On Point With: DJ Evanium

A hot new edition to the rosters of New York nightclubbery, DJ Evanium is bringing the beats to Brooklyn this weekend.

Thotyssey: Hi Evanium, thanks so much for chatting with us today!

DJ Evanium: Hi, thanks for connecting.

You have a gig tonight at The Q… how much time do you need to prepare for a DJ night the day of?

I usually will spend three to four hours for my gigs. I will prepare at least twice as many tracks as I would play, but in no particular order.

These days, what does an Evanium set usually sound like?

My favorite genre is tech house, but I would normally blend it in with some electro/dance and pop, to keep the overall vibe bright.

Where are you from originally, and was music always a part of your life?

I am an immigrant here, and I came to the states ten years ago from China. Music has always been a very important part of my life–I learned to play several music instruments since I was 6 years old, and I would spend a lot my savings on buying headphones and speakers.

It was during the pandemic in 2021 that I started to get I to DJing, because I was really bored at home during the lockdown!

Are you “Evanium” because “Evan” is somewhere in your real name?

Evan is my real name, yes. “Evanium” is the idea I created for my personal Instagram ID because I think it sounded pretty cool, like a chemical element. So I just adopted that name.

I love those branded videos and posts on your socials that bring to mind that table of elements.

I’m lucky to have my hubby Davie to create all those stunning branding material and visuals for my social media, and club visuals for the screen. He’s incredibly talented, and has put so much love and passion in creating these stunning artworks. I cannot certainly do this alone without his love and support of my passion.

You’re a favorite on the roster of house DJs at The Q, which has certainly had its well-publicized highs and lows since opening post-pandemic… but the weekend dance parties are still very popular. What’s it like to DJ in that space?

I was very lucky to get introduced by a friend to spin at the Q shortly after it opened in the summer of 2021. I will never forget the night when I had my first gig; all of my friends came out to support me, and we packed the entire dance floor. That was so much fun. I am always grateful for having them in my life, and I am really happy to create a good time strong connection to everyone.

Of course, there are highs and lows working at any nightclub. But it doesn’t matter if I’m spinning for a crowd of 200 people or just two people… I will perform the best I can, because my job is to entertain and make sure whoever’s on the dance is having a great time!

You’ve also done some traveling recently! How’s that been?

Yeah, I recently had two gigs: one in Chicago, one in DC. Playing for the new crowds would definitely makes me nervous. But I would do some research beforehand, and ask some of my local friends about the expected vibe at the party and venue so I can be prepared. It has been good so far, and I really like playing for a new crowd. When you play the music you truly love and enjoy, people can always feel that and relate to to music.

You’ll be traveling all the way to Brooklyn on Friday, December 2nd to spin at Luis Fernando’sMuchacho” at 3 Dollar Bill. The super-popular Hector Fonseca will have his turn in the DJ booth as well!

Really excited for this upcoming gig at 3DB! Luis has always been a role model to me. His courage to quit his previous full-time job and put all his love and passion into creating incredible events and welcoming spaces for our community is so inspiring. I’m very happy to be on his team. I had opened for Hector a few times back at the Q, and we will continue to bring the crowd high energy disco / house music all night long.

What’s next for you?

My goal for the next two years is to become a professional producer–which I’m already working on–and then eventually run my own party, bringing diversity to the New York nightlife scene.

Love that! Okay, last question: tell me who this adorbs dog is on your IG, and does he have any DJ skills?

Haha, yes. His name is Chasiu (a name of a Cantonese food, meaning roast pork). Yeah, he is one of my most loyal fans with trained ears for music and totally a rave puppy! I bought him a DJ controller, and he’s taking lessons from me at home. Chasiu will be the next rising star before you know it!

I can’t wait to subscribe his SoundCloud! Thanks, Evanium!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for DJ Evanium’s upcoming appearances, and follow him on Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud.

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