing party at Albatross. During lockdown, she co-hosted an Instagram trivia show with fellow Astoria queen Avant Garbage, and was particularly busy in October with Halloween virtual shows as well.

158. Stella D’oro

A longtime advocate for HIV vaccine research and a general cheerleader for all the young queens on the scene (mostly via her sis Tina Burner’s weekly Star Search competition at Barracuda, where Stel competed every week and often won), Dame D’oro is very much a Queen for the People. Her weekly solo virtual show was a fun and much comforting musical gabfest during lockdown. We can’t wait to see Stella in the flesh again!

157. Vylette Tendency

Serving us an array of digital looks from cheerleader to Hellraiser, it’s been a pleasure to watch cosplay queen Vylette take part in various digital shows. We are sad to see the end of their “Queer As In Fuck You” monthly drag punk revue, though… but that just means that there will be something new on the horizon for Mx. Tendency in 2021.

156. Angela Di Carlo & Amber Martin

This pair of boho scenester ladies make up two thirds of the legendary Mattachine party DJ trio (along with Hedwig creator John Cameron Mitchell) at Julius’ Bar as well as popular performers at Club Cumming, but separately they’ve kept quite busy during lockdown. Angela hosts “ANG-sterpiece Theater” where she gives us some deliciously trivia-laden intros to B-Movies that we can all watch on YouTube, and on Halloween released a digital edition of her popular “Attention Deficit Disorder Cabaret” filmed live at Club Cumming. Meanwhile, Amber has hosted a live virtual sing-along with famous guest stars like Sandra Bernhard, as well as a digital edition of one of her own live hits: “Bette, Bathhouse & Beyond.”

155. Blue

This AFAB-ulous femme fatale respectfully represents both the Haus of Hatter and the cast of Boxers Washington Heights “Oh Yes.” In 2020, Blue turned out all the colors with weekly shows featuring the latter-mentioned troupe, as well as various guest shots in large cast virtual shows.

154. Elektra Lite

A triple threat and rising star of the NYC drag stage, Elektra returned to her native Illinois during lockdown and gave us digital shows up on shows. We can only hope to see her back in the Big Apple someday, reunited with her “Woman Crush Wednesday” sisters at Hardware Bar.

153. Princess Bitch

A longtime favorite showgirl of Boots & Saddle Drag Lounge and Macri Park, chill dance diva Princess now rules Instagram and the new Now And Then in Brooklyn (where she co-hosts a weekly show with King Ivy).

152. Rhedd Rhumm & Lady Celestina

These jewels of Jersey co-hosted a show in Jersey City’s Hell’s Kitchen Lounge prior to lockdown, and have since taken to the livestreams: the outrageously funny Rhedd with several appearances in large cast revues, and Broadway babe Celestina starring in her own live sung weekly. In autumn, both continued to appear throughout the Garden State hosting shows, brunches and bingos. And this just in: Celestina now hosts bingo brunch at The Ritz!

151. Lexington Banks

[Photo: David Serrano]

Serving dance-tastic glamorfish, Lexington was a breakthrough show hostess of The West End before Covid closed the venue. She has since appeared in several digital showcases while hosting her own chatfest on IG over the summer, and in September joined a crew of queens giving Central Park shows.

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