On Point With: Beaujangless

Spreading glitter across Brooklyn, this beloved performer serves twerking sexiness, fierce lewks and queer magic in parties private and public. With a name paying homage to the legendary Vaudevillian dancer, Beaujangless is an icon of the here and now! [Photo: Sidewalkkilla]

Thotyssey: Hello, Ma’am! Thanks for chatting today! How is October treating you so far?

Beaujangless: Hey babe! October is honestly so far so good, she’s feeling booked, busy and blessed boots!

Busy indeed! You just did a live show in Brooklyn the other night. Yay, live shows are kind of a thing again!

Yes, they sure are! I joined the gorgeous cast–Janelle No. 5 and Rify Royalty–at their weekly gig. I honestly had an amazing time… I missed being in the dressing room kiki-n’ with the girls. The energy of a live show is honestly unmatched; I feel like it was needed.

Do all your Covid and political fears kind of go out the window while you are performing?

They kind of drive me to go hard, to be honest. It gives me energy because I think about the fact that in some way or another, it’s feeling like the end of the world every day… so why not end it fiercely? Lol, no–but there’s just so much going on… it’s a really great distraction. Everything [at the venue] is very safe with Covid safety regulations: everyone wears a mask, tables are socially distant, disinfectant everywhere. Feels safer than it probably looks, but a girl gotta make her coin!

How long have you been a New Yorker?

Just been sprinkling glitter and smiles all over Bushwick since 2001.

Amazing! Where are you from originally, and how did you begin as a performer and as an all around fabulosity?

So I was born and raise in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, actually. Honestly I came into my fabulosity (haha) I want to say, late into my teens… like 19 or 20. I started experimenting with my look and partying all over New York City, while simultaneously and unknowingly building a network.

A couple years ago I started dancing alongside a friend, who just happens to be a notable DJ (Mazurbate). I guess people took notice of me at parties and Instagram, and wanted me to shake this ass all over their parties in NYC.

My official performance debut was last summer at Metro in Brooklyn. But I had already performed at Coachella afterparties and other industry parties as well–as at my little window in Dreamland at PHD, which I miss dearly.

What’s it like performing at those afterparties and industry parties? Does everyone get a bit more wild compared to Metro?

That’s a good question. In my experience, the spaces are always so big that you can barely see what’s going on off the stage… like, everyone mingles and stuff. I will say, though, they sometimes try to jump in on stage with you–which rarely happens at the bars and clubs, ironically enough. But I will say they [both] get just as wild as the nights progress.

What’s a Beaujangless stage experience is like, as far as types of numbers you do, how you present, etc?

I would say I’m hip hoppy–not explicitly lip syncy, if that’s a word, lol! But def a lot of rhythm, lots of hair, lots of outfit changes, high energy. I started out being like the “twerker” in the scene, so it’s harder to stray away from high energy music. I am, though, trying to expand my selection in numbers, because I do have the range. But it’s like so out of my comfort zone, since I know what people expect to see when they see me on a flyer. That’s gonna change, though; I’m working on it!

Do you consider any nightlife folks to be your particular judys?

I honestly get along with everyone; I’m that girl. Our little Brooklyn nightlife community is pretty tight nipped I would say.

Indeed! Have you dragged digitally at all these past few months?

I did a few [digital shows], mostly in the beginning. But then I realized that what I love is the people live. Like, I thrive in that energy. But I did do a really cool one for Wynwood Pride that I really enjoyed doing, thanks to the help of some friends!

Let’s talk about this weekend in Brooklyn… VIP Friday! You’ll be with two very popular queens, Kandy Muse and Drag Race’s Nicky Doll! Tell us more!

Yas! Actually I’m very excited because I love Kandy; she’s fucking incredible! Never met Nicky, but very excited to meet her and share the stage with both of them. They’re super-talented, so I can’t wait to see what they have in store. I’m thinking of what I’m gonna give the girls this time; I’m going through my favorites on Spotify as we speak! Lol, can’t wait because I know it’s going to be wild. This Friday night at 3 Dollar Bill!


Very exciting! So no one has a full calendar these days, but is there anything else coming up for you?

I wish things would appear in my calendar daily, but for now I’m just working on personal projects more… so, content related, lol!

Keep it comin’ gurl! Last question: what is something that the world needs to know about Beaujangless right this minute?

OMG! The world needs to know that Beau is gonna keep striving for representation and visibility, in any and every aspect of life–whether she going to the bodega, getting on a stage, a runway, or getting the last damn snack wrap at McDonalds… okurrrr!!???

Okurrrr! Thank you, Beau!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Beaujangless’ upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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