On Point With: Butchie Gamble


Dancer, gogo boy, circuit queen, bartender, budding novelist and host of Thotyssey’s new twice-a-month kiki Thot Mess at Rebar, young Butchie Gamble is a sexy and smart rising star in nightlife and beyond. And now it’s time for us to bust his interview cherry!

Thotyssey: Butchie, hello! Thanks for chatting with us today! How was your weekend?

Butchie Gamble: Hey, Jim! My weekend was great. I bartended [at the Rocking Horse Cafe], took classes at Broadway Dance Center, got my CPR AED certification, made progress on my first book, and partied at the Ritz.

Wow, that sounds like a lot! What’s this book you’re working on?

A novel about a dysfunctional gay romance in NYC. I want to explore themes of drug use within the NYC circuit scene, the dynamics of gay relationships, as well as touch on the general craziness we encounter–but are no longer phased by–every day as New Yorkers.

Fascinating! Are all your friends excited / worried that you might be basing characters on them?

Even though I’ve been working on the story for a few months now, I’ve kept it mostly to myself. I’ve been on a circuit break since May (I’m returning to the scene this Sunday for Alegria Sunrise, though). I definitely drew inspiration from my own experiences within the circuit for this story.


Was the circuit scene your introduction to gay nightlife?

No. I moved to West Harlem when I was 17 and would spend most weekends at the Ritz and Hell’s Kitchen bars. I didn’t even discover the circuit scene until 6 years later, after moving to Brooklyn.

I played on a gay volleyball league and my captain was a promoter for circuit parties, and broke me into the scene. I had no idea what G was, and had never tried any recreational drugs other than weed and shrooms before that. My interest and love of gay nightlife was reinvigorated through the circuit.

How would you explain the appeal of the circuit? It’s not for everyone!

You aren’t bound by the restrictive rules of society when you’re in the circuit. Everyone is in underwear / shirtless, and the proportion of incredibly sexy bodies and men definitely outweighs any NYC nightclub you’ll enter.

Sex and drug use are open and free amongst circuit queens. Party drugs have a way of tearing down inhibitions and creating a real sense of community and genuine interactions when partying together. You only feel love. There’s no hostility or fights like you see at clubs when alcohol is the primary substance of use. I’ve met so many beautiful guys and built real connections with them inside, and later outside, the circuit.


So are you a native Staten Islander?

I was raised in Staten Island, but my family moved Upstate NY for high school. I was absolutely miserable living amongst the cows, farms, and hillbillies. My family didn’t have a lot of money though, so I knew I had to earn a scholarship if I wanted to begin my independent life in the city. So I studied hard, became valedictorian, and earned a full scholarship to City College in Harlem.

Congratulations! And were you always a dancer?

No… I’ve always loved dancing, but my family never put me in dance classes and I spent the majority of my life feeling too far behind everyone else to start training. It wasn’t until I was about to turn 24 that I refused to feel “too old and too behind everyone else” any longer, and started pursuing my passion. I decided to start taking vogue classes, and built up my confidence. I knew it was too late to dance with a professional company, but I could still become a gogo dancer, and that was exciting for me.

Additionally, I’m happy to say I started work-study at Broadway Dance Center this summer, which has allowed me to take my passion for dance further and begin making up for lost time.


How do you like gogo dancing now?

I absolutely love it. I earn money doing what I love within the LGBT community.
I wish there were more gogo dancing opportunities for guys who are more petit / feminine like myself, but the hyper-masculine muscle queen look is currently the norm.

That’s a phase, I think. But regardless, people certainly want to see more of you! I know you made your mark at Rebar’s Big Banana Thursdays.

Big Banana Thursdays was my first gig in NYC nightlife, and it was a lot of fun. I still try to go when I can because I love Joe Pacheco’s music and Rebar is always a fun time.


Well, Thotyssey is proud to report that you will now be at there every first and third Thursday, hosting the Thot Mess Thursday dance / lounge / general thotness party! It premieres this week, September 20th at 10pm, with house DJ Casa De Galindo and guest queen FiFi DuBois! Are you half as excited as I am?

Definitely! I’m so excited to work with Thotyssey and host a new party at one of my favorite bars. I’m looking forward to a memorable night!


What else are you up to these days?

I’m currently training to be a Group Fitness Instructor at Equinox.

Work it out, gurl! Last question:  who is the sexiest man alive?

I’ve met so many unbelievably sexy men in NYC, lol! But as far as public figures go, I’d go with adult entertainer Jacen Zhu.

You might be on to something there! See you Thursday, Butchie!


Butchie Gamble hosts Thot Mess Thursdays every 1st and 3rd week of the month (10pm) at Rebar, and gogo dances at varies venues throughout the week. Check Thotyssey’s calendar for upcoming gigs, and follow Butchie on Facebook and Instagram.

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