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It hasn’t even been a year since we last kikied, but Thotyssey needed to catch p with one of our favorite musical fashionistas as he prepares to unleash a barrage of beautiful of beats upon us in the form of his new album “Club Kids.” It’s the Dallas-born demigod, Dezi 5!

Thotyssey: Dezi, hello! You’re back home in Texas now for a spell, and you just performed at the Dallas Summer Block Party yesterday. How did it go?

Dezi 5: It was amazing. Lots of people vogueing, dancing, and just having a good time.

Werk! Are you like a rockstar when you go home?

Yes I am! I can’t go anywhere without someone knowing who I am. I can’t even get on Grindr! But I mean, I still do…

Of course! And everything’s bigger in Texas, right?

Yes ma’am!

Well at the rate you are going, you’re going to have the same problem in NY pretty soon… your starpower is getting pretty damn bright here as well!  


Congrats on your recent Brooklyn Nightlife Award nomination for best vocalist. I was happy to see you at the ceremony! It was… quite an evening!

I am so honored to be living here in NYC for only a year and some change, and have been recognized in a great way. I am really excited for what’s to come.

And how did you enjoy the Brooklyn Ball during Brooklyn Pride? You turned a fierce look!

I was so excited for this Ball, and the cause is tremendous. I’m new to NYC and I don’t have insurance… I need to know where I can get the proper help. Self-employed musicians don’t have insurance! We all just started back-filing our taxes since the Obama penalty is gone.

It’s a completely garbage situation; one of many in this new reality. But at least the party looked cute!

Untitled Queen is great, and so is Horrorchata and Merrie Cherry. I also performed [the Ball afterparty / show] Be Cute, and we turnt it.


Have you been performing your new songs yet?

I performed “3:00 AM” at Be Cute. It was Cute!

Your new album Club Kids will drop next Thursday, June 28th. What was your inspiration to get into the studio and record this particular set of songs?

My inspiration for Club Kids was New York nightlife. I recorded these songs awhile ago; I just never released them because I was too chicken to release when I was in Dallas. This music is exactly how I feel on a night out, even at the end of the night when it’s time to get out of the bars.

I worked with some great producers, and I decided to do a remix for “Lose Control,” as well as release “Lose Control” as a New York artist. It’s how I feel when I meet a guy that slipped away.

Club Kids a great collection of dance songs.  Do you have a favorite Club Kid, past or present?

HarajukuWest Dakota, Horrochata, Vic Sin and Church Gore.

All amazing! What do you want the folks to “get” from this album?

I want people to live through the words, and know that we all want the same thing: to feel cute, sexy, desired, appreciated for their style of life. We all are different, and we have so many different feels. I want people to live them out and enjoy the nightlife for what it is.

Any videos in the works?

I am planning a video anthology for these songs– a 16-minute story of a typical night in NYC. I just gotta get my coins right. So TIP THIS QWEEN!!!!!

You hear that, children? This sounds amazing!!! 


Anything else we should mention?

I’m still working on other music, and conceptualizing records and releases. And I want everyone to just enjoy the feels: live through the lyrics, and make 2018 the Year of Fearless Approaching. If you see a guy you like, let him know. Closed legs don’t get fed!

Save that for your next album title! Okay last question… your fellow recording artists Beyoncé & Jay-Z just bombed us with surprise new music… yay or nay?

Always YAY! I love Bey and Jay. I haven’t heard it yet. OMG, I gotta get into it, but I can’t afford TIDAL Bey is one of my fav live performers. I watch all of her shows, plus we are both Texas Qweens. I’m also a Brooklyn king, like Jay-Z. At least I’m working!

And werking! Thanks Dezi, and congrats on the new record!


Dezi 5′s new album “Club Kids” drops June 28th… look for it on iTunes. Check Thotyssey’s calendar for his upcoming appearances, and follow Dezi on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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