On Point With: Heidi N Closet

Over the years there was a back-and-forth as to whether the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Miss Congeniality winner should be the fan-appointed favorite, or the one that all the other RuGirls like the most. In the case of Season 12’s title winner though, we clearly had both. North Carolina’s (now West Hollywood’s) Heidi N Closet’s friendly nature, magnetic charisma, wonderfully weird / corny humor that drove RuPaul to unprecedented screams of laughter, fierce dancing, glamorous fashions and hauntingly whistled “s” sounds made her an all-time standout in the RuFranchise, and we are here for every step of her journey moving forward. First up: a musical parody tribute to her most beloved trademark!

Thotyssey: Thank you so much for talking to me today Heidi, I know this is a busy time for you! How is your week so far?

Heidi N Closet: It’s going really well, actually! And you?

So far so good! Actually, the country’s grappling with some pretty crazy weather right now, especially down south. I know you’re a North Carolinian, but where are you now?

I’m in West Hollywood, Cali-fornt-ya, livin’ the life! And where are you now?

I’m in New York City. Actually, I just got down watching your new “G.A.P.” video and I really enjoyed it! Very well-made, congratulations!

Thank you! We filmed that just two or three weeks ago; it was a very fast turnaround. I really wanted my best foot forward to make sure it was a good video. That was my main thing–I really wanted my first one to be a good one.

Your Drag Race Season 12 co-star Widow Von’Du provides some vocals on “G.A.P.” and appears in the video as well. Actually, lot’s of queens appear!

Yes, lovely people and lovely queen like Manila, Jaida, Brooke Lynn and Priyanka. We also have some really talented local ladies, like Aurora Sexton who was the Karen at the beginning of the video, and also Sasha Colby who was one of the choreographers as well. It was just an amazing experience to work with all of them, especially all at once.

‘G.A.P.” is obviously a parody of Cardi B’s “WAP.” What inspired you to make this track?

Well actually, it was because of my fans. I was on Instagram Live one day just chatting, and then “WAP” came on. The fans and I made a joke that I should make a parody of it called “G.A.P.” [because of the trademark gap in my teeth]. Then when I got off I was like, “hmm, why should I not make a parody of ‘WAP’ and call it ‘G.A.P.?'” So a couple of months later, here I am.

There’s a sequence in the video where you go to the dentist, and he appears to “fix” the gap in your teeth… and then you look so different! Is this a procedure you’d ever consider doing in real life, or would you worry it would make you unrecognizable?

Good question! No, I don’t think I would ever close my gap… like, ever. Growing up, my mother passed away at a very young age. I was one year-old when she passed; I didn’t really get to know her. But she had a gap… and I feel like my gap is a symbol of her, represents her. So I would never I would never close my gap, because I love it so much.

That’s lovely! I know a lot of queens who put out actual songs don’t always enjoy performing them live. Do you think you’d like to do that?

Oh, absolutely. I would I hope to get to perform it live at least once or twice, hopefully… after Covid stops being a monster and ruining everything. But, I mean, keeping distance and watching health and stuff is still going to be a prevalent thing even after Covid stops being a thing.

Actually, there’s another part of the video (let’s break it down scene by scene, lol) where you get a vaccination. Have you gotten one yet?

Not yet. but pretty soon, hopefully.

[Photo: Geo Leon]

So, of course, you and the rest of the cast of the very entertaining 12th Season of RuPaul’s Drag Race played a big part in helping many of us get through 2020.

Thank you!

Oh, absolutely. But you were all so very screwed over by Covid yourselves, not being able to go out and tour the globe and meet your fans. You were stuck home like the rest of us! And now it’s likely that the same thing’s gonna happen with the Season 13 girls. Is that still such a total bummer for you?

It was definitely hard at first; it wasn’t how I thought my first year as a RuGirl would be spent. But, I’ve still been very fortunate and blessed to have kept working and and honing my craft. Because honestly, at first I was like, “oh, so I have a lot of time off before things pick up.” But that hasn’t really been the case… I’ve still been working through everything. Do I wish it would have been normal and things had been moving forward? Absolutely. But you know, everything happens for a reason… and I’m just trying to take it day by day in stride.

I’m wondering if you–as the current reigning Miss Congeniality–have thoughts on who you might pass your crown down to at the end of this season? Are any of the girls fitting the Congenial bill?

You know, I really speculated on this, and I’ve come to terms with what is about to happen. And, well, I talked to the producers and said… “hey, I think I should get another year.” And and they agreed! So I haven’t yet broke it to the Season 13 girls yet, but none of them are winning Miss Congeniality. You know, I have some familiarity with the fans, and in uncertain times like these, familiarity is not a bad thing. I graciously accept the title of Miss Congeniality for one more year.

I don’t think anyone would argue with that… except maybe Kandy Muse, lol! By the way, how do you think the actual Cardi B will enjoy “G.A.P.?” She’s gotta be a fan yours.

I think she’ll love it, fingers crossed! And she’ll want to do a collaboration with me, and the worlds of “WAP” and “G.A.P.” would collide; that will be epic! Lol, hopefully she’ll she’ll like it. I don’t think she will not like it. It’s a bop!

[Photo: DJ Bonet]

What else might be in store for you?

I do actually have another song that I was thinking about writing, which is actually more inspiration from the fans. So I think that’ll be the next thing. Just keep your eyes open, you just never know when Heidi might pop across your TV or your radio. And the other next big thing I’m going to be working on is [getting] furniture for my apartment… because I can’t I can’t keep living like a frat boy. I need furniture, more than just this one couch and a TV stand and a bed frame… I need a table I can eat at. I need furniture!

Lol, that’s a reasonable goal! Now, I’m not sure if you want to discuss this, but it did just happen today. Your very controversial, socially canceled, disqualified Drag Race co-star Sherry Pie made her first public appearance in nearly a year on a morning talk show. Do you have any feedback on that?

Well, I haven’t I haven’t seen the airing, as I’ve been doing press all day. But my heart goes out to the victims. I hope that they are doing well, and I don’t know what in the world may be going through their heads with what’s going on. But I’m just sending the good vibes and the energy, and the prayers, their way.

And I don’t know what… she… is trying to accomplish with this. I’m lost for words.

Okay, the last question that I would like to ask you is, when all is said and done– after getting furniture, of course–what’s like the first thing you want to do when we’re all vaccinated and fully back in the world?

You know, this is something I’ve always wanted to do: I think I might go to the bank, get a bunch of money out, and go to the strip club! Having fun, making it rain on people–I’ve never been able to make it rain before, I’ve only been able to make it drizzle. You know, I’ll tip them down so they don’t have to come into work the next day. Show them love!

That will be a night for all to remember! Thanks, Heidi!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Heidi N Closet’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube as well as her website. Stream or download her music on Amazon, Apple and Spotify.

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