Monday Night Picks

UPTOWNThere’s a (sold out!) screening of Bianca del Rio’s new movie at the DGA Theater. HELL’S KITCHENMarti Gould Cummings with Nick Adams at the Therapy. Broadway Monday at Hardware, with Sutton Lee Seymour & guest Josh Bardier. Tina Burner at the Ritz. CHELSEAMovie night a G Lounge! Monet X Change at Barracuda! MEATPACKINGBerny Burnz &Continue reading “Monday Night Picks”

On Point With: Goldie Peacock

[photo credit: Suri] This dynamic and acclaimed drag performer is slaying the children in Bushwick and way beyond with their provocative on-stage genderfuckery. And if drag kinging is a thing you’d like to try, this one’s got mad workshops for you. Now with a possible Go Magazine award on the horizon, it’s a good time for ThotyssyContinue reading “On Point With: Goldie Peacock”

Saturday Night Picks

UPTOWNHoney Davenport is with Vivacious at Hogshead. HELL’S KITCHENDavid Serrano spins a tea dance at Therapy. Another Horizn Aqua party at the Grace Hotel. Miz Cracker & Monet X Change host at Hardware. CHELSEAShequida guest hosts at the Gilded Lily. Battle Hymn at the Flash Factory. WEST VILLAGEPattaya Hart is back for a happy hourContinue reading “Saturday Night Picks”

On Point With: Glace Chase

Follow the red stiletto on a stick! That’s queen Glace Chase’s signature prop, which she wields to lead her Dream Queen Tour every Sunday. Dream Queen, you must know, is a gonzo mashup of comedy, improv, performance art and a genuinely educational guided tour of the history of the West Village’s gaydom. She’ll be tellingContinue reading “On Point With: Glace Chase”

Friday Night Picks

UPTOWNBobby LaSalle’s group GAGG has its first mixer at the West End. Black out with Brenda Dharling solo at Suite. HELL’S KITCHENRico Alexis spins at Atlas. Holly Box-Springs fills in for Pixie in Distorted Diznee at the Beechman. An Eventbrice urban party at Stage 48. Marti Gould Cummings and her band return to Feinstein’s/54 Below! CHELSEAGetContinue reading “Friday Night Picks”

Where to Watch All-Stars Ep. 4

Pick your poison! 9th Ave Saloon: no host Albatross: no host Atlas Social Club: Holly Box-Springs Barrage: no host Boots & Saddle: Delilah Brooks BoxersHK: Marti Gould Cummings Easternbloc: Scarlet Envy Farafina Café and Lounge: Vivacious & Maci Sumcox Feathers: no host G Lounge: no host Hardware: Monet X Change & Emi Grate Icon: JizzaBellaContinue reading “Where to Watch All-Stars Ep. 4”

On Point With: FiFi DuBois

[photo credit: Courtney Charles] Miss’d America 2015 FiFi DuBois is getting ready to pass her crown down to the new winner in Atlantic City in just a few days. But thanks to her classically-trained dancing, pageant queen-perfect beat, repertoire of godawful corny jokes and delightful nerdiness, she will always be the queen of our hearts!Continue reading “On Point With: FiFi DuBois”

Wednesday Night Picks

UPTOWNMissshell guests hosts at Kazza Wine Bar. HELL’S KITCHENChulo fundraiser & runway show at the Ritz. Andora, Aquaria & guest Momo Shade at Rise! CHELSEATina Burner, Holly Box-Springs & Jasmine Rice at Barracuda! WEST VILLAGELogan Hardcore returns to Boots & Saddle! Stonewall Sensation Auditions! American Horror Story premiere viewing party, with Misty & Mocha, atContinue reading “Wednesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Emi Grate

[photo credit: David Laffe] A self-proclaimed “social justice warrior” who takes an academic approach to drag, Burma-born Emi Grate brings a truly unique perspective to nightlife. With a colorful array of looks, a distinctive singing voice and a civic message, you never know what to expect with an Emi performance… which is just how drag isContinue reading “On Point With: Emi Grate”

Monday Night Picks

UPTOWNKaraoke at Suite! HELL’S KITCHENIt’s the 2-Year Anniversary of Sutton Lee Seymour’s Broadway Mondays at Hardware, with special guest Paige Turner! Tina Burner at the Ritz! Robin De Jesus is Marti’s guest at Therapy! CHELSEAMonet X Change at Barracuda! MEATPACKINGVivacious hosts a new weekly dance party at Cielo. WEST VILLAGEThe Miss Lady Liberty weekly pageantContinue reading “Monday Night Picks”

On Point With: Davida Sky

So, the Mr. / Ms. Gay New Jersey 2016 pageant was held yesterday, and the 2015 winner Davida Sky was not there to pass down her crown. The reason for her absence is quite shocking. And with the sudden closing of the historic Den Nightclub in Somerset where she’s been hosting a popular drag competition,Continue reading “On Point With: Davida Sky”

On Point With: Honey Davenport

  Does this New York City drag superstar even need an introduction? Probably not. But just in case, you should know that Honey Davenport (Sir-Honey no longer!) is truly a glorious entertainer, a fantastic singer and dancer, a pageant crown hoarder and a true nightlife artist. There are very few performers in the biz whoContinue reading “On Point With: Honey Davenport”

Sunday Night Picks

UPTOWNFifi Dubois joins Vivacious at Hogshead! HELL’S KITCHENSin with some hot guys and Holly Box-Springs at Atlas. Paige Turner takes us back to school at Therapy. Krymson Scholar and others are Marti Cummings’ guests at VSBU. CHELSEADJ Lady Tita returns with TBS at Gilded Lily! It’s Ladyfag’s birthday Battle Hymn at Flash Factory! WEST VILLAGETheContinue reading “Sunday Night Picks”

Saturday Night Picks

UPTOWNOcatavia Anyae at Suite. HELL’S KITCHENPrada G. Major fills in for Holly Dae at Fairytail Lounge. Junior Vazquez birthday extravaganza at Space Ibiza! Tammy Spenks hosts a new party at Mr. Biggs! Another U-Nite at Stage 48. MIDTOWNLavinia Draper’s band plays at B.B. King’s! CHELSEADJ Poison Ivy at Boxers Chelsea. Destiny Devine’s birthday GLOW atContinue reading “Saturday Night Picks”

Friday Night Picks

UPTOWNit’s the 1-Year Anniversary of Bad Apple Boylesque at the Triad! Brenda Dharling & Miz Cracker at Suite! HELL’S KITCHENMimi Imfurst, for one night at the Beechman! Aric Wolff hosts at Atlas Social Club. There’s a Bollywood party at The Attic/Penthouse Lounge! Erika Klash & SkinTightUSA host a ComicCon tie-in at BoxersHK! Later at theContinue reading “Friday Night Picks”

On Point With: Tammy Spenks

She killed it at the Look Queen finale at Monster a few weeks ago, didn’t she? Tammy Spenks is known for her singing pipes and cooter slams, but who knew she could turn out such fierce looks and elaborate performances? I chat with this fun queen about that already-legendary second place win, and the newContinue reading “On Point With: Tammy Spenks”

Where to Watch All-Stars Ep. 3

More venues added! 9th Ave Saloon: no host Albatross: no host Atlas Social Club: Holly Box-Springs Barrage: no host Boots & Saddle: Delilah Brooks BoxersHK: Marti Gould Cummings Easternbloc: Ruby Roo Farafina Café and Lounge: Vivacious & Fifi DuBois Feathers: no host Hardware: Monet X Change Icon: JizzaBella Industry: Miz Cracker Island Breeze: Acid BettyContinue reading “Where to Watch All-Stars Ep. 3”