On Point With: Precious Envy


Rockbar’s resident Silver-Foxy Bubblegum Goth Princess has a birthday invitation for you! Thotyssey gets the deets from Precious Envy.

Thotyssey: Precious, hello! Thanks for chatting with us! Enjoying this first spring-like Weekend?

Precious Envy: Yes, I don’t think I can stand the cold any more!

I’ve been wandering about, and it is such a nice change.

It’s definitely nice. And it’s pretty reasonable drag weather… not too hot to be covered in layers of makeup and couches!

I feel winter is the better season to be in drag–all those layers keep a girl warm against that New York cold.

That’s true… well, winter will be back before we know it! So happy birthday, by the way! 

Thank you! The actual birthday was yesterday, but I’ll be celebrating all week!

Do you have, like, a big special birthday wish?

I guess the usual, like world peace or good trade. I’m not picky!

One in the same! Let’s get to know you: where are you from?

I am from California originally, born in East Los Angeles and grew up outside of LA. I went to college up in San Francisco, where I remained until I made the trek to New York.

What brought you here?

I needed a change of scenery, and when I decided to pack up my life and move out it was at the right time. I was leaving my job, roommates were moving out, it felt like the universe was saying if you’re gonna do it do it now.

And how was Precious Envy born?

I’ve always been fascinated with drag, but when I lived in SF I never really had the desire to do it. I think it was because I worked in very creative environments that allowed expression. So, coming to work with multi-colored hair or painted nails never batted an eye lash.

But moving here, I got a job working for a real estate company, and my style had to be a bit more corporate. So Precious was born as an outlet for all that creative energy I had brewing inside.

Where did you first perform?

My very first outing as Precious was for a production of Rocky Horror I had directed with The Gay Geeks of New York at the Parkside Lounge in the LES. I gave myself the role of the Usherette, and performed “Science Fiction Double Feature.” My first actual performance was at an amateur drag show at Rockbar.

How did you name yourself?

I jokingly say I’m named after the dog from Silence of the Lambs, but Precious was actually my third choice. My original name was going to be Misty Marshall, based on the first “pet / street you grew up on” rule. Then it was going to be Persephone Sioux for the goddess of the Underworld and Siouxsie Sioux, who is one of my idols.

But Precious came about as an off-handed remark I said to a friend, about how it would be “precious” to see them in drag… and I was like, “you could be my daughter, Precious Envy.” Obviously I stole the name for myself, ‘cause it’s so me.

So, no relation to Scarlet?

No relation. Envy came about when I started blogging; I gave myself the name “Harry Envy” cause I liked how it sounded together.

How would you describe the aesthetic and performing style of Precious?

Viva Vidalia once described me as a “bubblegum goth princess,” and I was like, yes, that is my drag aesthetic. I’m a big fan of 80’s music, and I get a lot of my color choices from New Wave.

As for performing, I am known to not leave the stage–and lord knows I am not a dancer–but I can give you hand-ography for days.

We need a good 80s queen! Who was better, ‘80s Madonna or ‘80s Cyndi Lauper? 

I love them both, but I’m gonna say Cyndi.

You’re one of the house queens at Rockbar. You’ve been doing shows there for a while! 

I practically live there, lol!

What makes that bar special, in your opinion?

You know, it was my first bar I started going to when I moved to the city. I started as a Tuesday night game night regular, and overtime I became an every night regular. The charm of Rockbar is that it’s a little bit of everything: you never really know what you’re gonna get when you walk in.

You competed in a recent cycle of The Ultimate Drag Pageant

Yes! I took part in the 6th cycle.

How did you enjoy that experience?

My time was short–but I’m glad I did it, and was able to show off my style of drag to a boarder audience. Plus the girls were amazing, and I made some new bonds because of it.

Your next show at Rockbar is gonna be your birthday kiki on Tuesday night, with guests Hazel TartCoco TaylorCatrina LovelaceCarlos the Uber Driver, Tiffany Anne Coke & Whatevra. That should be amazing! How’s that gonna go down?

I am beyond excited for this show. I’m so thrilled everyone said yes when I asked them. It’s gonna be a really fun night, all the girls’ first numbers were hand-picked by me–and are songs they’ve never performed before–but I think they would kill. I can not wait to see what they come up with.

Amazing! Anything else on the horizon for you?

After Tuesday night, sleep. Sleep is defiantly next in the agenda. The horizon is pretty open–I’m just going to continue evolving Precious into the best little queen she can be.

Okay, last question: what is the world’s greatest trivia fact about Precious Envy?

Oh God, let me think…. most people don’t realize I’m actually Mexican-American. And yes, the gray is real!

Thank you Precious, and Happy Belated once again!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Precious Envy’s scheduled appearances, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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