On Point With: Toggo Ultrarock

From Norway to Hollywood to Minnesota, this rocker has led a storied and fascinating career. As the frontman of young Cali outfit Scared of Girls, he became known for leading a wave controversial publicity stunts before disappearing into a maze of darkness and confusion for several months. Now resurfaced as a fully energized and inspiredContinue reading “On Point With: Toggo Ultrarock”

Saturday (7.8.2017)

UPTOWN TOOLBOX: Liquid Brunch (3pm); DJ Request Dance Party with Heather Wood (10pm) TOWNHOUSE: Live Doo Wop (9pm); BuffDaddy Gogo boys downstairs (10pm) CASTRO: DJ Anarki spins Papi Saturdays (10pm) ALIBI: Impacto Saturdays (10pm) SUITE: Octavia Anyae (11:30pm) HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE: Monet X Change (7pm); SLAY Saturdays with Elizabeth James, Ruby Roo & DJ 2Face (10pm)Continue reading “Saturday (7.8.2017)”

On Point With: Shay D’Pines

Slaying shows in Yonkers and NYC with her husband and drag partner-in-crime Angel Elektra, this queen would like you to know that her moves may be fierce, but her T is sweet. Come get Made with Shay D’Pines! Thotyssey: Hi Shay! How was your July 4th? Shay D’Pines: Hey Jim! So, the 4th wasn’t interesting atContinue reading “On Point With: Shay D’Pines”

Friday (7.7.2017)

UPTOWN TOWNHOUSE: BuffDaddys Go-Go Boys (9pm) CASTRO: S.O.S. Fridays (10pm) TOOLBOX:  Heather Wood (10pm) SUITE: Miz Cracker & Brenda Dharling (midnight) HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE: MoMo Shade, Dahlia Sin and Kandy Muse (7pm); “Super Size Queen Fridays” with Bootsie LeFaris (11pm) VSBU: DJ 2Face & Chaka Khanvict (10pm) THERAPY: DJ AJ Sanchez (10pm) RISE: DJ Steve Paul (10pm) SPACEContinue reading “Friday (7.7.2017)”

On Point With: Johnny Di Sciascio

Singer/songwriter, burlesque performer, actor, writer, and World’s Hairiest Bartender… Johnny Di Sciascio is a man wearing many hats (and sometimes little else). With new numbers in his broad repertoire ranging from gleefully raunchy to heartfelt, he’s a welcome addition to the Night of 1000 Thots roster of performers! Thotyssey: Johnny, hello again! How was yourContinue reading “On Point With: Johnny Di Sciascio”

Thursday (7.6.2017)

UPTOWN SUITE: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree (10pm) CASTRO: Turn Up Thursdays with the Socialites (11pm) WEST END: TBA HELL’S KITCHEN RITZ: “Beers & Bears” happy hour 1 Year Anniversary upstairs (6pm); Peppermint  & DJ Scotty Rox (11pm) HARDWARE: Dusty Ray Bottoms & Carmen Sidemi (7pm); Shequida with Monet X Change (11pm) ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB: “Gayme Night” with Holly Box-Springs (8pm)Continue reading “Thursday (7.6.2017)”

Bar Babe of the Week: Debbie at Cubbyhole

Join the club with Cubbyhole’s Darling Debbie! Bar that I work at: Cubbyhole Bar How long I’ve worked there: 7 years What are my shifts: Monday, Thursday and Friday 4-10pm and every fourth Friday 4-4am What makes this bar great: The people who work there and the customers, of course Best drink I make: A “LisaContinue reading “Bar Babe of the Week: Debbie at Cubbyhole”

Wednesday (7.5.2017)

UPTOWN ALIBI: Extended happy hour with DJ Poison Ivy (6pm) LA PINATA: Honey Davenport & Sapphira Cristal (8pm) TOOLBOX: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree (9pm) WEST END: Brita Filter, Terra Hyman & Nedra Belle (9:30pm) CASTRO: Cockboyz (10pm) HELL’S KITCHEN VSBU: Karaoke with Ally Ganza (10pm) HARDWARE: Paige Turner  (10:30pm) THERAPY: Monet X Change & Pixie Aventura (11pm) RISE: Andora, Aquaria & Brenda DharlingContinue reading “Wednesday (7.5.2017)”

