On Point With: Jubilee Rogue

After a brief hiatus that involved both work and play, fierce queen Jubilee Rogue is back in town and back on stage.

Thotyssey: Hello Jubilee! Thanks for chatting with us today! How is summer treating you so far?

Jubilee Rogue: Hey, thanks for interviewing me. My summer has been good!

I’m glad to hear it! Most venues have reopened to full capacity at point—the ones that haven’t permanently shut down, at any rate. And some brand new venues like The Q are thriving as well! Have you been able to get around the nightlife world this season a lot?

Honestly, not really. I’ve actually been working my day job a lot, and I was away on vacation for almost two months. Then when I got back, I moved into a new place. I’m just getting back into the whole nightlife vibe.

At least you’ve been able to keep busy! Do you feel like you have to somewhat relearn how to be a queen, or is it like riding a gay bike, lol?

I would say it’s like riding a gay bike! I’ve only been doing drag for two years, but I’ve been doing hair and makeup since high school… so basically, it’s something that is second nature to me.

Are you a native New Yorker?

I was born in New York City, but my parents are of Dominican and Cuban descent.

And I’m guessing from your name that you were / are an X-Men fan.

Yeah, I’m definitely a fan!

How would you describe a Jubilee Rogue performance and look, for the uninitiated?

Well, my drag is very go-with-the-flow; I love doing fun songs that I can dance to. And look-wise, I like to dress very sexy… I also like the burlesque type of drag.

How did you ultimately discover drag, and become a queen yourself?

I discovered drag through YouTube when I was younger. The first queen I saw [live] was Jasmine International; she used to preformed at Escuelita. Then from there, I started discovering different types of drag… that’s how I got interested in doing makeup. My first time in drag, I believe, was 2009 or 2010–I dressed up as Lady Gaga. But my first time in drag [as Jubilee] and performing was at Pieces Bar. And I did it because someone dared me, lol!

Pieces is the home of the popular drag competition “Shequida’s Drag Wars,” where you often competed alongside your good Judys Roqué, Boyish Charm and Blue! How did the four of you come to clique so well together?

I’ve known Roqué since high school, so we’ve been friends for quite some years; through her, I learned about “Drag Wars.” That’s how I met Boyish Charm and Blue.
Roqué was already friends with Boyish and that’s how I started getting to know her, and then we just cliqued; later on I met Blue. But I personally just liked the way they performed, and their personalities in and out of drag, and the fact that we all were from the Bronx– we would all ride home together, and talk about our performances and things that we could do to better ourselves.

[Photo: Stasi]

The four of you would go on to co-host a show at Boxers Washington Heights (RIP) called “Oh Yes,” which later converted to an Instagram Live show during lockdown for several months. Now that things are opening again, might we see a return of that show somewhere?

Well it’s funny you asked, because we are actually having an “Oh Yes” reunion [of sorts] this Wednesday for “It’s Bananas” at 3 Dollar Bill. But as far as having [a weekly show together] again… I don’t know if the girls will be down. We would probably have to sit down and talk about it… they all really busy doing their own thing, and enjoy what they do. But I would definitely be down to work with them again! We had a really good time doing “Oh Yes.”

For now, the show you’re all doing together this Wednesday at 3DB should slay!

It’s gonna be super fun, in my opinion. Every time we are together, we have a really good time.

And then Thursday will be the return of “Kama Sutra,” Blue and Rayne’s sultry revue at Astoria’s Secret lingerie shop and venue. You and Boyish will be guest stars! What’s in store for us there?

Well the theme is “Under the Sea.” I’ve been working on a look for quite some time, and I’m about to wear it for this show for the first time… so I’m really excited about that! I started sewing, and I made the garment myself!

What else is on your horizon?

I’m trying to focus on making more stuff, and definitely starting to get out and network.

We look forward to seeing more Jubilee! Last question: All Stars 6! Whose team are you on?

Honestly, I’ve been so busy with work and the move that I haven’t had the chance to see the show… I definitely need to get on it.

Enjoy it! Thanks, Jubilee!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Jubilee Rogue’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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