On Point With: Mariano Rubin de Celis

Art direction maestro for photoshoots and film sets by day and glorious gogo boy by night, Argentinian Adonis Mariano Rubin de Celis keeps our imagination running wild 24/7!

Thotyssey: Mariano, thanks for talking to us today! So, much of your summer has been spent dancing at the DWorld underwear party at the Ice Palace… how have you been enjoying the season there?

Mariano Rubin de Celis: It was great! I love Fire Island–it’s a wild island. Lots of nature… you can see wild deer and beautiful sand dunes. And of course, the people who go there. It’s fun, free and no prejudices. This is my second year working at the Underwear Party, and every night I enjoyed it like it was the first one. The stuff is great, and Daniel Nardicio is the best boss.

You’re frequently on the poster of the DWorld events, and rightfully so! I always wondered about gogo boys… did you ever come across some random poster using your pic for an event you had nothing to do with?

Well, particularly those posters for DWorld, we had a photoshoot with all the boys on the posters. I never had the experience of being in a poster with my face and not knowing the event. I’d be very upset!

You’re from Buenos Aires! 

I was born in Buenos, Argentina, but raised in Entre Ríos, a state north of Buenos Aires.

What was it like there for you?

Growing in Argentina was great. I lived always in very calm neighborhoods, and in touch with nature always. We are a very different country from the rest of Latin America. We have a very European influence and culture.

When did you come to NYC, and why?

I came for the first time two years ago, by myself, just to visit and see how the city was… and I fell in love right away. I felt this place was the place I have to live, and do my artistic career.

You’re currently involved in a lot of art direction in indie movies, commercials, music videos and photo shoots… was that always something you were into?

Well, I went to film college in Buenos Aires. I studied art direction in film. Since then, I always worked as an art director / set designer for TV commercials, music videos, short films, fashion and theatre. It’s my passion, and I love to work in this field. When I’m on set, I feel like a fish in water.

What are some projects that you’re working on now, or that will be released soon?

I just finished working in a short film written by an American woman, and directed by the great filmmaker Nicolas Vallejo, who has a film company. [In all that company’s films,] I’m always in charge of the art direction /  set design.

Soon, a music video will be released that I worked on a few months ago. The name of the singer is OWO. She is amazing, and her music video looks great. I  created different set background styles were she looks stunning and sexy.

[Still from OWO’s upcoming video for “Want It.”]

And when and how did you start gogo dancing?

When I came to NYC for the first time ever. That was two years ago. I was improvising, I came to NYC with already gogo gigs on my hand. I did research before coming, and I messaged people… and that’s how I got to dance at few places. I was impressed how I did it, but it worked. I guess my photos sold well, lol!.

Were you shy at first?

I was little shy because of the language, but right away I lost myself in the NYC environment and got to meet amazing people.

What about being nearly naked around all these handsy guys?

Well, sometimes it can be annoying how people grab you, but I’m not a shy person. I’m very confident.

You have this trademark gorgeous long hair, but I bet lots of folks in the biz advise you to cut it because they think that’s what the people want, right?

This is the first time I’ve had long hair, and I love it! The people’s reaction is very positive, and they like it very much. No one told me to cut it, for the moment. I’ll keep using long hair. It’s fun, and you can make a lot of hair styles.

When you’re done at the Pines, can we expect to find you elsewhere in the city, gogo-wise?

Yes! Fridays at Rebar or Bedlam, or Saturdays at Club Cumming.

Wonderful! Last question: what is your advice for a young guy who wants to be a new gogo boy?

Be yourself and show your big personality [as well as] your body. But it’s important to dance and interact with the people who are watching you.

Thank you, Mariano!

[Photo: Steven Love Menendez]


Follow Mariano on Facebook and Instagram, and his art direction / set design on Tumblr.

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