Podcast: Drag Race’s Shuga Cain Brings On the White Lotus Rave


On this week’s episode of the Thotlight podcast: Thotyssey’s Jim recounts his weekend with a Tina Burner takeover of a gig, a successful turn at Playthingz and and ho-inch about with the likes of Sharon Needles and Debbie Harry! Meanwhile, Freddie shares a list of Top Male Thot Jobs… are you working one now? 

Now it’s time for Jim and Freddie to interview their superstar guest, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 star and a NYC fave, Shuga Cain! We discuss the crazy backstage tea of her season and some discussions of the current S15, Disneyland and lost luggage, married drag life, her opera background, her friendship with Charo, an indie film she’s in, her fun song that came out during the pandemic, her wildly successful Glam nominated drag brunch and a soon-to-be epic White Lotus Rave!

In the news: Bob the Drag Queen will join Madonna on tour (and what that means for Sibling Rivalry); a new gay club may open in HK; Kween is robbed and vandalized; an update on a notorious 2018 gogo murder case; a crazy ongoing lawsuit surrounding the Cosmic Diner is finally settled.

Also, this Week’s Top 10 Thot Dates… see all at Thotyssey.com!

Email us at thotyssey@gmail.com


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