Vote THOTYSSEY for BNA 2019!

It’s that time of year again to vote for your favorite people, places and scenes from the County of Kings for this year’s Brooklyn Nightlife Awards! We’re quite confident that we’re your only source of daily listings of Brooklyn nightlife events, and we’ve been honored to regular feature interviews with veterans and newcomers to the scene.  These days, we’re super excited to begin producing our own events in BK in collaboration with our favorite talents and venues in the borough.

Please consider us (Jim Silvestri @ Thotyssey) for:

  • Best Blogger / Writer
  • Best Event Publisher
  • Best Social Media


(PS: We’d be very happy to “lose” to GAYLETTER, who have been a major artistic force and transcriber of BK nightlife long before Thotyssey and have yet to get a BNA win. Stop voting for Time Out New York, bitches, they don’t even know that we exist and probably just pull random queer events from Facebook via algorithms to “spice up” their listings every so often. Also, OUT Magazine hasn’t paid the legendary Michael Musto for writing services rendered — and several other writers from what I hear need backpay as well —  so fuck ’em. Also, Aja isn’t eligible for this award, lol.)


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