On Point With: Yamil X

A veteran nightlife producer and host, the sexy Yamil of House Xtravaganza may be getting some well-deserved GLAM love next week.

Thotyssey: Hello Yamil, thanks for chatting with us today! How is 2023 treating you so far?

Yamil X: Hey there! 2023 started okay with Mercury Retrograde in Mars, but it seems like it’s gettin’ back to normal. I can’t complain so far.

You have been producing, promoting and hosting nightlife events for awhile now.

Yeah, I’ve been producing gay Latino X events since 1998 in the city.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how “back” is NYC nightlife a year and a half after lockdown?

We’re actually back to normal. We’ve seen many new bars open and running full effect. I’m giving an 8 out of 10.

So where are you from originally, and were you always a partyboy?

I am originally from Puerto Rico, born and raised. I came to NYC in the early 90’s; I was actually a stripper, and became a promoter after.

Were your stripper days fun, or are you glad to be done with that?

Well, at that time it was amazing. But yeah, I was very glad to be done and moving on with my events. I love producing parties; that was always in my blood.

What and where were some of those first events you were producing in the 90s? And do you have any favorite memories from those early days?

I was actually part of the beginning hosting Cafe Con Leche, Factoría 21 PHAB, and Milk (TPRO) my first event was in 1998–Boyslife at Club Life with Rob Fernandez and Mark Nelson; they gave me my first opportunity. After that, I did Casa Latino at Heaven, and I was the first Latino hay promoter in work at Splash for over 8 years with Ocean. [And then there was] Daflow Mondays at Stonewall in the early 00s, so many great memories. God, so many! I am a living legend in the gay nightlife of NYC.

And you are part of the House of Xtravaganza!

Yes, I became a member of the House of X back in 1994 when Sound Factory was on top of the game. We where the pioneers walking as a Latino house of realness, back in the 90’s and 00’s–always representing my culture.

How much has nightlife changed since you started?

I don’t think nightlife changed; we’re still doing the same dancing and drinking at the clubs and bars. What’s changed is the technology: iPhones and social media kill the vibes. But I can’t complain… we’re still here! People always have the necessity to go out and dance and listen to the DJ.

Yes! By the way, you look so great today… you must hit the gym, like, five days a week at least, right!?

I do the gym, yoga, fasting. I love to look great. You know, after 50 it’s pretty intense… so you just have to keep moving. I feel fantastic.

Well done! There definitely seems to be a big rise in Latin parties, music and representation in the queer scene, especially in Hell’s Kitchen. The producers of these new events owe people like you and the work you’ve been doing for years!

Amen to that! I probably took all the heat years ago, opening the doors for all to be able to have a safe space where we feel comfortable to go drink, dance and have fun.

And you still have tons of gigs all over town!

I work my residence events at the Ritz, Tuesdays for “Papito” and Saturday twice a month for “Chulito.” Then Fridays at the new Thirst, and Wednesday for “Qulo” at The Q. And also, the first Saturday at Club Lambda in Brooklyn.

All sexy fun times! And this year, you are Glam nominated for Best Party Producer… congratulations!

Yes, they nominated me a few times; hopefully I bring it home this year! I have to represent all my gay LatinX in the business for all these years. I fell so blessed just to be alive at this age, and still doin’ what I love.

What are you gonna wear to the show?

See me with something hot and sexy!

Werk! Last question.. how do you like Shakira’s new song?

I love it! I dedicated that song to my 23 year old ex-boyfriend after I spend all my coins puttin’ him in the gym and made him a superstar… then he left me for a young one. It happens! Life is still beautiful. Next!

See you Monday, Yamil!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Yamil X’s upcoming appearances, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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