ThotSpot: Miss Rockbar Season 4 Finale (Rockbar, 11.7.19)

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By Jeremy Grossman

It was an incredibly suspenseful night at Rockbar on Thursday, Nov. 7 as six talented queens competed for the title of Miss Rockbar, Season 4!

Following in the footsteps of previous winners Nicole Onoscopi, Coco Taylor, and Ophelia Nightbird, the competitors all made their case for why they should be crowned Miss Rockbar and receive a weekly Thursday night show.

The queens – Haireola Grande, Ratchet Marseilles, Aria Derci, Chola Spears, Victoria Williams and Bella Noche – each spent 15 minutes showing the audience and judges what their version of a Miss Rockbar show would look like. This included stunning lip sync numbers, comedy monologues, games with audience members, and shocking stunts such as setting things on fire (hi, Bella!) and shaving their beard onstage (hi, Haireola!).

All six queens killed it, and it was truly anyone’s game. Nobody envied the four judges (Coco Taylor, Witti Repartee, Rockbar owner Jason Romas, and guest judge FiFi DuBois). Ultimately, the judges’ scores, plus audience drink votes, resulted in a win for Victoria Williams!

Though for some, Victoria’s win came as a surprise, it was easy to see why the judges were so captivated by her performance. Although she is a newcomer to the Rockbar community, Victoria made a lasting impression with her high-energy lip syncs and impressive dance numbers. She was prepared, she brought in a large crowd, and she came to win.

“This is a really good feeling,” Victoria told Thotyssey in an interview immediately after the crowning. “I haven’t done a competition or pageant in a really long time. The last title I held was Miss Rising Star, and that was in my hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I took the crown then, and this is another win for me.

“I’m really excited to see what happens next. I love New York City, and I can’t wait to bring a good show to the kids and show them who Miss Williams is.”

In addition to a weekly show and title of Miss RockBar, Victoria won $500, a crown and jewelry package, a custom wig by Carlos the Uber Driver, a photoshoot with David Serrano, a swag bag from Scruff Pro, and a guest spot on the podcast Block Talk.

And the other competitors didn’t go home losers, either. As owner Jason Romas announced to the entire room, all five of them are all guaranteed gigs at Rockbar in the future!

Congratulations to Victoria Williams, as well as first runner-up Chola Spears! Victoria’s weekly shows at Rockbar begin right away, starting Thursday, Nov. 14.

[Editor’s Note: See more Miss Rockbar videos here. Tomorrow, we’ll publish a revealing On Point interview with Miss Rockbar 2020 Victoria Williams!]

All videos by Jeremy Grossman.

Jeremy Grossman is a writer, content creator, drag fan, and new resident of Hell’s Kitchen! But you can typically find him hanging out in the West Village at Rockbar, or riding the PATH train to work in Jersey City. Follow Jeremy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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