On Point With: Mini Horrorwitz


This gleeful grossout queen makes up one third of the drag dance collective The Haus of Umpteen Corpses, currently taking over Brooklyn and the Universe. Let’s check in with our favorite Freaky Fantastic Fantasy Female as she returns to us from Israel just in time for New York Pride, Miss Mini Horrorwitz!

Thotyssey: Mini, hello! Thanks for talking to us and welcome back! You were just at Tel Aviv Pride… was that a first for you?

Mini Horrorwitz: Let me tell you: the jet lag is real. I cannot keep my ass up. But yes, I did just get back from Israel, and went to Tel Aviv Pride. It was my first time there, and my first time out if the country! I got to go on an LGBTQ (and all other letters in the alphabet) birthright!

Werq! So, how do the kids do it in Tel Aviv?

It was the biggest, craziest Pride I’ve ever been to. The parade is right on the beach. Everyone is super ho–as in, everyone is dripping in sweat and sexy as fuck.

Also everyone is in the parade. It was so fun to hop in and then hop out and jump in the ocean!

It’s just about Pride week in NYC… can you reboot into Pride Mode so quickly?

Hell yes hennnnyyy. In the immortal words of Alexis Mateo… “You’re a drag queen, goddamnit…” AKA, this bitch stays ready!


So where are you from, Mini?

Lyke, I’m a born and bred Valley Girl, from Los Angeles California! You may know my older less prettier sister, Cher Horowitz… she was big in some 90s movie no one knows about!

As if! I’m going to assume that you and Cher had the exact same upbringing.

Not actually. She grew up in Beverly Hills, and I grew up in the slumz of North Hollywood, with my mom who had an affair with Cher’s dad. HE’S NOT MY REAL DAD AND HE NEVER WILL BE! But the hush money helps.

Did you have Hollywood dreams at all?

Totally. I always dreamed of being one of those impersonators on Hollywood Boulevard, but my mom told me there wasn’t a market for a Lizzie Maguire impersonator. I guess I’m too niche.


You were just ahead of your time! What ultimately brought you to NYC?

Way too many parking tickets. So I just left.

A good a reason as any! And how was Mini the queen conceived?

Mini is a Bathsalts baby. And I think I stick pretty true to that disgusting brand, brought on by Severly Mame and Macy Rodman. And then my tired showgirl of a mother, Angelica Sundae, said one day, “Honey throw on your highest heels (2 inches), we’re gonna be STARS!”

So you’re squarely in the Creepy Queen Vein, you’d say?

Totally. Like, gag you with a spoon? Nah, I’mma force feed you with a spoon!
Ancient Brooklyn queen Ragamuffin often calls me a nightmare and a terrorist of drag… but only when we are in airports.


How has Queen Mini evolved as a performer over time, would you say?

Well, when I started drag it was all about just getting up there and doing it, as most bitches do. But being in the MR(S) BK pageant really helped me come into my disgusting, shoulda-been-aborted self. I’m definitely all about the performance. The look is there, but the performance is what makes a queen, is my motto. I love making a statement with my drag–an uncomfortable statement, that is.

I live for a drag mix. I honestly think it should be a challenge on Drag Race. I put a lot of THOT and effort into my mixes, and I love and appreciate any queen or queer performer who does. To me, it’s the ultimate test of drag performance art.

Did u see what I did there with THOUGHT, I wrote THOT. I made a funny!

Thank you for respecting my brand! How did you enjoy being part of that pageant, by the way? And how long ago was that, now?

It was in February! I met a lot of amazing queer performers who are now my friends, like that bitch West Dakota who robbed me of my title. But I luv her, YAS SIS!


Tell me about The Haus of Umpteen Corpses, the crazy drag performance collective consisting of you, your drag mom Angelica and Mega Babe! How did you all come together?

We all use to live together in this shoebox in Ridgewood, Queens. And Angelica Sundae, the mawther of the Haus, is a (tired) old goth showgirl from Vegas, and took us under her gigantic flabby arms and we formed the Haus! We all have such different talents, and we think we really show case how gross, sexy, and weird we all are.

How would you describe each of your roles in the group? Like, is one of you the choreographer, another  the marketer, and the other is just the slut, etc?

No, those are all Mega babe. Oh you said “marketer.” Thought you said “market,” cuz she’s just a market where meat is just coming in and out all day.

Yeah we each play a different role. Mega choreographs our dances, and we usually all come up with our mixes together. Or if one of us has an idea, we like to play off that.

I’m definitely the comedy cunt, and Angelica is the fish of the group. She keeps us in line, and let’s us know she’s the oldest… I mean, most “seasoned.”

The Haus brought the house down for this past Brooklyn Nightlife Awards ceremony with an electrifying performance! How fun was that?

It was really great to get the whole Brooklyn queer community together and show them what we got. So thanks Merrie Cherry for the opportunity!

You all have performed at a lot of parties and shows all over Brooklyn and beyond, and you have a weekly Sunday night show, Mini Mega Sundaes (that’s all your names mashed up) at Pizza Party in Bushwick. What’s that show like, and how did it come about?

Mini Mega Sundaes was created cuz we wanted a space to do our favorite things: smoke weed and watch music videos! So it’s a Beavis and Butthead type show, where we have a weekly theme and play music videos, with some fun commentary. We have fun games, challenges, and prizes! And Pizza Party is such a funky spot, with good pizza and beer bongs! So it’s always a good time.


And this Pride Friday night, you’ll be Haus-less at Happyfun Hideaway with Hannah Lou, Manila Ice and Panthera Lush for “Loud & Queer!” What’s a number that you’re gonna do?

I’m thinking, “In the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLockfarts.

That’s a classic! 


So, who shall be the Drag Race Season 9 winner!?

I’m really rooting for Sasha, but Shea also slays! I think the top four are all great, but I’m here for SASHA!

Heard! And what else is in store for you?

I’d like to plug my TBD birthday celebration in July: MINI HORRORWITZ’S BARFMITZVAH!!! We’re gonna have great performers and tons of bullshit, no matter where we end up!


Last question… this old standby! What’s your least favorite thing about drag, and what’s your most favorite?

Oh that’s a CLASSIQ. My favorite thing about drag is the variety of drag. I think right now especially, there are so many queens who are really living out their creative fantasies.

And my least favorite thing about drag is …this is gonna sound lame, but NOTHING. I think it’s such an extraordinary creative outlet, and it’s awesome to let people find what they want to do, or perhaps where they belong.

Blah blah mush mush. I’ll still eat your heart out and make fun of you.

We wouldn’t have it any other way! Many thanks, Mini!


Mini Horrorwitz and the Haus of Umpteen Corpses perform Sunday nights (10pm) at Pizza Party for Mini Mega Sundaes. Check here for other upcoming appearances, and follow Mini on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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