On Point With: Tiffany Anne Coke

One half of a popular drag duo that’s taking over the city by a storm of jazz hands, Tiffany Anne Coke is first in line(s) for your affection!

Thotyssey: Tiffany, wazzup? So you and your on-and-off stage partner Carlos the Uber Driver are brunch queens now! How did it go on Sunday?

Tiffany Anne Coke: OMG yes! Nothing quite made me feel like a grown woman like getting that HK brunch gig. Agaveee! Yesterday was such a blast. Carlos and I sing, DJ JCLEF makes us sound like stars and plays the tunes, there’s queso and there’s an open bar…so its a dream.

Heaven! You two are getting all the good gigs now, after a relatively recent start of your drag careers! How long have you been a queen now?

Tiffany will have her first birthday party on August 25th at Boxers UES! Ahh!
She’s one, but she’s old for her age..she’s just born to be bad.

No doubt! 

So, where in the world are you from… and was performing always a part of your life?

I’m from Disney (Orlando, FL). And yes! I started working in musical theatre and film as a child, and chose to do that instead of attend normal schooling. Think Jenna Maroney from 30 Rock! Except I didn’t do pageants until I was an adult…and I got diplomas?

Does living a certain square footage from DisneyWorld automatically make one a… future drag queen?

Honestly, I know it does something to you…my inner monologue is just “there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow” over and over and over. That could also be the Red Bull.

Did you ever actually work in Disney at all?

I was “too young” for the majority of the time I lived there to hold down an equity contract directly for the Mouse. But I worked for third party contractors, and performed all over the parks for years. And I looooove to do Disney in my shows now, lol!

So you came NYC to try the stage?

For sure girl, and she’s still hookin’! I’m lucky to be able to still audition and work when an opportunity comes along, with the support of my agents, to fully do drag all the time as well!

And you and Zachary / Carlos met here?

Yesss!! We met doing a production of La Cage!

Now that is fitting! Did you both formally become drag queens at the same time?

Yes!! Our mother Ms. Nomi Sas was also in La Cage, and she formally introduced us to the NYC drag scene at So You Think You Can Drag All Stars!

How did you come up with your drag name?

I thought to myself…”What do I like?” Tried to think of a way to diffuse that…but nope. That’s the origin!

And how would you describe your drag to the uninitiated, as far as what you present and what you perform?

“Her name was Lola and she’s a showgirl.” Final answer.. And by that, I mean I sing “Copacabana” in feathers and LaDucas.

Showgirl indeed! You and Carlos both took part in a recent cycle of The Ultimate Drag Pageant at the West End, hosted by Marti Gould Cummings and Nedra Belle. What was that experience like for you… particularly being in competition against your partner, if you even thought of it that way?

I enjoyed my experience! Carlos and I actually never thought of it that way! Lol, I think we both leaned a lot about how to work together from it. I was competing to learn as much as I could, and create as much as I could, and I think the pageant did just that for me. Thanks Marti and Nedra!

You two have performed at quite a few venues since… that brunch, other shows at the West End, Rockbar… what’s been a favorite gig of yours so far? Like, when all the stars were aligned?

Ooh girl! Okay, so our second time traveling actually to Albany has been maybe my favorite? Carlos and I were guest hosting with our good sis Philly Pina at Waterworks! Or the GMHC rooftop Pride party! So much fun, for a good cause!

These days, you two host Sing-A-Long Musical Thursdays at Boxers UES! That’a a really cute space, not too Boxersy, just Boxersy enough! What’s your show like?

Yes! We love this gig! We sing all kinds of musical theatre, and dance–if we remember the choreo from when we did the shows, lol! They’re building a stage and giving us lights and curtains, so…prepare for a production every Thursday! Stay tuned for the Fall! We may wear dance belts, but we’re Boxer’s girls!

And once or twice a month, you two also appear as part of the rotating lineup of queens at Boxers UES for Campy Queen Cabaret Saturdays. When are you usually there?

It changes every month, so every Saturday you get something different! Carlos and I live on the UWS, so we cover for it, too. Check Insta on Saturday, lol! We always might pop in.

What else is in store for you in the near future?

Starting September, we will be doing brunch on BOTH Saturday and Sunday at Casa Agave HK! My birthday party on the 25th (which is a part of Campy Queen Cabaret at Boxers), and there may be some plans for the fall! But primarily, I’m trying to perform as much as I can, and learn as much as I can, from all these crazy talented artists around me in this city, and in this interesting industry!

What has been something about the world of drag that has surprised you the most since you began?

Oooooooh… I would say I was surprised to learn it takes more than being a good performer to be a good drag queen! And the energy required to do it, and have no other source of income…is a whole other world.

Amen! Finally: Madonna is 60! What’s the best era of Miss M?

Carlos took my phone and says “The only ’Miss M’ is THE DIVINE Miss M and Bette is CONSTANTLY evolving and has never not been relevant and is excited to see where she goes from the success of Dolly…” Wow… and if that question was about Madonna…”she’s a movie killer.” Or, “Bitch I’m Madonna.”

There you have it! Thanks, Tiffany!

Tiffany Anne Coke, alongside Carlos the Uber Driver, hosts drag brunch at Casa Agave on Saturdays and Sundays, starting in September (1pm). At Boxers UES, the pair co-host “Sing-A-Long Musical Thursdays” (9pm) and “Campy Queen Cabaret” on select Saturdays (9pm). Check Thotyssey’s calendar for all her currently scheduled gigs, and follow Tiffany on Facebook and Instagram.

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