On Point With: Victoria Williams

Her Miss Rockbar 2020 victory may have come as a surprise to some, but this lovely and gracious performer from the same prestigious southwestern drag family as a recent RuGirl is no stranger to pageantry or wowing audiences. Victoria Williams’ reign over NYC has only just begun!

Thotyssey: Hi Victoria, thanks for talking to us today! And congrats on your Miss Rockbar win!

Victoria Williams: Thank you so much! I’m beyond thrilled to carry this title!

Where in your home are you displaying your crown now?

It’s currently sitting on a shelf next to another crown I’m very proud of: My 2013 Next Rising Star crown.

So you’ve been at it for awhile, then.

Yes I have! I’ve been a drag queen since 2009. My younger drag sister is Kalorie Karbdasian-Williams from Season 10 Drag Race!

[Photo: Jennifer Walkowiak]
Oh, amazing! So you’re originally a New Mexico queen?

Yes I am! I’m originally from Albuquerque, NM, and moved to NYC eight years ago.

What got you into drag in the first place?

Drag allowed me to open up more, become more comfortable with my sexuality, and presented a safe space to share my creativity. I have my drag mother Sabryna Williams to thank for that!

The amazing Williams family aside, I take it that the drag scene in New Mexico is small but mighty.

I 100% agree! There is so much talent in the drag scene back home! These girls compete in national pageants, and always bring home a win. They all have inspired me, and continue to amaze me!


How would you describe yourself as a queen today?

Fishy, fun and vibrant! My aesthetic is very womanly, and performance style is a dancing queen with a rockstar edge. I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself and keep it interesting and entertaining.

Tell us why you ultimately decided to come to New York.

Aside from drag, I am a professional singer / dancer / actor. I graduated from the University of New Mexico with my BA in Contemporary Dance and minor in Vocal Performance. I moved here to pursue Broadway.

How have you been finding things here so far?

My experience has had its ups and downs, but I have been so blessed with working professionally! I’ve done everything from regional theater, national tours and off-Broadway. Broadway hasn’t happened yet, but I know it’ll happen when the time is right!

It looks like you served fierce looks and mixes for the month of pageant prelims at Rockbar, and made a good use of background dancers in the finale.

Thank you! I always try to keep my looks fresh and innovative. Dance is such a big part of my life, so I love to include dancers when I can.

How did you enjoy that whole experience?

It was wonderful, and definitely the best thing that has happened to me in this past year! I’m so grateful for this amazing opportunity, and will cherish it whole-heartedly.

Some people were surprised and even a tad shady regarding your win, having mostly to do with the fact that your not a “regular” Rockbar Girl.. i.e. not a queen who had previously made regular appearances there. Does that bother you at all?

I was quite taken back by all of the negative backlash. Although I was not a regular RockBar Girl in the past, I found Rockbar to be such a welcoming community, and wanted to be a part of a loving home. I’m a giving, loving and caring human being, and show respect to anyone I meet. I think every queen who competed were just as talented, and wish them nothing but the best! I never feed into negativity, I kill it with kindness and love.

And of course it should be said that your fellow contestants, the pageant judges, the bar management and the vast majority of live audience members were very pleased for you.

I want to absolutely thank everyone who has and is supporting me and my win! I also want to thank and shoutout every queen who reached out to me with apologies for the negativity from the community and lending a listening ear. My heart is full with gratitude to those who stood up for the unfortunate situation.


You will be a Regular Rockbar Girl soon enough! As the pageant winner, you’ll be getting your own show there. Any details yet?

My weekly show begins this Thursday, November 14th. More details are being discussed, and will be advertised on all of my social media!

Amazing! Anything else coming up for you?

On November 17th, I’m at La Pulperia East’s Snacktime Brunch with Nicole Onoscopi. Then November 30th, I’m hosting Set It Off Saturdays at Boxers Washington Heights. And on December 1st, I’ll be at The Liberty for brunch with Gina Tonic.

Have great shows! Okay, last question: what is the best thing about drag… and what’s the worst?

The best thing about drag to me is being able to become a relatable character to every audience. The worst thing about drag is getting all tucked in and having to pee immediately after!

Thank you, Victoria!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Victoria Williams’ upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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