On Point With: Cicatrix


From the swamps of North Carolina comes this fierce, campy horror queen of musical theater. Having overcome a major health situation when she was younger, Adam aka Cicatrix is ready to make her mark on this city in the most fabulous and terrifying ways!

Thotyssey: Greetings, Cicatrix! Thanks for talking to us today! Where in the world are you right now?

Cicatrix: Oh hey girl! I’m actually sunburnt walking down 46th… just got her full bagel life. One could say it’s Everything!

We’re seeing a lot of “Christmas in July” stuff happening this week. Do you support this, or is it Basic?

That’s a thing? I live! Adam loves Christmas … Cicatrix finds navigating other holidays” trixy,” lol–you know, a bit partial to Halloween. However, we can all use a little holly in the window, okurrr? (It’s poisonous, by the way!)

It’s safe to label Cicatrix as a spooky queen, right?

Yes and no, lol. Cicatrix lies somewhere between spooky, campy, and musical theater. She’s starting to really understand that what makes Adam happy makes Cicatrix thrive! As my Momma Stacy [Layne Matthews] would say … I’m the odd duck!

Quack! So where were hatched–I mean born–originally? And was musical theater always your thing?

I was birthed in North Carolina in the swamps! Musical theater was always what I trained for and really loved doing. But once I was blessed to tell Peter Van Daan’s story in The Diary of Anne Frank, I became very very serious about my acting chops

So you’ve dabbled in more serious drama as well.

Absolutely! I recently got my Fitzmaurice certification for voice production. I live for a good, keening scream! Which I try to utilize in drag as much as possible now


So, a “cicatrix” is a surgery scar, and I understand this term has played an essential role in your life.

Oh yesss, henny! Cicatrix means “scar” in so many languages… I had open heart surgery at 14. Go support the American Heart Association!
S. strength
C. Character
A. Artistry
R. Respect

I love that! What was your condition that prompted the surgery?

I was born with Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) so they thought it was just a condition of that. But I was lucky enough to have a Dad who really pushed me to do “something” besides theater, and I ran cross country for about two minutes and passed out  Cut to, my left Aortic valve was actually growing onward causing the “bag bump” heartbeat flap to rip. They took such good care of me! And I now have such a different fervor for life.

Specifically, Duke Hospital has been a place I know well growing up. We have to remember to always support great institutions like that! They helped my family out a ton!


You mentioned Stacy Layne Matthews, a fellow North Carolina queen. How long have you known her?

I grew up with Miss Henny! I met her doing Fiddler on the Roof when I was 11.
She was playing Grandma (and quite brilliantly, I might add). When I asked her the first day if she was a man or a woman, she simply said, “Henny you are a homo, figure that out first” (paraphrasing and emphasizing how it was said with her signature warmth and acceptance). Yesterday was her birthday, so happy birthday mamma!

Wow! How was Cicatrix the queen born?

When Stacy got on Drag Race back in 2010, it opened up the world of wonders (pun intended). My first name was going to be Skela Tones Matthews. However, I’m so glad I waited ‘til last year and truly found CICATRIX, which was forced out by a combination of the brilliant Melissa Rain Anderson (an amazingly innovative and gritty director I was honored to do The Little Mermaid with), Marti Cummings (who I absolutely could not be prouder of), Godiva Romance, and Stacy Layne Matthews… just all believing in Adam and teaching me who Cicatrix was going to be.

Godiva’s a great NYC queen!

I met Godiva in 2010 through Injoy Fountain. She painted my face after one of her shows last April. ”Beat by a black man!” We love that joke, haha! It’s crazy that my two drag mommas’ actual birthdays are back-o-back. Oh, those Cancers!

And Marti of course hosts the Ultimate Drag Pageant at the West End, and your big drag debut in NYC was competing in a cycle of that. It must’ve been incredibly challenging to have created all those looks and numbers during the pageant out of nothing!

Haha! It was soooo fun! I really have utilized UDP both times to find Cicatrix… and with my “Donna Summer’s child eating cake in the rain” I found her.

After that cycle of the Pageant, you returned by invitation for the recent All-Stars season. Did that feel much different than your original run?

VERRRRRY. I felt like I was actually making progress. Season four, I HAD NO CLUE WHAT I WAS DOING, lol. I’m still finding my way! But I’m much more malleable and confident in “Cica.” She’s trying to earn that hashtag #cicaning!

Brand that shit! Godiva’s actually doing the current season of UDP… what’s the best advice you could give her?

I told her this last night, actually… and brace thyself!, it’s real talk. [First,] she told me to stop trying to be different ‘cause I’m weird AF! Anyway, lol… I told her, “you have the talent and capacity to be a queen of color and stay true to yourself while still adapting to different audiences.” There is this added pressure for queens of color at times (in my opinion, and from being so close with Godiva). We are always talking and digging into what that is. I mean, we saw it with The Vixen on Drag Race this season. An extreme example, but I was so happy to see the storyline fleshed out. Our community has to be so extra careful to never segregate, but to congregate! Can I get an Amen, Church?



It’s an honor to have you on the lineup of Thotssey’s Second Anniversary show Night of 1000 Thots at Stonewall on July 28 (7pm)! It’s gonna be a great night! Are you excited to mix it up with all the other amazing performers on the lineup?

The lineup is what? CICANING! I am so honored to be amongst that lineup. But I am obsessed with Poppy, so that’s always a treat (not “trix,” ha) and I’m also really excited to finally meet Vita and Pissi!


Yazzz! So is there anything else you wanna mention?

Next week you can catch Cicatrix playing with Poppy at Poppy’s Playhouse on Wednesday at the West End, your show Saturday at Stonewall, and Marti’s show at 11 at Hardware Sunday! But I also wanna really make this Halloween, what? CICANING. so come forth with thy bookings, childrens!

Werk! Okay, last question: Will you be first or last in line for Mamma Mia 2 this weekend?

I’m dead… Asia O’Hara butterfly dead, ha! I will be watching Cher and Meryl’s friendship compilation videos on YouTube this weekend.

You’ve chosen wisely. Thanks, Cicatrix!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Cicatrix’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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