On Point With: Bianca Star

Relatively new to the drag scene but already in the spotlight, the Haus of Cummings’ Bianca Star is truly living up to her name.

Thotyssey: Hello Ms. Star! I saw that you were at Inita D and Spindarella’s show at The Q on Wednesday night. How did it go?

Bianca Star: It was so good! They’re two very talented queens, and everyone needs to go to that show!

Agreed! You’ve been a part of The Q’s development into the hotspot it’s become since it opened last year; you were a door queen for some events, and now you’re co-hosting a show there! Did you know that The Q would ultimately be as big as it is now?

Yes! I remember when they posted their opening party, and being so excited! I knew it would be a safe place for my friends, and I’m so happy to a part of this amazing place. The people I get to work with are super nice and supportive. I’m really happy the Q won for best night club at the GLAM Awards.

That was such a fun night! What were some other highlights for you, from the GLAMs?

Seeing Janelle No. 5 win for Entertainer of the Year! I was so happy for her because she has been working really hard. She was one the queens who gave me my first gig, and has always been very supportive of my drag. I love seeing Lagoona Bloo win for “Bloos in the Night!” I loved working the door for that show, and seeing Lagoona just shine with an amazing band led by Tim Young! It was magical every night, and I can’t wait for it to come back. Of course, seeing [Q co-owner] Frankie Sharp accept the award for Best Producer and Best Club was also a highlight.

The performances were everything as well! Seeing Hibiscus, Inita D, and Tina Twirler eat it up on stage — they need a show together! It would be amazing! Being that close to the stage when Tim Young is singing his heart out and shirtless is the crime! The Dragon Sisters ate it up on stage! I was so happy to be in that room and a part of the nightlife scene.

Now back to the Star of the Hour: Bianca! What can you tell us about where you’re from, and what sort of interests you had growing up as far as music, art, performance, etc.?

I grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I always wanted to perform since the first grade. I was the lead in all the shows in middle school, which led me to audition for a performing arts program. I went to Governor School for the Arts in Norfolk, Virginia. Many talented people graduated from that art school: the Tony Award winner Adrienne Warner (known for Tina: the Musical, Shuffle Along, and Bring It On: The Musical), Tavon Old-Sample (known for MJ: The Musical), Nasia Thomas (known for Caroline or Change), Grant Gustin (known for the CW’s The Flash), and Novaczar. It really helped build my work ethic and confidence on stage.

Oh, wow! Did you ultimately come to NYC to be on the stage?

Yes! I always wanted to be on Broadway, and still have that dream.

How did Bianca get born?

In college, we were doing a production of Legally Blonde. I was a part of the jail scene in the show, and we had to dress up in half drag as women prison inmates. I called my mom, and asked her for inspiration and what my name would be if I was a girl. My mom said she would’ve named me either “Bianca” or “Star.” So I just put them together — it’s wild, I know. I love my mom so much, and so whenever I perform she will be with me. I’m glad she named me, and has helped me blossom into a beautiful drag queen.

I love that! When did you first start coming out and performing as Bianca, in the bars?

During March through May, I would go to Kizha Carr’s show on Sundays, and go to “Crush Wednesdays” at Hardware with Skye Walker, Elektra Lite, and DD Fuego. I’d go in drag to support the queens, build a relationship, and ask questions to really get a better understanding of the art form.

My first competition was “Are You The Next Diva?” on June 1st. I treated it like I was on Drag Race: I made two #TeamBianca teasers, three different outfit photoshoots, and rehearsed like crazy. I was super excited, and that night was magical. After the competition, I made it to the top three… and lost to the amazingly talented Miss Bobby (who I’m still friends with to this day). However, Janelle No. 5 was so impressed that she booked the top three girls for her brunch. She was the first one to book me, and I will forever be grateful. From then on, I’ve been doing guest spots, tip spots, and competitions.

You’re now the drag daughter of Peachez Iman Cummings, and thus the granddaughter of Marti Cummings! How did that come about?

I met Peachez at Barracuda, at one of Selma Nilla’s shows. From there, we started following each other. I’d go to her shows, and would keep in touch through social media. Then one day, she asked for me to join her at Tito Murphys after her brunch. She asked if I wanted to be her drag draughter, and the rest is history. I’m so lucky to have amazing family members.

It’s fun watching Peachez and Marti on Worst Cooks in America! Were you aware of their, um, culinary deficiencies prior to the show?

I was just as shocked as everyone else when I saw them stirring with knives, and Peachez being a goblin in the kitchen. I now know why we always get out to eat for our family meals. However, they’ve really kept the show light and fun to watch.

[Photo: Krys Fox]

Speaking of fun shows, you’ve joined Julie J and Tina Twirler in their weekly show at The Q, “Nerve Sundays!” How’s that going?

It’s going well! I love working with Julie J who I met through doing Janelle No. 5’s “Shut Up Bitch” brunch, and I’ve seen Tina perform with Inita D at the “Sister, Sister” brunch. They’ve really helped me with my hosting skills. I love that we are all different performers: Julie J is a queen that knows how to tell a story and is so compelling on stage, and Tina gives you a classically trained dancer with a pageant drag twist. My drag and aesthetic gives Pop / R&B Princess giving her world tour performance, with early 2000s mixed with late 2020s fashion point of view. I’m very grateful that the girls picked me to step in for the amazing Mariyea! She is also an incredible performer. I have some big shoes to fill.

This coming Tuesday, you’ll be at Industry Bar.

I’m filling in for Egypt with Yasmin Delano and DJ Xavier Mazara!

And Thursday, you’ll be back at The Q for a fundraiser for Tina Twirler’s “Miss Paradise” pageant package! That’s another fun lineup!


Anything else coming up?

Be on the lookout for a very special announcement!

Oh, we definitely will! And finally: as a new queen yourself, what’s your best advice for an even newer queen?

Go support the queens you look up to: ask questions, tips, and go show them your drag. Do competitions, if you can. I’m slowly learning: don’t do it to only win… but do them to get better. Know what your aesthetic is, and play to your strengths in what makes you unique. Get to know everyone, not just the queens: that includes bar staff, management, security guards, everyone. Those are the people who will see you perform, and turnt off the the clock.

Thank you, Bianca!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Bianca Star’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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