On Point With: Ivory Snow

A “QuaranQueen” turned Miss Rockbar wildcard and finalist, Ivory Snow is now a bona fide live show hostess!

Thotyssey: Yo, Ms. Snow! How’s your week been so far?

Ivory Snow: Hi! My week has been pretty busy… now I’m gearing up for tonight’s “Mother” completion at Hush.

Ah, that’s a fun one! Have you basically done all the competition shows at this point… and do you have a personal favorite?

I have not done all the competitions just yet, because there are some in Brooklyn that I would love to do. But alas, having a day job can limit my availability. Honestly, all of the competitions so far that I’ve done have been really amazing. I may be bias because I did really well in Miss Rockbar, but that was definitely one of my faves.

Are you allowed to tell us what your day job is?

Sure! I work for a nonprofit called Win, which is the largest provider of family homeless shelter and services in NYC. I am the Director of Major Gifts, and for those that don’t know what that really means: I am a fundraiser, asking folks for donations. So it’s not too far off from being a drag queen.

You’re doing the Goddess’ work!

Lol, thank you!

Where are you from originally… and were you always into performing, fashion, music, etc?

I am originally from Dumont, NJ which is a small town in Bergen County. Performing was always something I loved to do; being on stage felt like home. However, after college I left that behind… and I’m really happy I found my way back.

How and when did the drag bug bite?

I’m a quarantine queen, or as I like to say a “QuaranQueen.” I had been bitten by the drag bug a while before, but the timing wasn’t right… and neither was the relationship I was in. Things happen for a reason though, and I’m happy I started it when I did because my boyfriend did it with me to help me get started.

Was there any specific inspiration for your name?

My drag name is a mixture of a few things, but a big part of it is an homage to a dear friend of mine who passed away. Her name was Isabella Frost; she was a fierce queen, and an inspiration for my drag.

So you’re still a young queen, but how might you describe your drag today as far as what you like to do on stage, and your aesthetic?

I would describe my drag as a Jacqueline of All Trades, Mistress of None (those were also considered for my drag persona). At my show you will get corky, funny, campy… but you’ll also get a trick or two here or there, and 1000% heart. I am a Cancer, so it’s easy for me to connect to the emotion to songs, which is what I love to bring. I will make you feel the lyrics.

As far as my aesthetic — I don’t know if I have a known style, but I love a red lip, a comfortable yet sexy or punk look, and a shoe that can handle some of my tricks.

Tell us about your Miss Rockbar experience, which had a few preliminary rounds through October before the November finale. Ultimately Chola Spears was crowned the winner, but many contestants also wound up with shows of their own.

My personal journey in Miss Rockbar was a rollercoaster! It was my first competition ever, so I was so nervous. My first prelim week I did not move forward, but got amazing feedback from the judges. Even though I didn’t move on, I went each week to support the performers — and much to my surprise, I was selected to be a wildcard to compete in the semifinals. Ultimately, I placed third! Above that though, I have made amazing sisters for life through that competition like Taina, Harriet Tugsmen and Nancy NoGood.

And yes, many of us are now doing shows at Rockbar, including myself. Another reason why I love that competition is because even if you don’t win, you will at least have a show there! And I guess I should say congrats again to Chola! It was definitely fierce competition.

You and Nancy NoGood now switch off each week as hosts of a Monday Rockbar show called “The Alternates!”

Nancy and I do switch off Mondays, but if there happens to be a fifth Monday in a month, we come back together — which is super fun. At my show, you can expect to be entertained… but also leave feeling happy. You know, when you see a movie that you just love, or see a person that makes you happy — that is how my show is. It’s going to make you feel. The great Maya Angelou said that phrase everyone remembers, but yeah… you won’t forget how my show made you feel. I also have guests each week who I love to highlight and give a chance to showcase their art, so that is also really fun.

This coming Monday, you’ll have Precious Envy!

That is correct! So excited to work with her. She’s been super supportive, and one of my good sisters from Miss Rockbar.

Anything else coming up for you?

Well, you’ve mentioned my Rockbar Monday night show, which I love. But I will say to stay tuned, as I’m hoping to bring a brunch to Queens very soon!

Very exciting! Okay, in closing… who’s your favorite to win Drag Race S14, if you have one?

Angeria, hands down! Willow and Jasmine are right up there though, too! But honestly, I think they are all so talented… I mean, how dare Jorgeous be that fierce!

Heard! Thank you, Ivory!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Ivory Snow’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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