On Point With: Lemon


Undeniably one of NYC drag’s next big superstars, this radiant and bittersweet  young dancing queen will soon be zesting up a venue near you. Thotyssey gives Lemon the squeeze!

Thotyssey: Hey. Lemon!  So are you doing something, er, Lemony right now?

Lemon: I’m just sorting through some photos I just got back from a shoot!

Your pic’s everywhere these days. I just saw the flyer for your new weekly show… fabulous!

Thank you! Yeah, it’s been fun getting out there. I try to make sure my Instagram is always up to date with something new.

You’re on your way to InstaFame! You don’t use Facebook much though, I noticed.

Facebook is just so wordy for me. I can’t read, so, I like the photos of Instagram.

Lol! Understood!


You are one of the hottest new queens on the scene.

OMG, you think I’m hot? Just kidding!

Scorching! Tell us, where’s your hometown?

I’m from Toronto originally! I moved to NYC four years ago to go to The Ailey School for dance. And now I’m in a contemporary ballet dance company during the day, and performing at night as Lemon!

Amazing! By the way, all of us New Yorkers want to move to Toronto now to have a better standard of living, and of course to get away from our terrible Prez. Should we?

Yeah! And I’m single, so all you’d have to do is put a ring on it and you can dip out, catch-free! Go live with hot dad prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Well, he does have the greatest ass in international politics! Back to you… how did drag come into your life?

I mean, drag has always been a part of my life, I think… like, wearing the mop on my head as a kid was me exploring that side of dress up! And I’ve always been a performer. I was always the class clown, I was always a storyteller, I was into makeup and hair and fashion. So I think it just had to happen; but I waited for a time that felt right to me.


Did any Drag Race girls stick out to you as influences, or any local queens?

Well actually I think it was mostly the local queens who really inspired me to begin myself. People like Marti, BritaJasmine Rice LaBeija, and the girls of Stephanie’s Child really inspired me.

As a New York dancer, you were probably already in their social circle, right?

Kind of! It’s hard when you have a “day job” to be someone who goes out often and gets to be at shows. But I tried to be there for them as much as possible.

I saw what I think was your first performance as Lemon. It was at a big time drag competition, the Lady Liberty Showdown in February of this year at the Ace Hotel.

Yes! It was Snatch Game, and I did Paris Hilton! That was Lemon’s very first performance. I threw up in my mouth when they called my name!

That’s a good way to get in character as Paris. The next time I saw you was a later Lady Liberty, and you won that night!

Yeah, my second Lady Liberty was Pride!


Why “Lemon,” by the way? Was Liz from 30 Rock an inspiration?

Not necessarily… although I do love Tina Fey. It was kinda something that came up as a joke, and then I realized how perfect it was for me. I wanted a name that nobody would forget.

It works! Do you feel like you always have to have blonde / yellow hair, or something yellow in your look… like Hedda Lettuce does with green?

I like to have something yellow all the time, but I do stick to lighter colored or pastel hairs.

You’re competing in the current season of The Ultimate Drag Pageant at the West End. What made you want to partake, and how are you liking the experience so far?

I really wanted to push myself to do new things, and figured an 8 week pageant with a different theme every week would be a fun way to push it. It has been amazing; the competition is really fierce, so we’re always on our toes. And [host] Marti makes us all feel like royalty.

Good luck… my money’s on you!

Thank you so much!


Aaaaand big exciting news: a new weekly drag show called Woman Crush Wednesday is debuting this week at Hardware starring Allegra Valentine, DD Fuego and yourself! This really caught us all by surprise. How long has this been in the works?

I’m so so excited about it! The girls and I have been working very hard for a while, and I think all three of us just caught the eye of the right people!

This will be the first weekly show for all three of you. What do you think it’s gonna be like?

Well, one thing is for sure… because we know that a lot of people are stirring about the show, and about us, we’re all getting ready to prove ourselves in a big way!


 Anything else coming up for you… Halloween plans, etc.?

So many exciting things, but nothing I can talk about just yet! Halloween, I’ll be at Hardware all night. Just finished planning my costume, and it’s going to be very cute!

Werk! Last question: What’s one thing the world needs to know about Lemon?

I just want the world to know how much I love and enjoy the art of drag! I think people close to me already do know, but I can’t wait to share my love and passion with everyone I possibly can!

Spread the love! Thanks, Lemon!


Lemon co-hosts “Woman Crush Wednesdays” (10pm) at Hardware, along with Allegra Valentine & DD Fuego. Check Thotyssey’s calendar for her scheduled gigs, and follow her on Instagram.

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