On Point With: Kimmy Sumony

Here’s a  fierce Jersey Girl who’s come a long way in short time. And this Cinco de Mayo Kimmy Sumony is serving you your whole digital life.

Thotyssey: Hi Kimmy! How is quarantine treating you?

Kimmy Sumony: Hey! Thanks for having me. Quarantine has definitely been a trying time, but has given me a chance to work on my craft–my makeup, and some wigs I’d been planning on making for when the world opens back up.

Wonderful! And I guess some more good news about quarantine is that it’s helped keep us hidden from the murder hornets.

Right! Whoever is playing Jumanji needs to hurry up and finish the game already, lol! How has quarantine treated you?

Okay I guess, drinking and sleeping and looking at pics of New Yorkers breaking the social distance regulations! Are your fellow Jersey Cityers behaving?

I’ve been to the park once since they opened it, and people seem to be behaving. They’re even enforcing people to wear masks; and those who don’t have, they’re providing them. So that’s good! Of course I’m wearing my chic mask by the amazing Abraham Levy. It’s style and substance!


So you are a Jersey City native, born and raised.

That’s right! I’ve seen this city go from rags to riches in a matter of a few years, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my city, and the LGBTQIA+ community here is amazing.

Were you always a performer or artist of some sort?

I guess I was, without even knowing it. I’ve always been the creative one in my group of friends. I’ve done everything from taking culinary classes to fashion design and art, and I played the piano for over 10 years. I try and challenge myself as much as possible, and absorb as much info as I can while still having fun.

A true Renaissance Woman! How did drag come in to the picture?

I actually used to create costumes for my old roommate who did drag, and he would sneak me into Escuelita every weekend to watch the shows and just have a kiki. That was when I first was introduced to it.

I’ve been playing around with makeup and drag for a few years now. But I consider the first time I did drag as when I got paid for it, which was a little over two years ago now. It was a cabaret / burlesque show my friend Anadelia put together, and my first number ever was “Come-On-A-My-House” by Della Reese in a huge Carmen Miranda-inspired costume and headpiece I made myself. Looking back at the pictures, I look awful… but I remember having so much fun.

Shortly after, Stella Luna and I began performing at Six26 in Downtown Jersey City, and the rest was history!


When I first saw your name somewhere, I didn’t “get it.” But then I finally heard it spoken out loud and it clicked. Is that the journey most people have with your name, or am I just slow?

Oh don’t feel bad, that’s always the case! I’ve known girls for months that DM me like “I just figured out your name means Gimme Some Money.” I actually prefer it that way… the gift that keeps on giving!

How would you describe Kimmy as a queen today, as far as your aesthetic and performing styles go?

Although she’s still learning and growing, sophistication and seduction take human form in Kimmy Sumony. She’s a sultry Latina with hips that are an ode to her heritage. On stage, she commands attention with quick lip syncs and killer looks.

You must be missing Six26 right about now. You were hosting Wednesday night karaoke there, as well as frequently joining Stella for her Friday show.

I’ve definitely been missing my home away from home.

What’s that space like, for the uninitiated?

Six26 is a safe space for anyone who wants to be themselves, drink and dance the night away. It’s a tucked away bar that gives it a speakeasy feel, which I love. I actually know a lot of people who prefer the music better than other venues, and the girls can throw it back without having creeps try and hit in them! It’s just an overall good time. Not to mention partying with drag queens!

Hope you all will be back in business soon enough, post-quarantine!


You’ve been dabbling in digital drag here and there since social distancing started. How are you liking it?

It’s been a learning curve with copyright issues and getting lighting and backdrops to look good, but it’s actually a lot of fun! Keeps the creative juices flowing. Reading the comments feels like the kids are all there with you enjoying themselves. And it’s so much easier just to walk back to my vanity and de-drag.

Speaking of vanities, you and Six26 sis Vanity Ray are gonna debut a weekly show of your own on Instagram this week… tell us what to expect from Tipsy Tuesdays (9pm)!

Yes! We’re super excited. Vanity is my good good judy and we just want to have fun and be silly like we usually are while serving some numbers for the kids. I think we compliment each other very nicely: she’s a Broadway Barbie, and I’m more of a Video Vixen. So you get a little taste of everything with us! Plus, it falls on Cinco De Mayo… so get your margaritas ready!


Yazzzz! Anything else coming up that the children should know about?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Me and my best friend / business partner Paige have been working on our online vintage shop Find & Revive. It’s been a labor of love, but you can visit our site and Instagram! Right now we’re offering free U.S. shipping and free delivery to the Hudson County area! Like I said, I like to have my eggs in several many baskets. 


Amazing! By the way, regarding this year’s crazy of drag race Drag Race… thank the Lord for that double save last episode! No one wants to see Jackie or Heidi go!

The season has actually been really good, in my opinion! I loved the makeover challenge last week, and that double save was well-deserved. Also, Ru just looks better and better every episode! I live.

Which brings us to the closer: what else are you binge watching in quarantine?

Oh my gosh, lol! Alright… I’m currently teetering between The Magicians, 90 Day Fiancé, Golden Girls and I Love Lucy. I can’t sit though one whole show, so I jump around depending on my mood!

Whatever it takes! Thank you, Kimmy!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Kimmy Sumony’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. An amazing artist ! Got the privilege to meet and watch her perform . Transparency to the fullest . Thank you for making my nightlife a blast.


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