Podcast: GLAM Winner DJ P_A_T Serves (Fake) Nudes


Another wild night at Red Eye Radio as Freddie & Jim discuss Adam Lambert’s album release party, Dallas DuBois‘ return and Playthingz’s new groove & St. Patrick’s Day rumination.

Then it’s time for our Glam winning guest DJ P_A_T in the Thot Seat! We discuss his how things have changed for DJs since Covid, the state of music today, his sis Kim Petras, his Jersey and DJ origins, where the “Fake Nudes” hosts the Sterling sisters went, Q drama, fashion and more!

In the news:  the two high profile fentanyl deaths in recent NYC gay bars have officially been rules as murders; NYC nightlife legend Kevin Aviance has been signed to Voss Management;  is the modern high end cocktail movement ignoring queer spaces?; new TV spots for Viki Villainess & Robert Garcia; RIP Fie Island’s Bruce Michael.

Email us: thotyssey@gmail.com


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