On Point With: Angel

A highly trained dancer with cakes for decades who designs and constructs his own head-turning looks, Angel now has a coveted GLAM Award to show off as well! [Cover photo: A. Govi]

Thotyssey: Hello Angel! So you ended January with a bang, care of your Monday night Glam win for Best Gogo! Congratulations! Where did you put your trophy?

Angel: I’m still feeling like I’m on Cloud Nine. Currently it resides on top of my IKEA dresser, in front of my TV, right above my underwear drawer–classy, right?

Yaz! Speaking of underwear, I loved your half-tux, half-nothing look for the ceremony!

I’m glad you enjoyed it… actually, I’m glad everyone enjoyed it! I made the look myself. I started pattern-making at midnight on Monday, worked till 4am, took a nap ’til 10, rushed to the garment district to grab last minute fabric and notions, and then sewed everything ’till ’til five minutes before I left. A very Project Runway kind of day.

Well done! And I rarely use this platform to address people’s, um, body parts… but your backside is majestic! Is that, like, your signature… asset… in the gogo world?

It’s one of my many signatures. Not to sound cocky, but having a petty face, I’m confident in how my body looks… and being a great dancer is what makes an amazing gogo to me. If there’s a little something of you that’s extra sweet to enjoy, that the icing on the cake. And with me, there’s plenty to enjoy!

Where are you from originally, and did you always have an interest in performing in some fashion?

I’m a born and raised New Yorker: grew up in Queens, Manhattan raised me, but Brooklyn is where my heart resides. I’ve been dancing since I was 10 years old from competitive Ballroom and Latin dance to Flamenco, to Horton and Graham technique, to Classical Ballet. You name it, I’ve done it. I went to a performing arts high school on the Upper East Side, and danced professionally after high school for a while. I’ve been dancing on stages all my life, so when I decided to start gogoing I just thought of it as another stage to me to entertain.

How and where did gogoing start?

I started in June of 2021, and my very first gig was at Mini Horrorwitz’s “Barf-Mitzvah” at C’mon Everybody. Mini used to host a party at Metropolitain Bar every Wednesday years prior called “Cakes” where there would be an ass-shaking contest, and I was a multiple week winner… so she knew I could shake it good. After “Barf-Mitzvah” I started gogoing at different parties all across Brooklyn, from “HER” at 3 Dollar Bill to “Dial 559” at Metropolitan Bar.

Does “Angel” come from your real name, or anywhere else in particular?

It is not my government name, but I have always loved the name. I chose it because of many reasons. I love vampires and had a huge crush on Angel from Buffy growing up… so that was a possibility for me. I also was a huge fan of Digimon as a kid, so Angemon and Angewomon were also two poignant figures to me. Being raised Catholic also played a huge part; whenever I remember being in church, I would always lose focus during sermons and just stare at the stained glass windows that always had angels on them, and they would just speak to me. To me, angels represent beauty, hope and guidance to help point you in the right direction in life. I needed to become Angel to fully understand that for me.

Is it always amazing when everyone in the room is ogling and fixated on you when you’re dancing, or is it sometimes weird?

I know the line of work I’m in, so feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable because of how someone looks at me was something I just needed to get over quick. I’m confident with how I look, and I think it’s more important to feel confident than to feel uncomfortable. Also depending where I work, the fog machine may be blasting or the lights are beaming… so I can barely see anyone’s faces sometimes!

Have you had a favorite gig or moment while gogoing?

Not to sounds like Mister Gay America over here, but honestly every gig is a favorite gig. I get to go dance, look good, wear outfits that I’ve made, receive adoration, flirt, and act goofy while cutting it up with queens and performers backstage, and watch shows while getting paid…count me in!

Where might the children find you this month, or in the near future?

You can catch me Saturdays at “Dial 559” at Metropolitan Bar for now. Follow me on Instagram and check out my stories, since I post on there regularly of where I’ll be. Who knows what the future holds for me, but all I can say is that I’m positive the angels are guiding me in the right direction.

No doubt! Finally, what’s your favorite song to dance to at this moment?

Oooh, now that’s a tough one. Honestly, I can throw it back to anything… but if Megan Thee Stallion is playing, I go off!

thank you Angel, and congrats again!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Angel’s upcoming events, and follow him on Instagram.

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