On Point With: Ginger Von Snap

She may be from North Carolina, but this young queen has taken NYC for her very own. Turning looks and making moves, it’s the posh and tasty Ginger Von Snap!

Thotyssey: Hey there, Ginger! So, May is already upon us and things are looking up for New York. Curfews are being lifted, and an entire reopening is scheduled for July! Are you excited or anxious?

Ginger Von Snap: Honestly, I’m a little bit of both–mostly because of the seriousness of Covid, but also because the performance art community has suffered greatly because of it. But overall, I’m ready to start performing at full force again, and getting back to some normalcy. It’s been a long time coming.

You’ve been dabbling in socially distant shows this year, and some digital shows as well. What have those experiences been like, overall?

Digital shows are hard. I did a couple this past summer to maintain my sanity, and let me tell you: telling a joke to a camera lens and realizing it’s not going to laugh back is a painful experience. As for socially distancing shows, every single one has been incredible. I missed the raw energy from a live masked crowd.

Werk! So you are a queen who likes to host.

Yes, that kind of interaction is what I live for!

You’re originally from North Carolina, I see!

Yes, I originally started in Asheville, NC. But don’t let this southern disposition fool you–she’s a city girl at heart.

I believe it! What were your interests growing up that maybe drew you to drag?

I had an innate attraction to powerful women in animated and live action movies, and wanted more than anything to be just like them: Jessica Rabbit, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, Glenn Close as Cruella, and MeryI Streep as Miranda Priestly, to name a few. But I think I owe all the glitz and glamour to all the Barbies and Bratz dolls that sacrificed their lives to allow me to style them and cut their hair as a child.

When did you begin as Ginger, and what brought you to NYC?

About eight years ago or so, I officially birthed Ginger Von Snap. But she had originally made an appearance in high school; when a classmate had a costume themed birthday party, I went as a literal drag queen. I’ve always loved art–however I’m not very good on a piece of paper or canvas, so I use my face as one.

And what brought you to our fair shores?

I’ve always wanted to move out of NC. It wasn’t until two years ago that I decided it was going to be NYC. I visited New York with a friend, and absolutely fell in love. So I sold all my things, packed my wigs and moved to The Big Apple.

How might you describe Ginger as a queen today?

Ginger goes through just as many stylistic changes as I do mood swings. But if I could describe my aesthetic, it would have to be comedy, wit, spice, and Lindsay Lohan in an orange jumpsuit.

You actually call yourself The Queen of Controversy on your Insta. Do tell!

Long story short: when I first started performing, I made a lot of people very upset with how fast I progressed and the opportunities I made for myself. Some said it “wasn’t my time.” But I prevailed, and even bad publicity is publicity! So this is why I’m the self-proclaimed queen of controversy. It’s more a gag, and a nod to my crazy journey as an entertainer, than anything else.

Own it all! So these days, we can often find you performing with the amazing Janelle No. 5 throughout the city. Next up you’ll join her this Saturday for brunch shows at Brooklyn’s Aura Cocina!

Yes! I have attached myself to Janelle–she’s absolutely stunning, and someone I’ve always looked up to. I appreciate every single opportunity she’s given me since starting here. There are some incredible drag names in the show [with Janelle and me] this Saturday at Aura Cocina: Lagoona Bloo, Ruby Fox, Xunami Muse and Beaujangless! Seats are already sold out–that’s how hot it’s going to be. But luckily they’re there every single week, and Janelle always books insane talent. Not to mention, the bar staff and management are some of the most incredible people!

Anything else coming up for you?

You can catch me at Pieces on May 10th for [Janelle’s weekly show] Queen 4 Queen. Follow my Instagram for new show updates… because there’s an exciting showcase in the works for June, which I will be co-hosting!

We’ll keep our eyes open for that! Okay, lastly: what’s your favorite number to do right now?

Oh, this is a tough one. Right now, my favorite performance I do is my Free Britney Mix, because it’s so relevant… and we are all anxiously waiting for more news on her conservatorship. But my fav solo song to do is “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn… because it’s a classic.

Indeed it is! Thanks, Ginger!

[Photo: Erica Chanel]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Ginger Von Snap’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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