On Point With: DJ P_A_T


One of Brooklyn’s hottest young dance floor and drag show DJ’s dabbles in Queendom himself, and is beginning his takeover of all the city’s gigs as we speak. Paul A. Tomasiello, aka DJ P_A_T, is where it’s at! (Come on, that was a cute rhyme)

Thotyssey: Hello P_A_T! Thanks for chatting with us today! You had a big night on Sunday, spinning for Frankie Sharp’s Magic Hour party where members of the House of LaBeija performed for their 50th Anniversary. How did that go?

DJ P_A_T: Hey! Magic was major last night with the House of LaBeija! Sundays are always a great time – I’m happy to be a part of it.

That’s kinda become, like, THE big weekly party here in NYC… do you feel the scope of it when you’re working there?

Yes, it’s definitely a huge deal! I never thought I’d be billed with performers like Charli XCX and Azealia Banks, so this opportunity definitely means a lot to me. I’ve been working with Frankie for a little over a year now, and it’s been a pleasure.


You really seem to be working, like, every night in Brooklyn or beyond these days. How many nights a week are you DJing, generally?

4-5 nights a week. Usually in Brooklyn, but I’ve been in Manhattan a lot recently.

Between this and last year you kind of exploded, and I see your name everywhere. How long have you been DJing now?

I’ve been experimenting with it since I was 16. I used to record mixes and play at my friends house parties–I never thought I’d actually be doing it full time. A little over a year ago, I started DJing my first gig with Merrie Cherry for DragNET, and it took off from there. It’s definitely been an amazing year!

Where’s your hometown, and what was the first music that really grabbed you?

I’m from Jersey, so I love some Jersey Club! I remember first hearing it in college and I was obsessed–I still am.


Can you “be yourself” when you DJ your gigs generally as far as what you play, or do you find yourself having to cater to the room over your own preferences?

I don’t think I can be myself all the time–just because I know what people want to hear when they walk into the Rosemont on a Wednesday night. Don’t get me wrong, I love pop music–but typically, my sets are more hip hop driven when I’m playing what I want. I hate it when someone tells me what type of music to play, or when someone requests a song, I think it’s rude.

I’m sure once you play one hip hop track, all the requesters come for you with Cardi B, right?

It’s when I’m at a party and they tell me “pop music only”–that’s when I get all the requests for Cardi B, lol! Like I said, I love pop music–it just get’s old for me because it’s everywhere. When I play pop music I like to play B sides, deep cuts and early 2000′s moments, because they’re not songs that are overplayed on the radio.

Do you feel Ariana’s new single?

Yeah, I like it! It came out while I was DJing on Thursday night at Metro. I downloaded it during performances and opened my set with it without knowing what it sounded like. Luckily, it’s a bop.

Cute! Are you still into recording mixes?

Yeah for sure–I hadn’t put anything out since last summer, but I just recorded a 25 minute set. And I remixed Kim Petras’ new song. Both are on my  Soundcloud.


How do you like DJing drag shows? Are you the type that banters with the queens on the mic, or absolutely not?

I love drag so much–it’s been so amazing getting to know everyone in the BK scene. But I don’t talk on the mic, haha! It’s not really my thing.

Brooklyn drag has had some in-fighting and drama recently. Do DJs have drama too—like fights and feuds, etc?

I’m sure. I try not to get involved. People need to understand that this isn’t a competition.

That’s true! It’s hard though, with everybody trying to get gigs when there are just not a lot of venues. But as far as gigs go, you’ve landed a great one at the Rosemont in Williamsburg. That’s a fun spot with a very young, progressive, mixed crowd. What makes that place special, do you think?

What makes the Rosemont special is the people that work there and the opportunities they give to up-and-coming Brooklyn nightlife. It’s given a platform to so many talented young artists that are doing really cool things right now! I’m glad to be a part of that family.

You’re usually in the booth there for the popular OOPS Wednesday show, which features a rotating cast of many newer queens like Crystal MeshWest Dakota and   Harajuku. That’s a very “anything goes” kinda show. What’s, like, the nuttiest thing you’ve ever seen go down there?

I think my favorite performance was when they all recreated the Christmas talent show from Mean Girls, and Crystal was Regina’s mom.

What’s happening at this week’s OOPS?

I’ll be in drag for my birthday!

Get out! What’s your name?

Chutney Spears.

Oh, that’s you! You’ve performed before!

Lol yeah, I performed at DragNET in December.


Speaking of your birthday, this Saturday’s edition of The Haus of Sterling’s show / party Fake Nudes at the Rosemont will be a celebration of your big night! Happy birthday!

Thank you! I’m so excited! We’re having performances by the Sterlings and Neon Calypso–I believe there are going to be some surprise shows as well. I have some of my favorite DJ’s spinning– DicapHorrorchata and Mazurbate. I’ll probably play for a bit, too… and my good friends Linux & Ruby Fox are hosting. It’s gonna be a carry!


And next Tuesday you’ll be DJing Queen Robert’s monthly Rosemont show “Screen, Queen,” which includes a viewing of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Have you ever seen that?

I’ve never seen it, so I will definitely be there for the screening. I love Queen Robert, we’ve been friends since high school!

Really! Is it a coincidence that you both wound up at the Rosemont?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence–I think it was just bound to happen. We’re both pretty new to nightlife, but we’ve been going to the same parties for years and have a lot of mutual friends.

That makes sense!


I just saw that next Saturday you’ll be spinning Yas Mama, Horrorchata’s Latinx party at C’Mon Everybody! You’ve done that one before, right?

Yes–I did my first Yas Mama over the summer. Can’t wait for next weekend! I love Horrorchata, she’s taught me so much.


Did you get a chance to see the early cut of Killer Unicorn yet?

I saw part of it at Bushwig!

It’s amazing! And also this just in, the Brooklyn Nightlife Awards return this June! You’ll almost definitely be nominated for Best DJ… are you gonna write an acceptance speech?

Lol, I probably won’t write a speech. If I win, I can wing it!

Last question: if you had to spin a three-hour set of any one artist, who would it be?

Britney, bitch.

Wig! Happy birthday again, P_A_T!


DJ P_A_T spins OOPS Wednesdays at the Rosemont (11pm), and various other nights across Brooklyn and Manhattan. Check Thotyssey’s calendar for scheduled appearances, and follow P_A_T on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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