On Point With: Kenni Javon

You will never forget your “DickAppointment” when Kenni Javon’s in town–that “medium ghetto” kiki he created is an underground favorite of POC queer people across the city, and will soon have a new home. But until then, it’s joining forces with a cadre of other kikis for an ultimate session of Summer Skool!

Thotyssey: Hello Kenni! How’s the month treating you so far?

Kenni Javon: August is going great… just working and enjoying the weather.

You’ve certainly kept busy this summer! But now, what are your thoughts about our current Covid situation? Should we prepare to go back to lockdown, or maybe a proof of vaccination at the door will suffice?

It’s so much. To be honest, I’m a little on the timid side. I’m only going out if I’m required, i.e. a booking. Vaccination at the door is cute, but a lot of the vaccinated people have tested positive… so I almost think they should put us back on lockdown. I wanted to cancel this weekend’s events, but can’t. Might take the month of September off, depending on the Covid numbers.

I don’t blame your hesitation, shit is cray. But assuming everyone follows the rules and protects themselves, it’s gonna be an unforgettable weekend at 3 Dollar Bill!

Oh, this weekend is going to be fab! Very eventful.

Before we go into that, I just wanna get a little background on you. Where are you from originally, and what were your creative interests while growing up?

I’m from Canton, Ohio, and I spent high school and early adult years in Columbus, Ohio. I moved to New York six years ago as a stylist assistant / intern. I’ve always loved fashion, clothes, and nightlife.

Tell us how “DickAppointment,” your massively popular blowout for queer POC folks, came about.

It actually began at Heaven or Las Vegas; it was called ‘”444″ at the time. We only had one event there, then moved to H0l0. I wanted to create a raunchy, fun, safe place for black and brown queers. I’m from Ohio, and I consider myself to be “medium ghetto!” I grew tired of hearing and feeling the same vibe everywhere–it’s either techno, Spanish, or something else I don’t always want to listen to. I had to change that, and do it for the “medium ghetto” people like myself!

Were you surprised how many people in NYC also needed that medium ghetto fix, or was that need always obvious?

It was obvious. A lot of the people who are out here on the scene aren’t from here. They came from small ghettos or urban areas like myself, and somehow it’s like a majority of black people share an upbringing.

Do the regulars at the party feel like a family of sorts?

Kinda, yes! Enough that I’m planning a cookout this weekend to feed them, and show them our appreciation! I wanted to get “family reunion”‘ shirts made, but timing didn’t allow.

Next time! And some nightlife stars have come out of that scene. Like Beaujangless!

We’re all stars!

That is the truth!

When did you become a DJ?

I started DJing after I started DickAppointment. I had a sound in my head that I wanted played–and I couldn’t express that or have anyone else play that sound–so I took matters into my own hands and became a DJ. My first public set was my birthday party at H0l0 in 2019.

Wow! What’s your favorite song to play now at DA?

That would be “Pull Up” by Priceless Scott. I came across the song on someone’s Instagram story in the background, and had to find it. The chorus of the song goes “I came here for a DickAppointment, not a disappointment.” I fell in love! It’s so fitting for the parties, and on brand. Sometimes I’ll just loop that for a good minute, to remind the girls they’re at DickAppointment.

DickAppointment is sort of a throwback to that super cool, underground way of doing nightlife, like how it was in the 80s and 90s. Today we have lots of these “underground” party conglomerates, many catering to POC and trans / non-binary identifying people. Papi Juice, Club Carry and Bubble_T are three such groups that come to mind, and this Friday you will all come together for Summer Skool at 3 Dollar Bill! Is this the first multi-group undertaking you’ve been a part of with these three? Was there a lot to work out between all of you?

[DickAppointment had] collaborated with Papi Juice right before Covid. This is the first time we’ve partaken in a multi-group thing. There’s wasn’t much to work out, we got a rate to host and a rate to DJ. Mazurbate and two others are the ones who coordinated the big thing!

And this is exciting… the magnificently queer southern rapper Saucy Santana will be in the house performing!

It’s going to be epic!

And then Saturday, DickAppointment has got 3DB all to herself! Has this venue been a great fit for the night?

Ehhhh… it works. I believe this will be our last event there. They’re just giving the space to any and everyone, it seems like.

We should come and enjoy it for this last round there, then! Where might DA wind up next?

Lol, I can’t say… it’s a secret. But we’re off to somewhere bigger, and more exclusive! It’s gonna be a gag.

Have a great weekend of partying! To close: Rapper DaBaby apologized for his bizarre and offensive comments! Should we forgive him?

FUCK HIM! He didn’t apologize, his publicist apologized… and it still didn’t work.

Our sentiments exactly! Thanks, Kenni!

Check out Thotyssey’s calendar for DJ Kenni Javon’s upcoming appearances, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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