On Point With: Bobby LeMaire

A gorgeous and exciting young newcomer in Brooklyn is turning out the party while turning all the heads–meet Bobby LeMaire! [Cover photo: @shudderxvisions]

Thotyssey: Hello Bobby, thanks for chatting with us today! Actually let’s address your name right off: I see you credited as both Bobby LeMaire and Miss Bobby in various event flyers. Which do you prefer?

Bobby LeMaire: Most people know me by my full name, Bobby LeMaire… so I tend to use that more.

Got it. So summer isn’t technically over… but it also kinda is. How did the season treat you?

It’s been major! I really missed nightlife, and it came back full force. Plus I started performing for the first time–and it’s been amazing, the response I’ve received. I did not expect the love and the bookings, but I’m grateful and excited to be giving shows!

Where are you from originally, and what were your earliest creative interests and pursuits while growing up?

I’m from Cape May, New Jersey. I started learning contortion and gymnastics when I was 7, and that lead me to dance. Then I studied dance from then on, all through high school and into University. But I was always very artistic; my dad is in theater, so I was acting from a young age… and I studied music as well.

Creatively, I’ve always been inspired by subcultures and variety. Queerness, and really anything against the grain, gets my mind working. I also love the challenge of creating art that is both widely consumable, while still remaining unique and true to my personal taste and vision.

How did you become a New Yorker, and discover nightlife here?

Very out of the blue! I was living in Central Jersey for a bit, and happened across a documentary about nightlife. So I started researching and thought it looked like fun, and a great in for networking and developing a name and brand for myself. So I learned where all the parties were and who everyone was, and finally got a look together and went to my first party in early 2019. By that September I had moved to Brooklyn… and here I am, two years and a pandemic later!

How would you describe who Bobby LeMaire is, and what she does on the scene today?

I’m an agitator; I like to rile the girls up. The reason I’ve stormed the scene and grabbed attention so quick is because I give an edge to nightlife performance that isn’t drag or costumed or heavily curated. It’s just me being punk and queer and slutty, turning looks and giving shows. I can win a pageant with no wig and no nails, because my branding and who I am and my performance quality are top tier. I just like to shake shit up. I’m about advocacy and challenging norms, and being loudly and unapologetically queer and trans. Nothings more important to me than showing up for the dolls and queer and trans POC. It’s about flipping gay bars into queer spaces that are for everyone.

That is the True Work! Also, you’re stunning—do you model professionally at all?

Thank you! Yes, I’ve been getting into modeling more! I just shot recently for someone’s brand launch which is exciting. And I’ve done some work in the past, mostly campaigns and e-commerce.

[Photo: @k.ngsley, pictured with Beaujangless]

As far as gigs go, do you have a favorite party or venue you like to perform in?

It’s hard to choose! I love The Rosemont; honestly, I have a great time there. Some of my favorite parties there are Ember Suxx’s “Doll Parts,” which is a fundraiser party she throws every Tuesday to raise money for Trans people’s transition funds. And P_A_T’s iconic “Fake Nudes” on Saturdays, which is always a carry. I also love 3 Dollar Bill of course, because the stage is huge and I can get really stunty! I did Queer Arts Summerfest there, which was an amazing queer marketplace that was held in August.

You also won the first ever “Trish” pageant there!

Yes! It was major! I was already a big fan of Trish throughout the summer; I adore [the show’s hosts] Charlene and Rify and had seen the show a few times, so when I was asked to compete I was super excited! It was an amazing time competing with some very talented girls.

[Photo: LOLA]

This Wednesday, you’ll be at another popular spot in Brooklyn: Metropolitan Bar, for Devo Monique’s show “Dream Queen!”

Yes! I’m really excited to be there and help raise money; it’ll also be my performance debut at Metro!

This will be a special edition raising funds for queens affected by the recent hurricane flooding. A few performers lost all their drag, among other things, in the damage. How did you fare during the storm?

Luckily I’m on the second floor of my building, so we made out alright. Our entire street was underwater, though; it was scary. Seeing some of the damage that people are dealing with is devastating. That’s why it’s so important to show up for our community and help each other out. I encourage everyone to come out Wednesday and give what they can to help!

And this is exciting… you’re doing a number on Night Two of Bushwig!

I’m so excited! I’ve never been to Bushwig and definitely haven’t performed in front of a crowd as big… so I’m hyped. I’ll be hanging out watching shows both days, because the line up is insane!

We’re excited for these gigs, and All Things Bobby! Final random question: the Dawn of Chromatica remix album! Good, bad, meh…?

It gives!

It does indeed! Thanks, Bobby!

[Photo: @brickthn]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Bobby LeMaire’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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