Podcast: Islaya Makes it Official

Freddie’s back, but his Other Show isn’t! Jim of Thotyssey’s got a new weekly Sunday gig filled with lots of dancing and drag and Freddie’s got you for Thanksgiving Eve.  Our hosts have things to say about new venue The Dickens, and analyze some some poignant social media carrying from Nicky Boom Box and Chris Blacker!

Then it’s time for a lovely tea-filled chat with one of the City’s favorite queens Islaya. We talk about her theater background and drag origins, all her gigs and pageant wins, the queens she’s living with, her Monster Bar mom, Southern versus NYC drag, her shows with The Aunties and newly renovated Haus of Official, major future projects in the works, Drag Race prospects, Rihanna, Noah’s Arc, her best advice for baby queens… and who’s the most underrated NYC drag performer?

Then there’s an in-depth discussion about the developing story regarding a “roofie-ing gang” who’s crimes are now linked to multiple deaths in NYC. There’s a whole scandal and back story here involving local politics and venue practices, among other things.

Also in the news: Frankie Grande got mugged, a recent protest outside Stonewall apparently turned violent, the historic Jane Hotel closed, some local queens turned up on The View , a new Mx. Rockbar is crowned and this year’s GLAM hostesses are announced.

Email us at thotlight@redeyeny.com

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