Tuesday Night Picks

The Strut premiere at Loft 142, hosted by cast member Dominique Jackson!

A Broadway Hillary fundraiser happy hour at Industry.

Watch Strut at BoxersHK!

Who will make the cut tonight at Rise?

Catch Catrina Lovelace, The Countess Mascara and others competing tonight at VSBU.

Delighted Tobehere is joined by Sutton Lee Seymour tonight at Hardware while Pixie is away.

It’s a night of burlesque at Sid Gold’s Request Room.

Knockout Tuesday at Barracuda.

Shirley U. Jest welcomes Nomi Sas tonight at Rockbar.

Terra Hyman’s Scream Queens viewing party debuts at Stonewall.

Catch Brenda Dharling turn it at Boots!

Frankie’s at the Jane.

Shequida is On Top at LeBain tonight.

Strut at Acme.

Hitchcock Disco at Rumpus Room.

Princess & Lilith at TnT!

Victoria Chase’s karaoke at S&P.

Full List Here

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