Bar Babe of the Week: Luke at Pieces

This adorbs baby-faced actor moonlights as a truly a lightning-fast pourmaster, and neighborhood favorite to boot: It’s Luke of Pieces (and Hardware)!

Bar that I work at: I work at both Pieces in the Village and Hardware in Hell’s Kitchen. They are sister bars owned by the same two awesome guys.

How long I’ve worked there: Over a year now!

What are my shifts: I’m At Pieces Monday for Happy Hour (2pm-8pm), and then Thursday (8pm-4am) and Friday (9pm-4am) Nights. I’m at Hardware Tuesday nights (9pm to 4am).

What makes this bar great: So when I was a young little gay boy (I know I still look like I’m 16, but i’m actually 25) trying to go out in nightlife, I happened to be a lot bigger then I am. I was actually close to 200 pounds, and it seemed everywhere I’d go in HK people were mean to me or payed me no attention. But with Pieces and Hardware, you walk through the door and the people working – whether it’s the queens performing, the DJs spinning that night, or the bartenders behind the bar – you just feel like you’re at home and a part of a family. Pieces especially really helped me fall in love with being a gay man, which is why I literally bothered them to hire me for months, haha!

Best drink I make: Oh girl, I love a good Kentucky Mule, Whiskey/Bourbon Ginger Beer and Lime juice.

I love it when customers: Stop me on a busy night to tell me they appreciate me working so fast. People sometimes forget that we are human being,s and on a packed night with 200 people in the bar we are really trying to do the best we can… and taking a second to say thank you goes a long way.

I hate it when customers: CLAP OR SNAP AT ME!!! BITCH I SEE YOU, but if you dare clap at my face or snap your fingers at me because you want a drink, I will serve everyone else before you, sorry not sorry.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Girl…..that Pieces underwear party….I have seen some things that I will never forget. But what takes the cake is this one time I had a young women come into the bar completely fine, she seemed SO sober, and after two sips of her gin and tonic she started convulsing, collapsed to the ground, puked all over the floor… AND THEN got up started sipping her drink and said, “OMG so weird that some girl threw up on the floor.” I was like, BITCH, YOU SOME KINDA CRAZY CUZ THAT WAS LITERALLY YOU.

Other places I’ve worked: This is my first gay bar job – but I’ve worked at a bunch of straight bars that aren’t even worth mentioning, honestly.

My hometown: I am a born and raised New Yorker! Born in Brooklyn, and now living in Washington Heights.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I am a TV/Film actor, so I am lucky enough to be working on that a lot. And then I am a HUGE gamer, so usually playing PS4.

Single or Taken: I am single, and slaying being a strong, independant women that don’t need no man, haha!

Who/what turns me on: Oh, fun! Okay top three turn on’s are probably: Confidence, Driven/Passionate about something, and being goofy/nerdy. Also, I love thick, muscular legs if we want a physical trait, hahaha!

Favorite music: I’m really a fan of all types of music, but if I HAD to pick I am really obsessed with “American Teen” by Khalid. It’s an amazing R&B and new age soul album.

Favorite movie or TV show: Parks & Rec! If I am behind the bar I am playing Parks & Rec, haha!

Favorite drag queen: I actually live with my favorite drag queen, and one of my dearest friends: Miss Brita Filter (Love you, Roomie!)

My drag name would be: So as an acting project in college, I did drag for a little while, and my name was Allegra Valentine.

Favorite gogo boy: Mmmmmm…Oh girl, DJ Nicki Boom Box after a drink and some Britney will give you CHOREOGRAPHY… and I Love it so much! Does that count? Haha.

Favorite DJ: I actually am so fortunate to work with the BEST DJs, so I have to give a pageant answer and say all of them. DJ Larry 2Face, DJ Nicky Boom Box, DJ Xavier Mazara, and DJ OhRicky.

Other stuff you need to know about me: Honestly, I am way too nice for my own good, and if you are ever having a really rough day and need to unload, vent, or just cry it out, I’m there for you. It’s happened so many times, and it’s in part why I am a bartender. Sometimes you need a shoulder and a drink and I have both for you! 🙂

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