On Point With: Shanita Bump


This HO-riffic It Gurl is equal parts glamour and ghoul, and her stellar special FX makeup skills–along with her drag / burlesque hybrid performance style–is making her the Bloody Belle of the Brooklyn Ball. This Halloween season is the time to get to know the wily witch, Shanita Bump!

Thotyssey: Shanita, hello! Thanks for talking with us today! 

Shanita Bump: Hi Boo, thanks for having me!

So, DragCon has come and gone… did you engage?

I did, I was at Acid Betty / Unicorn Skin Cosmetics’ booth!

I’m sure you two looked perfectly monstrous together.

Of course, Holo monster realness!

How do you know her?

I didn’t personally know Acid before working the event, I got asked by Ms. Ter!


So it’s Halloween month… this must be a busy time for you as a drag performer and makeup artist.

It’s been Halloween since last Halloween for me… everyone else is just now getting here! “Busy” is definitely an understatement; I have a decent amount of shows coming up. Followed by special FX gigs I’ll be doing. And then, yes, my day job!

That would be working at the awesome Gothic Renaissance.

They have extended hours during October, so it’s never ending. But honestly, I thrive in this kind of hectic schedule.

When you’re constantly surrounded by darkness and evil all year round,, can you find a place in your black heart for things like kittens and unicorns?

I’m just a big cotton ball spray-painted black, with one spike. I love cute, small, gushy things. I LOVE kittens, but personally I’m more of a reptile dad.


Let’s get to your origin story… where’s you’re hometown, and when did this art and aesthetic come into your life?

I’m originally from Sandusky, Ohio; it’s a small town. I’ve always been into darker things since I can remember. Growing up, my favorite movies were Beetlejuice and Nightmare Before Christmas. Y’know, I went through that whole emo phase and never grew out of it. I started doing special FX in high school, and played with it more once I started going to hair school–I should of went to FX makeup school, but oh well! I’m self-taught, and I’m doing an okay job if I do say so myself. But once I moved to NYC and started working at Gothic Renaissance, it became more easy to express my aesthetic.

Do you have a favorite look that you’ve pulled off?

My favorite recent look was the one I wore to Bushwig! Where my shiny teeth and JonBenét Ramsey meet. I collaborated with two close friends of mine: Glitter Macabre and Matilda.

Amazing! So if you don’t mind me asking, how do you identify gender-wise… and does that inform your makeup or performing at all?

I’m a cis femme and my drag is just Dead. Like, I don’t consider zombies boy or girl or anything between because there’s nothing, lol… just decomposing corpses. But I think even my makeup is still very femme.

Zombieism transcends gender! When did you first start appearing and performing as Shanita?

I started performing a year ago! I just really wanted to be spooky, dress up, and perform, so drag was the best way to express it.

You recently made it to the finale of the Mx. Nobody pageant! 

Yeah, I came in second! I love [pageant hosts] The Nobodies so much, and this competition is wild. The pageant has such a huge variety of performers, and all of them were really fucking talented. I had really gross ideas that I wanted to show, and this pageant is exactly the place I would be able to do it.


You’ve got some gigs afoot!

Lots of ghoulish things coming up! I’ll be at Wallbreaker next Thursday, October 11th [at Macri Park]…


 I’ll be doing Puteria October 13th at Tilt


Otterbox, October 14th at The Deep End


…and Sinner’s Kit Kat Cabaret on 10/18 at Bizarre Bushwick.

Then on Sunday the 21st it’s “Keep Easy” at The Keep


On Friday, October 19th I got Straight to DVD! I’m really excited–this lineup is so horrific. I love being surrounded by my spooky sisters!


And then on Friday the 26th you are at Dromedary Bar for “Let’s Have A Seance,” another Halloween show!

Yeah, I can’t wait for that, too! I’ll be with [host] Laé D. Boi a bunch this October.


Speaking of seances… have you encountered any actual ghosts, ever?

My aunt had a ghost named Pete who was a friendly ghost, and made himself present. I also had a room where someone died in, and my room was always a negative space and cold. I had a lot of crazy dreams when I stayed there–once I was out, they never reoccurred. It doesn’t spook me out, but I definitely don’t like energies in my house if they not paying rent!

That’s fair! 


Back to the gigs, you’ve got Deep End Brunch on the Saturday, October 27th. Then the night before Halloween, you’re going to be with Emi Grate for Last Month Tonight at the Rosemont, which is a drag / talk show. Are you more of a Watch What Happens Live Real Housewife talk show guest, or a full on Jerry Springer?

I don’t think I’m either, I’m definitely a New York (Tiffany Pollard).


What else?

I have another gig 10/27 I’m doing something with Kayvon Zand, which will be announced soon! So yeah, there’s a lot of chances to come get spook’d by me! And on 11/2 DJ Accident Report [of The Nobodies] is putting together some bad witch tingz for y’all. TBH, I don’t even know too much about the event, but y’all will find out in time. We love extended Halloween!


Yasss, busy bitch!

A ghoul on the go!

Have amazing shows! Last question: What will be the season’s most terrifying remake: Suspiria, Halloween,or A Star is Born?

I’ll go with A Star Is Born for 600.

Thanks. Shanita!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Shanita Bump’s scheduled appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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