RePoint: Emi Grate

[Photo: Pheral Lamb] When last we spoke on here nearly two years ago, Myanmar-born queen Emi Grate had just won the first preliminary week of the penultimate season of the vital “So You Think You Can Drag?” competition. Immediately after that interview was published, Emi dropped out of the competition and her entire career trajectory wouldContinue reading “RePoint: Emi Grate”

On Point With: Emi Grate

[photo credit: David Laffe] A self-proclaimed “social justice warrior” who takes an academic approach to drag, Burma-born Emi Grate brings a truly unique perspective to nightlife. With a colorful array of looks, a distinctive singing voice and a civic message, you never know what to expect with an Emi performance… which is just how drag isContinue reading “On Point With: Emi Grate”