Independence Day (7.4.2017)

UPTOWN TOOLBOX: Broadway Lights with Markys (8pm) CASTRO: $2 Tuesdays (10pm) ALIBI: Take It Back Tuesdays, old school Hip Hop & R&B (9pm) TOWNHOUSE: Michael Ferrari hosts an open mic contest (10pm) HELL’S KITCHEN FAIRYTAIL LOUNGE: TS Happy Hour with Jaemy Paris (4pm); gogo boys all night (9pm) LOVAGE: Griffin Rooftop with DJ Johnny Dynell (9pm) Continue reading “Independence Day (7.4.2017)”

Monday (7.3.2017)

UPTOWN TOOLBOX: Charity bingo (9pm) SUITE: Glam Gavin’s karaoke (10pm) HELL’S KITCHEN POSH: DJ Panos Mitos (9pm) THERAPY: Marti Gould Cummings hosts “Stage Fright” with Alex Newill HARDWARE: Sutton Lee Seymour & Cacophony Daniels with Lisa Karlin (10pm) ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB: Musical Mondays (10pm) INDUSTRY: Marty Thomas presents DIVA with Gabriel Violett of The Voice (11pm) RITZ: Tina Burner (midnight)Continue reading “Monday (7.3.2017)”

THOTBeats: BabaShook!

In a new monthly column, Thotyssey will blow a load on a worthy new song single/video from queer nightlife, while revisiting a Re-gaggable throwback from yesteryear. Song: “BabaShook” (released June 30, 2017) Artist: Pissi Myles, a NJ-based drag queen that’s known for her song parodies, sharp off-color wit and being able to be in several citiesContinue reading “THOTBeats: BabaShook!”

Sunday (7.2.2017)

UPTOWN TOOLBOX: Liquid Brunch (3pm); Movie screening (8pm) SUITE: Karaoke Sundays with Glam Gavin (10pm) HELL’S KITCHEN MONARCH: FLY Sundays with DJ Dawson (3pm)  HARDWARE: Brita Filter & Jasmine Rice (6pm); Miz Cracker & Monet X Change (10pm); Marti Gould Cummings with Egypt & Viva Vidalia (11pm) THERAPY: Paige Turner (10pm)  VSBU: Phillip Henry & Nedra Belle (9pm) ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB: Holly Box-SpringsContinue reading “Sunday (7.2.2017)”

On Point With: Erickatoure Aviance

This downtown style icon is now a fixture of Los Angeles, but we’re feeling her beat all around the globe. A vital member of the House of Aviance ball family, she’s been turning sickening looks and ferocious numbers for years, and her sheer awesomeness may very well be responsible for getting Wendy Williams’ much-criticized VH1Continue reading “On Point With: Erickatoure Aviance”

Saturday (7.1.2017)

UPTOWN TOOLBOX: Liquid Brunch (3pm); DJ Request Dance Party (6pm) SYMPHONY SPACE:  Ruby Powers‘ Musical Clip Show (7pm) TOWNHOUSE: Live Doo Wop (9pm); BuffDaddy Gogo boys downstairs (10pm) CASTRO: DJ Anarki spins Papi Saturdays (10pm) ALIBI: Impacto Saturdays (10pm) SUITE: Octavia Anyae (11:30pm) HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE: Monet X Change (7pm); SLAY Saturdays with Elizabeth James, RubyContinue reading “Saturday (7.1.2017)”

On Point With: James Michael Avance

Rapidly on his way to being one of global nightlife’s most in-demand photographers, this creative spitfire is one of the rare few who’s equally comfortable on stage as he is behind the camera. It’s all a performance for him! Thotyssey gets into the brilliance of, and turns the party with, James Michael Avance! Thotyssey: HeyContinue reading “On Point With: James Michael Avance”